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11 Knit for Me & Made For 8

Good afternoon. Oh boy has this Tuesday flown by. I meant to sew after my workout but I ended up taking a pick-me-upper nap to recharge my energy. The husband is home today, getting over a bug; he’s been workin’ hard and exhausted from everything; he’s definitely on the mend and feeling better by now.

For you fellow, US mums, how was your Mother’s Day? I had a great weekend. Friday night we started watching The Crown; it’s really good and interesting. I got to sleep in Saturday before starting prep on my potluck dish. My Mama’s Day was spread out over the weekend as our crew went up to the city Saturday to celebrate with my mum and my grandmother’s birthday was thrown in as well. It was a Tex-Mex kind of luncheon with my mom’s chips & salsa appetizer along with rolled up deli meat with cheese + chili verde stew & soft tacos (shrimp and catfish); my SIL’s fruit salad; and our seafood, Cobb salad. Cake was from Costco.

Sunday my youngest surprised me with a handmade card that had a waterfall card technique incorporated. I was very happy. Her sister, on the other hand, tells me she didn’t know which day was Mother’s days(・`ヘ´・;)ゞ – hmph.

Anyways, I basically got to stay at home in my llama flannels and sew. I started work on my Cleo skirt, from tracing out the pattern to cutting out the pieces of fabric, and am currently up to working on the waistband. I’m really excited to finish my very first skirt that I may be able to blog about later this week.

So I had planned to post this earlier, but then I felt the need to make some graphics on Word. This series before was entitled, “For Me,” and had been created to cover anything that was slated for me, but I decided to break it up to separate the crafts as not only am I knitting for myself but am also sewing for me.

You see here the finished section of the top portion of my Field & Scout (Light and Up) shawl. I reached the required number of stitches last Saturday night. I then knitted the first row of the teal which will start the lace section. I tried to get further during Stranger Things but I didn’t want to mess up since my attention was divided. I think I am going to have to switch to Continental knitting when making YO’s (yarn overs) and K2tog’s; it’s too tricky to do all of that in the Portuguese style. I will really need to sit down with some focus music to work this new section.

And since I didn’t have much to show knitting-wise, I decided to add in the Made For series. I’m sure you noticed I wasn’t part of the May, Once Upon a Sock. I had frogged what I had of the teenager’s She Who Breathes sock because I had her try it on and it was way too tight to get over her heel. I had given it second whirl and had her try it on earlier in its progress, but the fabric was stretched out to the max. In disgust, I let the frogs loose.

I had planned to start a sock for myself so I would have a break from hers but the mama guilt kicked in. So, I started for what is hopefully third time’s a charm.

What’s different this time is I CO with 56 stitches, eight more than the first, two times. I just started the heel flap. I’m using US 2’s (2.75mm) and plan to use them until I reach the foot so my kid should have room for sure while putting her foot into each sock.

I’ve knitted on this on and off before pick up but switched back to reading as a few requests came in and there are waiting lists for them.

Okay, I’m off to start dinner. Do share what you did for Mama’s Day. I sure enjoyed seeing fellow IG’ers share pictures of them with their mothers &/or kids or old photos of their mums who have passed. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday. TTYS.

16 thoughts on “11 Knit for Me & Made For 8”

  1. You were sure busy to be taking the weekend off! The foods sounded good for the family gathering. I really enjoyed The Crown and have watched it several times. Hope the husband is feels better.


  2. Your Mother’s Day feast sounded so good!
    The card done by your daughter must have been really special to receive.
    My day was pretty quiet but lots of family around so still full! Lol


    1. I’m glad to read you had a nice day with your ohana. We are lucky to eat very well at family potlucks ^__^. Yes, at least my little one thinks of her mama. She’s always been a mama’s girl from the day she was born. I know who’ll be taking care of me when I’m old.

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  3. I’m glad you had a nice Mother’s Day! The Cobb salad looks really yummy! I’m looking forward to sitting on my porch and knitting this summer that’s for sure. For now though I’m doing garden prep, once that’s all done, it’s porch life again 🙂


  4. Love the photo of you 4 ladies. So glad you weekend was so special. The feast sounds scrumptious too.

    I really like the colors you have picked for your shawl. I also agree about doing Potuguese knitting is hard for K2tg! I can do the YO in Portuguese but really need to concentrate when doing it. Do you do your socks Portuguese? That is my next goal to try.

    Hopefully this try at daughter’s sock will work out.


  5. You can definitely tell you are related 🙂 It sounds like you had an awesome Mother’s Day. I’m just a fur Mom; however we celebrated by going on a picnic to a gorgeous winery and enjoying a couple of bottles with very good friends.


    1. A belated Happy Mama’s Day to you, Paula. You are a mum. Cats don’t take care of themselves. Your day sounds wonderful! How wonderful to get some sunshine and sip wine.


  6. Your Mom is a cutie, too!!!!

    I’ll have one of those drinks, please!!! 🙂

    Hope your husband gets all better soon, and didn’t pass it on.

    Not much for Mother’s Day here. More of the Chicken Run was constructed. Since it was a nice day. 🙂 The endless saga of building the chicken run!!!! -grin-


  7. Oh how sweet of your younger daughter and eyeroll on the other. Hmph indeed! I didn’t do all that much for Mother’s Day as I was driving home from south Mississippi for most of it but I did get to relax once I got home. Sound like you had a lovely weekend!


  8. I am reading your posts backwards and I know what happened to your husband and that he is ok…that is so sweet of your youngest daughter and probably too typical of an older daughter? And kind of funny, too…she didn’t know what day it was…yep…probably don’t count on her visiting you at your assisted living…as usual your knitting is amazing…so precise and so distinct. Good luck with those socks!


  9. Very nice photo! It sounds like a nice Mother’s Day. happy belated Mother’s Day 🙂 We visited my mom and had brunch on Sunday as our usual. My son took me to the botanic gardens in the city the weekend before as his early mother’s day gift to me. A few people have recommend watching The Crown but I haven’t started yet. Enjoy your weekend and your knitting!


    1. I love how your son took you to the Botanic Gardens! How thoughtful he is. I haven’t watched Roku lately as I’ve been crafting away. I need to retake photos of my sewing FO as I didn’t like how blown out they had come out.


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