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10 Knit For Me

Hello and good morning. How’re you today? My workout is done. I got up to 40 minutes today! Usually I listen to freestyle mixes but I have a bad habit of checking the time. So today I tried out something my friend, El, does…read. I put on classical music and read my Kindle book (a historical romance), enlarging the font since I was bobbin’ up and down on the elliptical. What a big difference as I was entertained in my reading while expelling out toxins and gettin’ my heart pumpin’.

Thank you all for your sympathy and support about my latest perio news. I’m still processing. I’m more mad at this point. I have reread all of your recent comments on the fabric, zipper pouches, and cards I’ve made; they are shots of sunshine to my heart, lifting it up in spirit.

With me finishing up those paper and fabric projects, my knitting has been sorely neglected. I have an update to show you on my shawl but I have to be honest and tell you that its growth was done some time ago after its first post:

It’s hard to capture the true color of Field. It is more olive-green in person, like a dark EVOO. I love it. It’s warm but can be great for transitioning to other seasons.

I’m up to the nineteenth repeat of the two rows and there are 131 stitches on my circular. I plan to work on this WIP today and watch the podcasts I’m behind on. I like how easy it is to get into the rhythm of M1R and M1L while knitting stockinette.

I hope you’re having a good Thursday. Thank you for poppin’ your head in today. TTYS.

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  1. I was going to listen to a podcast while on the treadmill but my personal trainer wanted to start earlier and so I didn’t. I’d like to read a kindle but I fear my attention would be too fractured in a noisy gym. I’m so NOSY! Glad you are at the angry stage before you know it you will reach acceptance 🙂


  2. I don’t know f my comments have been loading or not. For some reason I am not able to see any comments on your page. (sad face)

    Anyway……………just so you know, I have been faithfully reading your blog but have been negligent in posting comments to it. I will try and be better about that. I know how much I love getting comments on my blog lol.

    I do hope your next dental procedure will solve the issue with the one loss. How horrible to keep getting bad news.

    Loveing the shawl. I can just see it being used quite often during your cool Cali evenings in the spring and summer.


  3. Recently I found exactly like you that I’m bored with everything on the cross-trainer but books – so I too read my kindle with enlarged font and time just flies. I’m rereading for the en-tieth time Robert van Gulik’s Judge Dee mysteries and couldn’t be enjoying myself more!


  4. Hi Stefanie 🙂 I used to LOVE the elliptical machine…it’s my favourite workout at the gym. But I stopped going to the gym many moons ago when I moved up north. Now the woods are my gym! 🙂 I used to put together 45 minute playlists and move to the beat of the music. Sometimes it was super fast and sometimes slower, it was such a great workout! Your shawl looks really nice!


  5. yay for working out, I need to get to that myself. I have been so lazy lately. Listening to books on audio is a great distraction.
    Enjoy your week. I’ve been offline for a little while and am catching up now.


    1. I thought of listening to an audiobook but then my eyes would keep checking the time. I want them to be busy which is why I’m trying to stick to my Kindle.


  6. I love the idea of reading while on the elliptical but I discovered I’m not good at reading and working out! I tend to discover that I’m either moving at a crawl or completely stopped halfway through a chapter! I love the sound of the color of the shawl. It’s pretty in the picture but sounds like it’s absolutely stunning in person!


  7. Yep…teeth stuff is always scary. And making your decision…I will think of you. The color looks pretty even if it isn’t a true rendition of it. I have this device that holds my Kindle steady on my treadmill. I, too, look at the time! I hate that I do that…it just makes my workout longer!


    1. I think I need to cover the screen of my elliptical. I can see a bit over my Kindle cover and know what time it is all the time. My elliptical has a skinny tray that holds my device and a cup holder where I put my phone. Thank you for thinking of me. The husband and I haven’t talked about it yet. I see my dentist for a cleaning next Friday and can talk to her then also.


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