Can you comment okay here?

Hi there. A fellow knitter reached out to me today to mention how she has difficulty commenting here on WP. She has a Blogspot blog. Are any of you who’ve had trouble commenting here trying to comment from Blogspot or Typepad?

So I went to investigate. First I logged out of my WP account so I could view my blog as an outsider. In this gallery of pics, I took screenshots of what I see when a person wants to leave a comment on one of my posts and of my Discussion Settings. You can click on each to view a larger version.

I know some of you who blog via the Blogspot platform fill in your particulars here, yes? And because I’m not a business account holder, I just have the basic settings for a WP blog. You can see all that I require is you to fill in your name and email. So I’m not sure what’s going on. I am waiting to hear back from her.

I used to have a Blogspot blog. I use Gmail so I have Google accounts and am always logged into them here on my laptop. Through my main, Google account I am logged into Blogger which enables me to easily comment just on those of you who have Blogspot blogs. All Blogspot and Typepad blogs are on my Bloglovin feed. I know if I am not logged into a Google account, trying to leave a comment on a Blogspot blog is a pain because I then have to remember my Google password. In the past, I have tried to comment as a WP user and it does not work.

For WP blogs I comment from here, WP, since WP has a reader and I only use it for fellow, WP users. Sometimes though, I come across a WP blog that doesn’t show the comments option after a post. I for some reason would be unable to comment from my reader. To solve this problem I delete the blog off from my WP reader and then add it to my Bloglovin feed.

I hope I make sense here. I also hope I am helpful to those of you who have Blogspot and Typepad blogs and have tried to comment. Let me know in the comments, pls. Thank you and have a good Monday.

11 thoughts on “Can you comment okay here?”

  1. Well, you know that I am commenting off of WP 🙂 I have no issues! However, I have noticed that it is a pain to comment on other types of blogging sites. I hope your other readers can resolve their issues soon!


    1. Thanks, Paula. I know one Typepad blog I follow I just have to fill in 411 like one would for our WP blogs. Disqus I had signed up for an account b/c some of the book bloggers use it so it just makes it easier.


  2. I have no problem commenting from my Google account, though I’m on Blogspot. Probably because I have commented before I also don’t have to fill in the details every time, they are pre-filled.


  3. In order to comment, the first time, I had to set up a WP account. Now all I do is add my comments as I checked the box to keep me logged in.

    Something strange is going on with blog lovin…….I got notified of your past 3 post this morning. ( Sunday’s, Monday’s and todays) I also got a bunch of foreign language blogs that have appeared that I do not subscribe too. Although, they are knitting blogs lol.


  4. I never have any trouble, commenting here.

    Have a Blogger blog. This never caused me any problems here.

    When you first started this blog, I filled in my e-mail addy, name, and link to my blog. Since then, I simply Comment.

    Sorry someone is having difficulty. But so glad she told you. None of us knows, how our blog “comes across” on anyone else’s computer. So it;’s wonderful, to have anyone with a problem, tell us.


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