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Made for 3

Annyeong haseyo. TGIF. How’re you today? Me? A little run down to tell you the truth. The past, ten days have been stressful as the teen suffered through a few health issues, but she is finally on the mend; it helped to see and hear that from her pediatrician at her follow-up appointment yesterday. All that stress I’ve been holding in is now releasing so I’m taking Zicam and staying in today.

Other than that, can I tell you how fun it’s been to read your reactions to my brother’s birthday dinner photo in the last post? Also, I loved how many of you shared your experiences with hot-pot/shabu shabu. Some of you are new to it like me. When our family goes for Asian food, it’s usually to a standard, Chinese restaurant, for sushi, or for Korean. I’d like to try this form of dinner one day for our crew but I’d probably do the cooking at our stove.

This picture you see here is of jai, a.k.a. Buddha’s Delight (example here). My mum made it; she’s been making Chinese food recipes she finds online nowadays. Last time she tried out a recipe for pig’s feet (like this one). It was yummy. I won’t apologize if it grosses you out or shocks you. These are dishes I grew up on and that were usually store-bought. I think each of our cultures has food that may seem different to others and I’m sure you know ppl who may not like certain dishes of their culture. My SIL grew up in a way more, traditional, Chinese family than mine and she does not eat jai or pig’s feet. To each her own, yeah? It’s all good.

I meant to post Wednesday which flew by like Harry on his Nimbus 2000. Then I was going to yesterday but I was exhausted. So here I am today, poppin’ in.

My socks have not seen daylight since the third. However, this keiki beanie WIP was born Sunday. If you had followed me on the old blog, remember I learned not all Asian babies’ heads are small like mine were? I meant to knit Olivia another hat but kept putting it off because I doubted my sizing skills and feared another wouldn’t fit. I had started a helix beanie in two shades of grey and a brown but I was not loving it; I dreaded working on it all the time. Therefore, I made the decision to frog it and to find another neutral in my stash.

Enter Cascade 220 Superwash in grey. I wanted a simple, stitch pattern for this hat to give it some visual interest. I had pulled out my stitch calendar and found these cool cables but I don’t know how to make them flow into the decreasing of the crown. I poked around on Ravelry (pattern link here) and found Timber Trail Hat (website link) by Jennifer Lysen of Cedar House Yarns.

I’m using these beautiful, rosewood cable needles I had won once through a massive giveaway one year from Knit Equals Joy.

Insert tangent story:

So part of that past giveaway, I had also won a notions bag made in PDX fabric. Recently for a few days, I couldn’t find it. I swear I searched everywhere, moving couch cushions around and looking under places. I then sadly thought I had lost it at the STITCHES West market, slightly remembering I had packed it in my tote.

Then while grabbing my purse and cleaning out old, shopping lists and receipts, I found it! My hand-me-down purse from my youngest auntie is spacious. The notions bag was hiding under other pouches inside, LOL.

Back to the cable needles…

I’m sure happy to have my cable needles back. I used a bamboo DPN a few times to work the cable stitches and that sucker’s just too long and big. You know I’m a big fan of wood. I feel these are like magic, like mini wands.

I have this keiki WIP stored in my Sock+ bag made by Slipped Stitch Studios. I KIP’d (knit in public) at the fifth grader’s school; kids and parents were all checkin’ me out. I really like this bag because of the sturdy handle that sits securely on and off of my right wrist. I like how it also has pockets inside where I store the cable needle and my knitting pin in different places so I can easily find them. That toggle, spring/stop drawstring is great too because I can close the bag as much as I want so nothing falls out but at the same time, keep an opening open for the working yarn to smoothly come out when I need to draw out more.

Okay, I’m going to move this laptop to the coffee table so I can knit and watch podcasts from the couch. Have a good Fri-yay, TTYS. Annyeong kaseyo.

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  1. I’m sorry to read you were stressed out and now all is well with your child. Worrying the worst especially if it’s our own children. Stay healthy!! I’m checking out the first link, but not the second 😉


  2. Pigs feet make me laugh…my grandmother…Bubbah in Polish…was Polish…and at Easter I remember her making pigs feet in some form of clear jellied goo…yours looked so much better…almost delicious. I am so glad everyone is healthy now…hopefully you will have a relaxed weekend! I was happily knitting my scarf when I noticed a mistake…now I have to unravel a few rows to figure it out…sigh!


      1. My last comment flew out without me finishing it…I meant to say we were afraid of the feet..they were in canning jars…yikes! You can delete the incomplete one if you want to, Stephanie!


      2. Oh boy, pickled pig’s feet in a jar? I don’t know if that would be appetizing for me. We have a plain version that seems to have a bit of vinegar in it but I’m not sure how they cook it, maybe steaming.


  3. Pig’s feet is a very popular dish in Bulgaria, but I’ve never tried it (and never will 🙂 I’m glad your daughter is on the mending and I hope you’ll stay healthy too, have a lovely weekend.


    1. Thank you. We are all very relieved. The next time she’s in pain, I’ll be taking her to see her pediatrician sooner. And thanks about the beanie. I envision the baby rockin’ it with a dress and some kicks.

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  4. So when you showed the picture of the needles my immediate thought was “Those are really great looking vanilla beans.” I think I might have baking on the brain! I’m sorry to hear about the teen’s health trouble but glad she is on the mend. I tend to get sick after a crisis too. I need to learn to get prepared to deal with a bit better!


  5. Oh no I am sorry to hear that your daughter was not well! Glad to hear that she is on the mend! It’s always so hard when our kiddos are sick. Stay healthy mama! Relax on that couch with your podcasts. 🙂


  6. I have often bought trotters to cook for my pup and they smell so good when they cook! I should find a recipe as I’m very open to trying new things. Although the funkiest part of a pig I’ve ever tried is ears…

    I love toggle drawstrings! They are so handy and having one on a bag like this is awesome.

    Hope you’re having a great week!


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