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2 Knit For Me

Hello everyone!  I have been knitting like an obsessed madwoman!

Saturday I finished knitting up to the required nine inches for the yoke while running laundry. I spent some time that night remeasuring my gauge swatch that had been knitted on US 8 (5 mm). For my Big Woods Flax, I went up to a US 9 (5.5 mm). I have 20 stitches over 4″ which gives me 5 stitches per inch. This is unblocked so I should get the pattern’s gauge of 4.5 after a wool soak. I think I could have gone up to a US 10 (6 mm) for this WIP because my row/round gauge is six stitches off. Oh well, I ain’t rippin’ back nothin’.

Sunday I split the sleeves from the body; their stitches (41 each) are on waste yarn for the time being. All day Sunday I pretty much sat on the couch and knitted while watching podcasts on Coconut’s iPad. By the end of the day, I knit 24 rounds x 158 stitches = 3,792 stitches knitted! That gave me about 3.25″ on the body.

Monday I was slightly anxious as I wanted to get to my knitting. I had to pick up groceries for Monday/Tuesday’s dinner, go to my annual physical appointment (I hope each of you get a yearly exam and bloodwork done.), and then I made myself workout. That helped my nerves. Then I showered, ate, and then it was already time for pick up. I took Flax with me to knit in the car to work on. I felt better about it and last night I reached 40 rounds for the body.

This morning, before I did the Costco run, I knocked out another round after getting my blood tests done at the lab. The body of my sweater is now at 6.25″. *thumbs up* Solid progress. So I think my blogging plans for this week are pretty much sidelined. I really want to finish the body by Thursday night and I have yet to really clean for Friday’s Chinese New Year. I think for that, we’ll just do the best we can. Keep your fingers crossed for me, pls. I am staying off here and IG for now. Friday is when I don’t have to worry about cleaning anymore for the rest of the week and hopefully I’ll be starting my first sleeve then.

Thank you for dropping by today and for your numerous pop-in’s since I had started this blog. I hope your Tuesday is going well. TTYS. Bye.

8 thoughts on “2 Knit For Me”

  1. You are hilarious….also, I need to knit faster. Wink has been on my needles for 3 years. It’s top-down and I’ve not even split for armholes yet. ::sigh::


  2. I love your sweater progress. That is a huge amount of knitting and I love it. endless stockinette is my favorite!! Love the color. Happy Valentines day and happy Chinese New year of the DOG!


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