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2 Once Upon a Sock

Hello. As I said, I’m poppin’ my head in for this month’s Once Upon a Sock.  How y’all like the new graphic?

Last week I had tried using free, word art generators online. However, the end results weren’t impressive. I either didn’t have enough words to fill out a shape or the program was limited.

I then tried Googleing, “how to make graphics in Microsoft Word.” After reading Abby‘s post as well as Dana‘s, my creative juices started running so I got to work Monday afternoon. This Chron article helped me figure out how to save what I created into a JPEG. Can you tell I had fun? Here are two, other graphics I made:


I wonder which one will each of my fellow sock knitters use today? I can’t wait to see!

If you’re new around here, Once Upon A Sock consists of we, sock knitters, who post the first, Thursday of every month about her sock WIP (work-in-progress). Each of us also link to the posts of fellow members so pls when you have the time, show them some love and check them out.

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Note: Posts of members trickle in throughout the day so some posts are up and some not yet (when they are I’ll update the link). If you love to knit socks, or are even starting to learn , you are more than welcome to join us. Contact any of us on our blogs.

Oh, and FYI for you new, lovely faces, while my OUAS posts started at one last month, I am not new to this meme. I’m like a snake who sheds her skin every once in a while. When I feel I’ve outgrown a blog, I kiss it good-bye and move on to a new chapter. I do think this will be my final home as I feel comfortable in this tri-crafty skin.

Now, let’s get down to business…

Yer a wizard, Harry is done! I don’t mean to tease you but because my left foot is healing, I’ve been unable to take photos. I have a few ideas I want to explore so I’m excited to put them into use.

What I can show you today is the start of one of the teenager’s socks. I’m knitting one at a time because I only have one, short set of DPN’s in US 1 (2.25 mm).

Meet “She Who Breathes.”


The backstory behind this project name is my daughter came up with that name because of this occasional, mini conversation:

Her dad or me: What you doing, Coconut?

The teenager: I’m breathin’.

The gauge swatch told me I would get 8.5 stitches per inch on a US 0 (2 mm). I wanted 8 stitches per inch so I figured I could go up to a US 1 (2.25 mm). But when I cast on the 48 stitches, it seemed the roll top would be too tight. I frogged and then tried a US 2 (2.5 mm); however, that also seemed snug. So in the end, I cast on with a US 3 (3.25 mm), knitted the required length with a US 2, and then started the heel flap on a US 1. The foot area should have that negative, one inch ease.

I have finished the rounds of gusset decreases and straight knitting. I can now move onto the foot!

Before I sign off, I want to thank you for all of your well wishes. The procedure was less painful than it was at the doctor’s office. I think I’m healing smoothly as I’m able to walk around without any pain. Thanks for droppin’ by today. TTYS.

18 thoughts on “2 Once Upon a Sock”

  1. The graphics are great and you are clever to decipher how to manage it. Words and pictures are so powerful, and you use both so well in your blog, Stef. The green socks are winners, too.


  2. I love those teen socks so much – beautiful colourway. And I am glad you’re healing up well – sending lots of recovery vibes. x (PS my post should be up in the next 20 minutes!)


  3. I love the graphics. I went with the top one – the more horizontal one – because I liked it as a banner atop my blog. I did change it to a .PNG though and deleted the white around the edges so that it would sit more naturally on my blog background colour 🙂

    What a bright happy green in the teenager’s sock! Gives me some hope of spring. Looks like a comfy little ankle sock. Fun!

    Hope your healing is proceeding well. I’m looking forward to seeing the HP socks.


  4. Cool graphics…

    “I’m like a snake who sheds her skin every once in a while. When I feel I’ve outgrown a blog, I kiss it good-bye and move on to a new chapter.”

    YESSSSS!!!!! You said it perfectly!!!!!! Thank you!!!! I do this toooo! When it’s time, I kiss a blog good bye, and move on. But I have never seen it said so well. 🙂


  5. That colourway is totally lush! I hope the teenager appreciates them.
    Thank you for designing us some new graphics; isn’t it brilliant that we’ve got more people joining in!


  6. Oh Stef – graphic design is like a rabbit hole! 😀 I love it!!!

    Ahhh! I can’t wait to see you finished socks! How is your foot? I saw the pic on Insta!!!!!! It looks painful… Hope you heal fast!

    Also – exciting news! I just got my first crochet patterns. Because I did buy those hooks I threatened to buy! Next week I’m off to look for yarn!!! OMG! WISH ME ALL THE LUCK! 😀


  7. Oh, that green yarn! Gorgeous! I plan to join in with y’all next month! I have a TON of socks in progress and need some motivation!


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