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Made For 5

When a pair of socks

have been Kitchener Stitched,

another sock project

waits in the wings.

A promise made
to the teen-aged first-born,

she whose eyes

greedily devoured the yarn.


A mama who can’t resist

making her baby happy.

Slither Inn sits,

ready to be transformed.

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15 thoughts on “Made For 5”

  1. You’re such a good momma. Knitting socks for your child is awesome. What is even more awesome is her wanting home made socks.


  2. Stef! Your comment on my blog made my heart swell. I’d never leave you either! My blog pals are kind compassionate wonderful people. ANd your post today is poetic bliss. Hugs Kathy b

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad I bought two skeins from Oink Pigments but I’ll have enough from the teenager’s socks to maybe make myself a shortie pair.


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