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Made For 6 + Paper 4 Play

Good afternoon. The four kids and I are safely home after pick up. They’re doin’ their homework while I compose this post.


The teenager had another girlfriend turn 14 recently so I made her this zipper pouch. The last time I went to Joann, I was uninspired by their cotton fabric. This girlfriend of my daughter’s likes vintage things. I didn’t find anything with vintage vibes so I went on Spoonflower.

I learned about this fabric website through IG. It is an online shop for people who design for fabric. When you order fabric, it’s can be about a two-week process because the fabric is actually printed out in North Carolina first. I think it only took a week for me since I live in the US.

I chose this design of vintage typewriters for Coconut’s friend because of its modern vintage vibe. The inside lining coordinates with the theme as well. Here are the deets:

  1. Cute Vintage Typewriter Illustration Pattern by Little Smile Makers Studio – Basic Cotton Ultra, fat quarter
  2. Typewriter Pink  by Mia Valdez – Basic Cotton Ultra, fat quarter

This cotton I ordered is really sturdy and thick. I feel its consistency is almost like quilting cotton.

I have to say while sewing this pouch together, I had some issues with thread tension. It started right away when I was sewing the folded, handle layers together. I used scrap fabric pieces to try out different tension numbers. In the end I repositioned the spool of thread and took out the bobbin to reinstall it into my machine. Finally I was able to figure out the numbers (Crap, I hope I had recorded them in my sewing journal!).

You see here the new labels I had ordered on Etsy. The shop that customized them for me is called Border City Quilts. The owner, Christina Adams, was great to communicate with. I had chosen two fonts, but when I saw the mock-up, I liked the script font I picked out for my name but I wasn’t 100% about the font I had chosen for the words, Handmade By. In her mock-up, I chose one of her other options because I had liked the font she had used for those two words.

My labels fold up from the bottom and there is a ¼” seam allowance, but if I wanted to, I can also iron it onto fabric. I’m pleased as punch with them. My mum was the one to suggest I get some every time I would text her a picture of a zipper pouch that I had made.

And here’s her card. I kept to the vintage, modern theme in color and in design elements. This card has collaged layers where I glued tissue paper in a postal print on the white cardstock first. I painted gesso over it to dull the black print. I scored a corner of another piece of cardstock and blended distress ink over it for an aged look. On the rest of the cardstock I used a stencil in colors that matched the typewriter fabric. And then there’s the 3-D pieces. I felt the vintage camera piece was enough so I didn’t put on a sentiment in front.

Okie doke. There is occasional dispute going on in the background that I need to regulate. I better go. Thank you for dropping by today. TTYS!

11 thoughts on “Made For 6 + Paper 4 Play”

  1. First your tags are fantastic! I love everything about it. Great choice!
    Next, the pouch is so cute! The fabrics are so perfect together. Excellent job:)
    Finally, I love the card! All together a fabulous gift!


  2. Thanks for the heads up on the Etsy shop and the fabric shop too! Those are super cute fabrics and I love your new labels. I NEED something like that! I can’t wait until I get the sewing bug again…maybe after all my unpacking is finished 🙂


  3. Cute, cute, cute…….all of it. The bag is adorbs, the tag is marvelous and the card is ingenious. Now I want to go and sew some more projecf bags lol.


  4. Oh wow. That case is too cute. I can’t decide if I like the inside or outside more. As for your tags… how perfect is that?! You are super talented Stefanie and I love seeing your works of art.


  5. I love Spoonflower! I’ve used them a few times to buy fabric and have other people make stuff for me. They have some Agatha Christie themed fabrics that are enough to make me want to learn how to sew! I love the typewriter fabric and I love the tags. They’re so pretty! Now you need your own Etsy shop.


  6. What a sweet gift! Your sewing skills have really come along–and your hand-made by Stefanie labels are so adorable! I think I need some of those to put on things I knit for people… I am sure Coco’s friend will love this bag, especially the fabric.


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