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5 Knit For Me

Aloha readers! I am having a relaxing Tuesday, all nice and warm at home. I was going to shop at Joann today but upon checking my coupon book, the big 20% doesn’t go into effect until Thursday. Then I thought I’d start on the flannel, pajama pants for the keiki, but I forgot to take their waist measurements. So laundry and knitting (Harry’s toes are halfway knitted as of yesterday!) will be the main agenda today. How about you? What’s on your agenda?

(a close up of the colors in the colorway – Completely Lovely)

Since I had wonderful success knitting Flax, I’ve been itchin’ to cast on another garment! In addition, because I had *coughs* ah-hem….given the MasterCard a good workout at STITCHES West, I don’t dare buy any new yarn. Therefore, I dug out good, ol’ Miss Babs Yowza (you’ve probably seen it on the old blog)  who’s been patiently waiting in the wings.

Twice I’ve tried to turn this yarn into a cardigan:

  1. NAKNISWEMO 2015 (BTW, I started a Knitting Jargon page.) was a fail because I think I gave up on the Harvest pattern as I wasn’t interested in knitting it anymore when I knew I wasn’t going to finish it in time.
  2. NAKNISWEMO 2017 was another fail because of gauge issues twice; the US 7 (4.5 mm) and then the US 8 (5 mm) didn’t produce a fabric that would fit me. One thing that didn’t help was I had knitted the gauge swatch for an in-the-round project and not for flat knitting.

I asked for advice in Knit Equals Joy. Carol, whom created the group as she’s an experienced garment designer, and I had a Q&A. During that time I properly reknitted the swatch. With the new numbers she felt in the end I’d be okay.

Going from that, last Saturday,  I decided to cast on this WIP. What you see here is the main set of raglan increases done. I have a few more rows of it for sizing to do before I separate for the sleeves.

The Deets in a nutshell:

  • Gauge is different from the pattern’s – mine is 4.25 stitches per inch rather than 4 per
  • Cast on a medium (38″ bust) but should get an in-between the small (34″) and the medium sizes
  • This yarn is lighter than a regular worsted weight yarn.
  • I’m alternating skeins every two rows.

Cross your fingers for this project, pls! I really want a cardigan to kick around in. Is there a project (of any kind) that took you a few tries before nailin’ it?

Mahalo for kickin’ it with me today. Hang ten. Aloha.

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  1. The colours are beautiful! Good luck on this project!!! I think that I tried over and over with hats (winter toques) before I finally got the pattern and stitching right! Never give up! 🙂


  2. That yarn is so pretty. I don’t think I have any Yowza, although I do have other Babs yarn. Yeah I know I’m going to be dropping some money on Saturday at STitches United….I signed up for a class, my first time. And there are a couple of vendors that haven’t been there before…but I tend to bring cash and when it’s gone, I’m done (usually) 😉


  3. Can’t wait to see the whole thing!

    Oh that is too pretty to just kick-around in! :-))))))) So you will just have to make 2! One for every day, and one for ‘good.’ LOL


  4. Finally found your new address and I love that yarn! It’s gorgeous! When you change skeins every 2 rows do you carry the yarn or cut it? I’m curious. I like the Sunday Post with books too!


      1. I get most of my yarn there since it is the closest craft shop to me. But I also like the crochet pattern books and random things, like holiday decorations from JoAnns too. I like to buy my favorite Boye hooks at the local Walmart which is close as well, they sell yarn there too but I tend to just buy the large skeins of cotton from that Walmart. They have a small selection of those and usually only solid colors but they are nearly half the price I’d find them at other craft stores so it’s a good deal.
        Happy weekend!

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  5. I know I say this a lot but this kind of knitting awes me! You are a rock star knitter! Did you see the photo of my sisters sort of fuchsia sweater on Instagram?


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