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12 Knit for Me

Good afternoon. How is your Tuesday goin’? Mine has been crusin’ smoothly. I put me first and went out for a power walk that lost steam around halfway but I hit 3.65 mi. By the time I got home an hour later (I used to be able to power walk 4 mi in an hour.) my legs at the hip joints felt like they were going to fall off.

I just had some Ruffles for snack before I started on this post. What’s your favorite snack?

Thank you for all of your thoughtful, birthday wishes for Jellybean. When she’s happy we’re happy. My baby had the best time last Saturday and received fun gifts from everyone. Slime and squishies are hot right now!

So, it’s been three weeks since I’ve had a knitting post. My WIP’s were neglected at first and then slowly worked upon. I finally have good enough progress to show you on my Field & Scout (better color representation here):

If you know a beginning knitter, tell her to not be discouraged when she makes simple mistakes and has to rip back and start over. I am not the type of person to fudge it in a project due to my perfectionism so this intermediate knitter (As of May of this year, I’ve been knitting for a decade!) had to frog the lace section twice before third time’s the charm. This lace pattern is really not hard but I would either end up being short a stitch or have one too many stitches. Recently, the four row stitch pattern sunk in and I got into the groove. I now count stitches on either side of the center stitch every, freakin’ row.

On IG I had posted my progress right up the end of the lace section. Now you see I am back to the color, Field, and knitting stockinette. One modification I made was knit the row going back to Field on the WS to get those bumps so it would match the beginning of the lace. I am now 18 rows from finishing this shawl! I will have to get back to the lace but it should go smoother than the first time. Cross your fingers for me pls just for insurance.

Okie doke, off to figure out our instant pot dinner for tonight. Thank you for poppin’ your head in. TTYS.

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  1. Yesterday during the day was pretty productive. The evening even went quite smoothly but at bedtime, two romping boys+one window= crash and mess! Thankfully no one was injured but I get to sort out a window repair today!!! Ugh!

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  2. I understand perfectly your perfectionism as I’m the same. I’d rather (and I often do) unravel the entire project than compromise. Your shawl looks beautiful!


  3. Oh I like how this post, just popped right up, when I clicked. Perhaps, it is because I clicked on the title of the post, and not just on the blog. Duhhhhh me! Now I have to remember to do this, all the time. 🙂

    Hey, don’t think that just because you “could-do-this” before…. Walk a mile in so and so…. You can do it today. That day, and today, may be different in many ways. Please don’t let such, depress you. Gotta’ stay happy with exercise. Not feeling after, like your hips will fall off. 🙂

    All the above, is what “They Say.” I’m no exercise expert!!!!!!!!! :-))))))


  4. happy birthday, awfully late… Lovely knitting and you must be sewing a lot instead of knitting which is perfect for the summer months, that is what my mom did.


  5. And here I felt good earlier this week when I did 3 miles in a hour. But I’ve got older hips that yours, so maybe I should still feel good about it. lol There’s no maybe – I DO feel good about it.

    Good advice about knitting, Steph. While I look at my mistakes as opportunities to learn, I’d love to be a good enough knitter that I knew HOW to fudge. 🙂


    1. I walked a block and jogged a court 9.5 times this past Tuesday; my thigh muscles were screamin’ all day afterwards and the next day.


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