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Good afternoon; it’s a good one here inside the house after freezing in the school yard when tiny bits of hail rained down. The weather has been weird today with cycles of sun, darkening skies, and rain in different degrees.

I can’t help it but I wanted to show off my new blog header that I worked on creating today. (For a bigger view, go the homepage.) I didn’t like the original one I had put up when starting this new blog. It felt thrown together for the sake of having one.

Today, I took three, individual snapshots to represent the wool, paper, and fabric of my blog’s name:

  • I had photographed the third picture first, starting with stuff laid out on top of my fabric cutting board. But there were shadows and the set up looked more appropriate for a post or IG photo. So I used our buffet.
  • Next up was my card making supplies. I kept it simple and just wanted to show the items I use most. Since this is a collage, only some of the items show which is fine.
  • The last was to represent wool. In Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons I had fun, stylized cakes of yarn. I brought out skeins and cakes of my stash but they looked stupid just piled up in different ways. I then thought of my FO’s that are stored safely in a dresser drawer. Trying to figure out this photo took me the longest as I would arrange them in a particular way, snap a picture, and then examine it for satisfaction. In the end, I took away some of the items and just positioned the ones I liked best.

I usually use Picasa 3 (no longer available via Google) to edit photos and to sometimes make collages. However, because I was only going to use three snapshots, the program doesn’t create a collage of three in a row. I found FotoJet when Googleing for a free, collage maker. You don’t even have to sign up for an account. You can just make one and download it to save on your computer. What I really liked about this program is because I have a WordPress blog, for a good header image, your theme tells you what dimensions in pixels you must have for the best possible result to show. In FotoJet, I was able to put in the number of pixels x pixels needed, in this case, 1800 x 720 pixels. I set the collage to that and then added my photos in, positioning them to show what I wanted the most. With my WordPress theme, I was also able to create a site identity icon that shows up as a little, bitty square in the open tab of anything related to my blog. I set the collage layout to the dimensions needed and used slightly different photos from the header’s.

Okay, I need to go make a charm for the teenager’s friend as she’ll be receiving her zipper pouch and card tomorrow. The teen is making the birthday girl blackberry brownies. Thanks for hangin’ out a bit with me today. TTYS.

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  1. Thanks for the WordPress and FotoJet advice! I’m often overwhelmed trying to figure it all out. I think your photos are great and definitely capture what your blog is about. So colourful!


  2. Your header looks great, I love the photos! I’m envious of your stamps too! I have a very old photo editing software that came with my old laptop back in 2002! I REFUSE to use any other…it’s not very compatible with Windows 95 and up…I’m on Windows 8, so you can imagine…every week or so, I have to uninstall it and reinstall it for it to work, can’t use Wordpad when it’s open…oh and I can’t close it or it bugs out lol…Stubborn? 😉


  3. Isn’t it amazing at what it takes to create a header? I do a simple one photo upload but a few years ago I’d create a 3-4 photo header and boy it did take time.


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