First, Official Post

Aloha. Welcome to my new, little blog: Stefanie Crafts with Wool Paper Fabric. I can’t help it when I feel a change needs to be done to reflect my current self. I like to start fresh with a clean slate, like the feel of a brand new notebook for school. It’s who I am and how I roll. If you followed me over here from the old blog, mahalo nui loa for your unwavering support and loyalty. I thoroughly enjoy having your company and having you kick it with me. If you’re hearing my voice for the first time, mahalo for checking me out in my little niche. I hope you stay and hang out. This space is slowly being set up. I’m still trying to decide upon a WP theme, ideas for a blog header are percolating about in my brain, I have to explore widgets, and I will have to create my About Me page as well. So bear with me, pls. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

So, this was me and my ohana Sunday. What about you? The four of us drove up to my parents’ house to watch the game. We immediately consumed half a salmon ball with Ritz crackers and celery. My mum had us slow down so there’d be some for my brother and his crew. They came down from Tahoe just before evening hit, having got caught in the Davis traffic. Then the cocktail shrimp was set out and gone in less than 20 minutes.

Of course the men were more into the game as my mum, my SIL, and I heard them loudly express themselves time to time. I paid more attention to the game from halftime til the end. This was us when the fumble happened. Can you tell who we were rootin’ for?

The kids ate first and then we, adults, did after the we knew for sure the Eagles had won. There was oinkin’ out on instant pot jook, Portuguese soup, convection-roasted turkey sandwiches, frosted chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles, Safeway apple pie, vanilla ice cream, and homemade lemon bars. Our ohana didn’t leave until 9 pm. We got home in an hour in safe traffic. So today we’ve been all a bit sleepy and sluggish this school day.

I was going to dive into the books that have been filling up my Goodreads Challenge but you know what? I’m going to take a breath, I’m going to let that anal perfectionist tendency go, and I’m just going to work on the book post tomorrow. No more rushing to crank it out. One of my goals for blogging this 2018 is to put more thought into my writing. I want to feel more like a writer as I’ve always wanted to be one. This blog is my platform, my voice to feed that desire.

It’s getting late here. I need to go to bed earlier tonight as I am pooped. Mahalo plenty for being here with me in this space and for listening. TTYS. Aloha.


17 thoughts on “First, Official Post”

  1. Sounds like a great family Sunday with lots of fun and food. Fly Eagles Fly……….

    Its your blog and you can post what you want when you want. That’s the beauty of blogging………imho


  2. I found you!! And after just coming back properly I’m so happy that I have! I very much missed seeing your gorgeous posts.

    I’ll be back again soon to see the rest of your posts!

    PS happy 2018!!!



  3. Hi Stefanie :)) Glad you had fun watching the game! I haven’t been into sports for a while now, but I was a big hockey fan back in the day and I remember the excitement of the playoffs! Oooh Salmon Ball???I like the sounds of that!!! Snacks and sports just go together so well! I try to have an “appetizer” night once a month or so! I’m looking forward to the new direction of your blog! It’s so important to, like you said, feed the desire of your true voice on your blog. I love reading about your day to day life. It’s fun and I feel I can get to know you so well that way! 🙂


  4. I watch the game only for the commercials 😀 I got lots of knitting done while waiting for them too. Hubby and I were supposed to spend the afternoon / evening with friends; however she came down with the flu and we didn’t want to risk getting ourselves sick. Glad you had a good time and your dinner sounds like it was delightful.


    1. What was your favorite commercials? I kind of missed the first half. I like the Eli Manning and his recreation of the Dirty Dancing moves. I love spending Super Bowl at my mum’s but it’s hard waking up the next day.

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      1. My favorites were Danny Devito as the Red M&M and Peter Dinklage & Morgan Freeman in the Doritos Blaze versus Mountain Dew Ice commercials. I was drinking a glass of wine and almost spit it out with the Danny Devito commercial 😀


  5. Yay for a new blog! It’s always fun to do that. I feel like I am doing that with my Cracker Crumbs blog, taking my time and posting things more thoughtfully. 🙂

    Your photo is great! Although, I didn’t know what you were doing. LOL. Then I remembered, oh yeah, Superbowl! I have recently started eating meat again, and I think I am going to make Jook! I remember you posted about it before and I thought it sounded really good.

    Congrats on your new blog. 🙂


  6. I am going to love this new space…as much as I complain about WP it is so much more developed than Blogger…my old blog site…

    You all devoured tons of yummy food!

    Take as much time as you need to set up your blog…following you is what I will do!



  7. Sounds like a wonderful Super bowl Sunday Stef, but now I’m STARVING. LOL I had to track your new site down through your profile. I love watching people take on a desired change and embrace it. Happy crafting, friend.


  8. I’m quite possibly going to hell: No one in my house cares about football (except the rare occasion we can catch a Wisconsin Badgers game, which isn’t often, and even then, we don’t care much – in fact, we will call my in-laws on purpose during Packer games because we know they’re home).

    So, imagine my surprise when, after I sent out my email to 40ish people, I was told that our auction meeting was on Superb Owl Sunday. LOLWUT?! Yeah, we had our meeting anyway and people showed up late and it was fine. Oops.


  9. Hooray for your first post! I always love to hear about your family gatherings (and the yummy food that goes along with them!) I had to work on Super Bowl Sunday but my SILs made sure to bring over a bunch of food just for me. Yes they totally spoil me 🙂


  10. Exciting!!!! New look! Very classy and clean and all that jazzzzzz.

    You all certainly enjoyed Super Bowl!!!!

    Re; your comment on my ‘Sisterhood of the Muddy Hems’ post….. That is not me, in the Converse. I have trainers but don’t even know what they are. lol But now, I fully intend to wear my long skirts, with my white trainers!!! 🙂

    Take it easy with the blogging. No pressure. Too many other things, cause pressure. Not blogging.

    Again, very cool look here!!!!


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