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4 Knit For Me

Good afternoon. I’m composin’ a quick post before I have to pick up the teenager. The sky is currently darkening with a blanket of ombre grey clouds, signaling the return of rain.

“Yer a wizard, Harry” are growing! I’ve got about 20 rounds to go for each foot. My strategy has been to knit 10 on one sock, then switch. Knitting this amount at a time goes by fast and makes me feel I’m making progress. I started placing stitch markers to keep track of every 10 rounds because I end up counting time to time when I’m unsure of which round I’m on.

Hopefully by the first, Thursday of April I’ll have these socks done, but I ain’t makin’ any promises. I hope you’re having a smooth Thursday. Thanks for droppin’ in. TTYS.

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20 thoughts on “4 Knit For Me”

  1. Bet those socks are done before you think. You do them the way I do . .10 rows at a time. It does seem to feel like you make more progress that way. I like the striping yarn you’re using too.

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    1. Mahalo plenty. I can now get in some knitting time with the teenager’s teacher gift components finally taken care of and with dinner being leftovers tonight.


  2. Those socks are soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

    That yarn… That’s how the colors ‘happen.’ Mmmmm, can you tell, I know nothing about knitting? ,-)

    Thank you for not being put off by that writer’s sometimes language! -grin- I find his thoughts to be very common sense, and was happy to find him. And like you, language doesn’t bother me. ,-)

    Happy weekend!


  3. They are beautiful but they look so complicated! My sister…the knitter…told me she thinks she likes the process of knitting more than wearing her results. She thinks she would spend endlessly at the yarn show you went to…

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    1. Thank you, Patty. I understand your sister’s sentiment. I don’t really wear a lot of my stuff. I like knitting socks but I don’t wear them b/c I usually go w/out socks for the kinds of shoes I have except athletic sneakers which are worn with dry fit socks b/c I only workout in them. She would have so much fun at STITCHES. Where does she live? There is STITCHES East, STITCHES Midwest, and they used to have one in Texas but are waiting for a new hotel to be built. This year there’s one in the LA area.


    1. Thank you, Kathy. I’m always counting rounds so I forget who inspired me to start doing that…maybe Merry of The Cherry Purls podcast.


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