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7 Knit For Me

Hiya! You saw ten days ago in this post the hardcore blocking my Big Woods Flax was going through. Fellow knitters and I know that wet blocking an FO is like a caterpillar going through metamorphosis. This is how we do it!


Look at the length of my sweater here. See how it looks kind of scrunched up and tight?


See how relaxed my garment is now. I loves it!

The sleeves are longer and now the length is down to my bum. When I had worn it at STITCHES West, the back, split hem was up to my hips.

My jumper has more negative ease. My gauge is 4 stitches per inch; the pattern’s is five per. I don’t regret that I had gone up to a US 9 (5.5mm) instead of using a US 8 because I love the feel of this garment on me. I also love the feel of Barrett Wool Co’s Home Worsted; it is super soft; you must put this yarn on your to-try list. The neckline is comfortable and is almost like the boat neck style. I don’t like a snug crew neck as I have a short neck and that style usually makes me feel like I’m being choked which is why I usually stretch out the neck of my crew neck tees.

Here’s a last shot. The teenager was my photographer yesterday. We took pictures in our backyard (the weeds are hidden, LOL). I’m delighted I finally have a photo shoot of this wardrobe piece. Now off to prep Harry’s post. Thanks for checkin’ in again. TTYS.

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  1. Looks great! I love the color, too! I haven’t made an adult sized sweater, yet, only a baby cardigan so far. I have the yarn and pattern (Yakushima) and buttons (and, and, and..)picked out for a cardigan for myself, but haven’t gotten myself mentally prepared yet for the swatch. If I do the swatch I think I’ll be fine, though.


    1. Thank you. I’m really proud of this FO. I’m really glad I used a US 9 as it has the right amount of ease and can almost be like an oversized jumper; the US 8 had given me a gauge of 4.something. Yakushima looks like a nice pattern. I personally find for garment knitting, a swatch is essential. I do feel though that the end product goes through a more vigorous blocking than a swatch did. I wish there were mini wires for swatches.


  2. I don’t know much about knitting but I know I love how this looks. That’s a beautiful shade of green and I like the shape of the neckline. I’m not a fan of high necklines either.


  3. You are so darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love your hair. I now have a less thick hair version, of your pixie! And I love it!!!!

    You daughter is a great photographer!

    In reply to your questions:

    “I haven’t heard of that show.” “The Returned” is on Netflix.

    “Are you French-Canadian?” Nope, I’m on the other side of our Beautiful Country of the USA. 🙂


  4. The color of that sweater is amazing and it looks gorgeous on you! I do like the looser fit both visually and as a wearer. My proportions are a little weird and if I wear tops that are on the shorter end I look like all leg with a little bitty top half and it’s just not good. I like tops that at least hit the top of my front pockets.


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