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8 Knit For Me

Yesterday I showed you my newly blocked, Big Woods Flax. I wanted to post about it first because it was important to show how blocking is essential for fresh-off-the-needles FO’s and well, technically, I had talked about it first during my STITCHES West post. I needed to wrap it up. The same day my Coconut took photos of me in the sweater (since honestly, I had make-up on and did my hair), I wore it when she took pictures of my new pair of socks. Check out the slideshow:

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Oh my Wheezy, I love, love my (cue Hagrid) Yer a wizard, Harry socks! The colors make me smile. Scenes from the first movie flash through my mind. The magic is alive. I swear I want to buy all of Nomadic Yarns’ Harry Potter inspired sock yarn now.

The fit of these vanilla socks is perfect for my feet. The slipped stitch heel really gives enough room for my high instep. (Note: I have bought the Fish Lips Kiss heel pattern, but honestly, I’m dubious about its fit as the afterthought heel is short in fit around my heels.) Because I had knitted contrast cuffs, heels, and toes, I had 10 ends to weave in in each sock, but of course it was worth it.

Okay, the FO bus has come and gone. It will be a while til the next one. You know I’m working on She Who Breathes + I have a fairly new WIP that needs more attention and have recaked up yarn that is awaiting its cast on.

Thank you very much for visiting my little space here. I look forward to hearing from you. TTYS.

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25 thoughts on “8 Knit For Me”

  1. I LOVE the photos! You’re a WIZARD! Love the fraternalness of the socks!

    With respect to FLK, as noted in the pattern I increase 4-6 sts before starting the heel to give more ease and it fits great. This can be done with other short row heels too. To be entirely honest I didn’t bother making an outline of my foot and all that. Working toe up I knit until the sock stretches lightly to a point directly below my ankle bone. Then I increase 4-6 sts across the sole and start the heel. It’s much easier than the pages and pages of instructions lead you to believe! Full disclosure: I bought the pattern but it took months for me to overcome my hesitation to sift through and just try it. Just skip ahead to pages 9-10 😉


  2. Oh! I am green with envy–I really want to get my hands on some of her yarn! Those socks look like a perfect fit. I happen to like the flk heel as I have a narrow heel with a high instep and I do a gusset section before hitting my heel section– someone recently pointed out I should check out the fleegle heel. Have you heard of it? Well—i better get back to work and stop playing around online! ❤


  3. Oh, wow! These are gorgeous! I adore the colorway and the contrasting heels, toes and cuffs. I would have never thought to put the colors of the yarn together but they make me happy to look at them. Congrats on another awesome FO!


    1. Kamsa hamnida, Paula. I didn’t want the stripes to pool in the heel especially so that’s why I did contrast parts. I wasn’t going to do it for the cuff but didn’t want the color to change in the cuff itself. I probably could have left the toes in the striped yarn.


  4. OMG I love those socks!! They are super perfect. I love the contrasting. And that sweater is awesome too. Love the color, it looks great on you.


  5. Hi Stef! I think I successfully updated my blog to link to Bloglovin– at least I hope I did–I am not very techy. Oh, and I don’t know what happened to my response to tacos on IG, but I totally thought I had answered it—and the answer is YES, I love tacos. Now I think I want to go home and make some for dinner. 🙂 You are the sweetest person–I am going to pm you on Ravelry tonight too…



  6. I love your sweater and I love your perfectly fitting socks. So now you’ll be making more stuff soon to share with us. I am forever knitting my sister’s sweater but I’m in stockinette heaven 🙂


  7. I need to get going on some socks. And I need to try out the contrast heels-cuffs-toes thing (which I’m doing on a pair of socks I’ve got going but they’re also stripey socks and it’s not self-stripe so I have extra ends to weave in). ::sigh::


  8. I know I have said this at least a million times but…your knitting skills are outrageous…seriously…my sister said that knitting on small needles is actually more fun than the giant ones I always seek out. I now believe her, totally! When did you start to knit?


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