Audiobook, It's Monday! What are you reading?

It’s Monday! What are you reading?

It’s time to link up with Kathryn of The Book Date for It’s Monday! What are YOU reading? Kathryn took over this weekly, Monday meme from Shelia of Book Journey who had taken it over from J Kayne Book Blog.

This meme is not just about adult books either. If you read picture and chapter books, juvenile fiction, or even YA, they count as well. Jen Vincent of Teach Mentor Texts and Kellee of Unleashing Readers give this Monday, book post link up a kid-focus.

It’s Monday! What are YOU Reading? is all about catching up with fellow book lovers about one’s reading week. If you’d like to participate with us, simply link up, share about what’s goin’ on with you, and tell us about the good &/or bad reads you had for the week.

Good afternoon. How was your weekend? The girls had social engagements, the elder hung out with her girlfriends all day after Friday’s early dismissal & the youngest went to her first, pool party Saturday for a good chunk of the day. Yesterday the husband had to go into work for a bit.  I tried to get some sewing done but hit some detours. However we watched Paddington 2 and I finished knitting a gusset.

Do you have today off? Ours started off with chores. I worked out and “mowed the lawn” (gave the husband a buzz and a high fade). He started washing the cars and enlisted both dames to help him. It’s a hot day here in the east bay, 87°; it was already 77° around 10:30.

I finished one book out of last week’s six. This middle grade read was a terrific audiobook to listen to. Imagine being part of a neighborhood where you know everyone’s name while you play and walk down the street. Then, you get the shocking news that your landlord isn’t renewing your lease! Well, the five Vanderbeeker kids wasn’t havin’ that as they put their heads together and schemed.

The main reason why I loved this book so much is because of the children. The narrator did a wonderful job giving each a different voice full of personality. I like how the kids were the main focus of the story and I thought it clever how the author still incorporated daily life around the main issue. I found it fascinating how a brownstone was full of apartments. I enjoyed the background, neighborhood characters. I loved the sense of diversity in Harlem. I am glad my curiosity was piqued after reading the mentions and the praises of Patty (Books, Thoughts and Adventures). Four stars.

Okay, I promised the fifth grader we would watch Justice League today since her dad had detoured us last night. Off to knit and laugh at Flash. Have a good Monday. Thanks for poppin’ in. TTYS.

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  1. I SO enjoyed Vanderbeekers, too! The way the children looked out for one another and took action all on their own — it was just lovely! Hope you enjoy your time watching Justice League! Our 5 kiddos are really into all the super hero movies and books, lately, so we’ve kinda been doing a marathon working through all the movies (whichever ones are appropriate for each of their ages). Have a great reading week, Stefanie! (P.S. Your link on the #kidlit link-up is giving me an error message. I had to go through your main page to find you, so maybe that can be edited).


  2. It sounds fun to listen to this book as you explained, with all the different voices. It’s on my list, but I still haven’t read it yet! Thanksfor the reminder! FYI – I found you through your comment, couldn’t make the link on the meme work!


  3. we just got home this afternoon and I’m tired! I just finished two books, Still Alice and A Trick of the Light. Both fantastic! I’m on a good book reading roll 🙂


  4. Sounds like you guys have had a good weekend, with nice weather. It’s been in the 90’s here- yikes!

    Hope you enjoy the movie. 🙂


  5. “brownstone was full of apartments”

    Sure! Remember “Sex and the City” and “You’ve Got Mail”???? Apartments, in brownstones. 🙂

    I finished my “The Dark Angel” and have been dipping into the book, I did a post about… The “connect-with-the-earth” in gardening, one.

    What does a Rhubarb Pie taste like, you ask????? Well, rhubarb is tart. So you add sugar. And it has it’s own unique taste. When you grow your own, you make sure to have a pie. If you have lots, you make cobblers, crisps, cakes, etc. 🙂


  6. I put click-able links in my above comment.

    But they don’t “show up.”

    You don’t have click-able links show, in a different color. Can’t it be done, with WP? On Blogger, all click-able links show, in a different color, so they stand out.

    Just askin’……. 🙂


  7. That sounds like a great book for youngsters. ! Im not reading. Just knitting and knitting happily. Oh, I am reading a short compilation of sign language terms and gestures. some of our Barn students are deaf, so I want to at least know a few words!


    1. That’s great you’re learning some ASL to be able to communicate with the students. That counts as reading. Yes, The Vanderbeekers was a good book; it also deals with friendship, relationships, and healing.


  8. The Vanderbeekers sounds so fun! And makes me think of that guy from Dawson’s Creek. Lol.

    I like the word gusset.

    I hope you are feeling better!


  9. I just made a note of the Vanderbeekers! Don’t laugh, because I think the last time I wrote about reading, I was starting it, but time is not my friend. I just finished crying, I mean reading A Man Called Ove. I’m reading The Magpie Murders now. I hope you got a chance to see Justice League with the kids and enjoyed it, it’s on my to do list w/H once he gets through Finals. All the best!!


    1. Good one. Yes! I wish I had a neighbor who spread the love with cookies in our court. That would probably have to be me though.


  10. We’re headed into Winter our side and this Monday I can really feel it. Not sure if it’s just because it’s Monday but I really do think Winter has arrived.

    I loved Justice League! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it!!!!


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