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Paper 6 Play

Good evening. What’s for dinner? I have 10, organic drumsticks in the instant pot right now cooking away in a ginger, garlic sauce (Living Sweet Moments). Now that I’ve been using this appliance for meat I’ve been cooking every day. However, it feels easier because I don’t have to stand at the stove and fuss over something.

The husband and I had restocked our fridge and pantry this morning at Costco. It’s funny because he is usually about being in and out when it comes to shopping. Today, I would turn around and he would disappear to another aisle; he even almost bought a Nerf gun set!

So I’ve been MIA this week because I was working on a birthday card for my Oahu uncle. Idea after idea worked half of the time and then I would have to go back to the drawing board. His birthday is Saturday but I just couldn’t get his card done by Wednesday so I had to text my aunt, asking her if she could let my uncle know I didn’t forget about him, but that my perfectionist tendencies are making me picky in terms of design.

Then yesterday I was inspired by Jana Millen‘s card. But when I picked out a stencil, my brain told me to make a brick wall so I could “graffiti” it up; you know I have to overstamp for that distressed look:


Gallery Photos (click on)

  1. the full card
  2. side view of how I raised the brick wall and 3-D’d the balloons and panda
  3. close up of the overstamping/graffiti
  4. close up of the balloons that were embossed with clear, embossing powder + distress ink blended over before punching out the shapes

I was able to get his card out this afternoon, right before the mailman came in his truck! I think it’ll arrive at my uncle’s by Tuesday.

Before I go, I just want to thank all of you for knockin’ out my stats Monday. Thanks for droppin’ by to catch up and/or to let me know how you comment here. I’m glad many of you aren’t having trouble. I’m also touched by how some of you created a WP account just so it’d be easier to comment on WP blogs.

I’m sorry for those who are unable to say what they want to say. I had researched further earlier this week and saw what my friend saw in terms of having to log in:

I had signed out of WP, went to Kathy’s blog, Compassionknit, and tried to comment. When I put in an email address different from what I use for WP, I was still asked to log into WP. So I talked to Support Chat. Basically, I was asked to log in because I had used that email for my first, WP blog – Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons. Support told me if my friend had been asked to log in, it’s because she either had signed up for a WP account long ago and had forgotten about it, or she accidentally clicked on a social icon which then prompted her to log in. Support wouldn’t be able to help her unless they know the email address she was trying to use. I of course wasn’t going to ask her for that information.

So that’s all I could find out for that issue. I looked at what social icons my comment box has as alternatives and am disappointed to find Google+ isn’t listed like how Kathy’s box does. I guess that’s just what this theme offers. I poke around some more to see if I can add a Google+ icon to my comment box because I really like this theme I’m using.

Okay, off to clean up the counters and maybe have a Häagen-daz. Enjoy the rest of your evening. Thank you for poppin’ by. TTYS.

14 thoughts on “Paper 6 Play”

  1. These pots are new to me. Pressure cooking, brings back childhood memories of fear, of our mother’s old fashioned Pressure Cookers!!!! For both of us. LOL. So we’ll stick to our Crock Pots.

    Oh oh, gotta’ watch men in any store. they can become mesmerized by the strangest things….. Not on the grocery list. ,-)

    Sorry any have problems commenting here. Thankfully, WP and Blogger now “play nicely together.” For me, at least they do.

    Great card, btw.



  2. Nerf gun lol….that’s hilarious! The card looks gorgeous! Your uncle will love it, I do love that brick wall, very nice. 🙂 Well, let’s see…tonight for dinner I’m making a sort of North American Chinese food dinner…beef and broccoli with mushrooms, pineapple chicken and fried rice. It was raining this morning so I took the opportunity to do some baking. Now we have muffins and cookies for the week ahead while I’ll be in the garden beds! I also got a lemon ricotta cheesecake made…oh that’ll be gone in less than one sitting ha ha! Happy Memorial Day Stefanie 🙂 xx


  3. So cute, you’re a master of card making! I like how the elements are placed on different levels.
    I’m so obsessed with knitting lately, that I find it hard to make time for my other hobbies – sewing, puzzles, stitching.


  4. The card is lovely and I made that chicken…or rather a version of it…last night. I roasted the chicken…legs and thighs…in some olive oil and a spice rub…found at Costco…then when they were done we broiled them with Sweet Baby James BBQ Sauce…again Costco! They were amazing!


  5. I always use free blogs. IN so much as i ADORE my blog pals and posting and reading, If I ever HAVE to pay I will. Sometimes though, the are a pain in the butt. Thank you for working on it so hard!

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  6. Hello Stefanie!
    Wow that is a beautiful card! Great work!
    My fiance and I really love Costco as well. Usually I’m the one who disappears in search for free samples haha (while he does the legit shopping) although he actually bought the Nerf gun that one time lol 🙂


    1. Thank you for sharing and for adding me on! I’m honored. I’m going to Costco tomorrow. Gonna buy more veggies this time. Gonna try the military diet to reset my system and plan to make veggie sandwiches again and salads. I will try to remember to poke around the shoes and clothes, but clotheswise I like to try them on.

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      1. The military diet sounds quite intense haha. Let me know how it goes! I might have to try something like this before my wedding haha 🙂


  7. Ha ha – your husband sounds like mine!!!!!!!!!

    I managed to use the Instant Pot to make some Honey Soy chicken thighs the other night and they turned out really well and while I’m not sure exactly how much time I’m saving in there it is nice to do everything basically in one pot and it feels good not watching it all the time. I have to admit I’m still scared of blowing my kitchen up with it though! 😀

    Tonight I’m going to attempt a quinoa chicken curry in it. Wish me luck!

    Love what you managed to do for your Uncle! Just in time!!!!

    Some WP blogs I have to log into, but I do have a WP account just to make my life easier. As a blogger I have to have accounts everywhere!


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