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Made For 5

When a pair of socks

have been Kitchener Stitched,

another sock project

waits in the wings.

A promise made
to the teen-aged first-born,

she whose eyes

greedily devoured the yarn.


A mama who can’t resist

making her baby happy.

Slither Inn sits,

ready to be transformed.

#mysistersknitter #MSKsockyarnclub18 #personalsockyarnyear4

15 thoughts on “Made For 5”

  1. You’re such a good momma. Knitting socks for your child is awesome. What is even more awesome is her wanting home made socks.


    1. Thank you! I’m glad I bought two skeins from Oink Pigments but I’ll have enough from the teenager’s socks to maybe make myself a shortie pair.


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