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1 Once Upon a Sock

Aloha this rainy morning. _へ__(‾◡◝ )> I am in good spirits as it’s Thursday and it’s one day closer to Friday and two steps to the weekend. How’re you today?

I’m happy to announce our Once Upon A Sock ohana is growing! Our sock circle has three {Correction [no more strikethrough on my WP toolbar]: We now have four as of 11:27 am.}, new members who are starting (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) today! Isn’t that wonderful? This reminds me I’ll have to update our post header.

  1. Kathy B of Compassionknit
  2. Kat of Felinity Knits
  3. Katherine of Fiber and Sustenance
  4. Reanna of Knit, Reanna, knit!
  5. Liz at Knitty Little Sew and Sew
  6. Steph of My Making Do Adventure
  7. Paula of Spin a Yarn

If you’re new around here, Once Upon A Sock consists of we, sock knitters, who post the first, Thursday of every month about her sock WIP (work-in-progress). Each of us also link to the posts of fellow members so pls when you have time, show them some love and check them out. Note: Posts of members trickle in throughout the day so some posts are up and some not yet (when they are I’ll update the link). If you love to knit socks, or are even starting to learn , you are more than welcome to join us! Contact any of us on our blogs.

I have a small update for you on Harry. #littlebobbinsknits #lbkchristmasevecaston2017 #mysistersknitter #mypersonalsockyarnyear4

What’s been done:

  • gusset of red cuff sock
  • 10 rounds of each foot

I knitted on the couch yesterday, further imprinting my butt cheeks on one side while listening to The Beverly Cleary Audio Collection. Did you read her books as a kid? I did and probably have some of the old paperbacks in a box somewhere. I finished Ellen Tebbits last night and it was so fun to listen to! I’ll be starting that rascal, Otis Spofford, today.

Mahalo plenty for dropping by. I hope your Thursday has been smooth so far. TTYS. Aloha.

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    1. The one I’m listening to has these books of hers: Ellen Tebbits, Otis Spofford, Emily’s Runaway Imagination, Mitch and Amy, Socks, & Muggie Maggie. I haven’t read the third, fourth, and last books. The Ramona series has its own audiobook.


  1. It’s so nice having some new people join us this month! I continue to be in love with your Harry Potter socks – love those colours, and you are getting pretty close to finishing them now I reckon.


    1. Thank you, Kat. Harry Potter makes me so happy. And yes! I concur. So awesome to have more knitters join our sock circle! And we’ll even get more next month! Rock on.

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  2. I’m thinking we may run out of room on that image if lots more people join in 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you come up with…..maybe just sock terms and no more names / blog names? Your socks are looking so nice. I wish I would have thought to put mine on the sock blockers so you could see all the glorious progress. I’ll have to try to remember for next month. Anyways, isn’t it exciting to have all these new bloggers joining? I’m loving getting to know each one and can’t wait to dive in and read some of their former posts. And…I’m also loving the rain! We needed it so bad, even though the wind knocked over most of my plants on my front porch last night. I had a big mess to clean up this morning!


    1. Good suggestion, Paula. I’ll let things marinate a bit while I play around. Yes, it’s certainly fun to have more join us here. I’m glad I’m home from the rain. Sorry you had a big mess. We have palm tree leaves falling sometimes and man, they’re huge.


  3. Oooh! And I loved the Beverly Cleary books when I was a kid too! I bet it’s so much fun going back and listening to them now! Do you download them from the library? If not, which app are you using?


    1. Hi Paula; I downloaded the Overdrive app onto my phone since the 5th grader was on the laptop talkin’ trash on Roblox. There is usually an MP3 file you can download so you can listen to it from your phone. If you have a library card, Overdrive should find your local branch(es) for you to access audiobooks.


  4. Never heard of Beverly Cleary. Sadly, I did not read as a kid. Will have to look up The Beverly Cleary Audio Collection!!! See what I missed.

    And, obviously, I never read her books to children or grand children.


  5. I love your socks! I had to look twice to confirm they were fraternal! I’ve added the blog along to my iCal calendar… now let’s just see if I can manage to post on the right day 🙂


  6. Your socks are looking so good! Now it’s just the easy parts to go. I might have to try knitting my next pair concurrently like you are doing. One of these months I will get my act together and be able to participate in the Once Upon a Sock party. It’s a lot of fun to see what socks other knitters are working on 🙂


  7. I love your sock group! If I had the time to still blog about my knitting I would join for sure! When I was in elementary school (in the mid 1960’s) I wrote a letter to Beverly Cleary and received a hand written reply back! I sure wish I still had that letter to show my Granddaughters who love reading her books now. 🙂 Your socks are lovely by the way!


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