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Made For 1 + Paper 1 Play

Aloha. A big mahalo nui loa to all of you for your recent book visits and your comments on the blog’s new look. This theme is the third one I chose yesterday; it’s called Dyad 2. I like the interaction it can have and the sliding feature. I mainly like how it doesn’t show the whole content of each post. I need to work on the About Me page but I’ll worry about that after Friday.

Also, thank you for your sweater support. I’m sure you’re a bit tired of seeing it so I won’t show it for a bit. The hems are done. I will work on the first sleeve today after I take the teenager to the doctor. I had to call her pediatrician office three times and they still didn’t switch over from the answering service; they’re supposed to be open past 8 am. So I called my doctor’s office and we got an appointment at 9:45 with my doctor who I guess has the family practice license. I really like my doctor’s office; they’re beautifully nice and helpful. I actually passed down to one of the front desk my STITCHES West 2016 Cowl as I wasn’t really feelin’ it anymore. The young woman had commented how much she had liked it in the past and so I had thought of her.

Today is a combination post because these gifts also included handmade cards in them. I recently participated in two swaps:

  1. Knit Equals Joy – Love Letters: The 3rd Annual Valentine’s Day Mini Swap
  2. a tea swap with AJ of A Petite Slice of Life

This is what I had received from Beth in Virginia. The teenager usually gets the mail and didn’t do her duty one week. I noticed on the swap thread that Beth was one of the participants who had written her package had been delivered and that she had hoped her partner got it. I then hadn’t received my package yet so I ran out to the mailbox and saw a mailer inside!

I was so happy when I opened it:

  • I was so touched to find a hand-knitted cowl and a lace patterned one at that! It’s light to wear, something my swap partner figured would be good for warm, California days.
  • I saw the stamp set and was like ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ " yes! The hearts are like modern rock art – totally up my alley.
  • I’ve always wanted calligraphy pens, metallic ones to write in cards.
  • I told her I wasn’t sharing the candy; the husband tried to steal it recently.
  • I look forward to using her mini skein for something.


Now I’m going to show you Carla’s cards first because I had forgotten to take pictures of the whole package. I basically had worked down to the wire to put it together and to mail it off:

Since the theme was love letters and being a card maker myself, I had gone out to Michael’s or Joann beforehand to find some heart stamps. Inspired by the pin (Sorry, the pin’s link doesn’t go directly to the card’s post; it’s irritating when that happens.) of Little Yellow Bicycle‘s wedding card, I cut strips of white cardstock and then used my Martha Stewart eyelet lace punch to embellish one side of each strip. These strips were then layered to have a petticoat like effect.

For the heart stamps, I stamped them with VersaMark (a clear, tacky pad) and sprinkled red, embossing powder which was melted into a smooth plastic with a heat gun. I cut out each one and used foam tape and foam squares to create dimension.

The sentiment is from another stamp set. Carla loved the card and said she’ll be gifting that to her DH for Valentine’s Day so she could still have a hold on it and display it in her home.

The second card was my hello to her. Her favorite color is red and she also likes blue. I found a wedding color scheme on Pinterest and used that to put together my card. I collaged Tim Holtz printed, tissue paper onto white cardstock and gesso’d over it. I then colored texture paste with Distress Ink and spread it over his Gothic stencil.

The roses are from a layering set you may have seen already where the rose is made up of three stamps, going from a vague shape to more and more detail. I used three shades of ink for each flower. The leaves are made up of two layering stamps each.

I felt the card needed something at the bottom and since gold was part of the wedding color scheme, I embossed a gold arrow and cut it out. All edges are distressed with a dark brown color.

waited this long to show you the project bags I had made out of the Valentine’s Day fabric because AJ was going to receive the same project bag as Carla; I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for my Canadian friend. While I did a solid, good job on Carla’s, I did an extraordinary job on AJ’s. What’s different:

  • I remembered to top stitch above where the contrast of fabrics meet.
  • I added a handle – something done for the first time.
  • I made a progress keeper/charm for the zipper pull; I love how it turned out!

On both project bags I’m really proud that I lined up the seams well so the bottom, contrasting fabric goes straight across on the side. I love that the zipper tabs came out and give that little pop of hearts on top on the sides.

Here’s AJ’s card. I wanted to use the stamp set Beth had gifted me.

I collaged the same, printed tissue paper but over a pink, polka dot paper. Gesso for Carla’s card didn’t diminish the print too much so I used a white, pigment stamp pad for here. Over that I layered colored, texture paste through the stamp set’s heart stencil. I stamped two of the hearts and cut out a bit of the smaller one which shows off the lace tape I used at the bottom.

I really love using multimedia materials for my cards. I feel more comfortable with them and am happy to have this outlet to feeding that artistic need within me.

Wanna see what I got from Canada?

AJ and I were so excited to receive one another’s packages. They only took five days to get us! I immediately consumed the peanut butter finger candy she had put in my package. She got me a cute notebook because she knew I liked to write things down. I like the erasable pens she included. I used one to write my Target list and the ink comes out smoothly. I got a fun, mug rug which is much needed at this table because I don’t know where most of the silicone coasters went. And the main reason why we swapped is because of the teas we were drinking. AJ wasn’t a fan of the hot chocolate tea she got as part of a gift and I didn’t like the TAZO Glazed Lemon tea I had tried. Mahalo nui loa, AJ! She is, BTW, a fun blogger to read. This young woman is an avid exerciser; she has amazing energy. I especially enjoy reading about her day with her first graders and I find it interesting her journey on trying out gluten-free, dairy free recipes.

Okie dokie. I think I have covered everything I wanted to say in this post. I can’t wait to show you what I made for Coconut’s BFF but she hasn’t received it yet so I need to wait. I’m off to start laundry and then to hop onto sleeve island.

How is your Tuesday going? Have you received anything in the mail lately that made your day? TTYS. Aloha.

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  1. Hi Stefanie 🙂 Oh the gifts you’ve received are so nice! How special! And the cards you made a really good. You have some talent there missy! 🙂 I hope your daughter is doing okay. That project bag is gorgeous! I do love the fabric…makes me want to sew something new now! 🙂 The only sewing I’ve been doing lately is “emergency surgery” on the dog’s toys that they are using as tug of wars lol…


  2. So much crafty goodness in this post! Your cards are amazing as usual…I love all the mixed media techniques that you put into them. Such fun swap packages too! But my fave has got to be the Valentine project bag. Love the special little details!


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