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3 Once Upon a Sock

Good morning. If you’re new around here, Once Upon A Sock consists of we, sock knitters, who post the first, Thursday of every month about our sock WIP’s. Our Once Upon a Sock family has grown so instead of linking to one another’s blogs like we usually do, Paula of Spin a Yarn is now hosting the link up as she is the original founder of this meme.  If you love to knit socks, or are even starting to learn, you are more than welcome to join us. Just download the graphic, compose your post, and link up on Paula’s blog.

It’ll be short and sweet today. I’ve had ups and downs with this first sock. The first, two tries resulted in tight fabric. I was then going to take a break and start a sock for me, but the mommy guilt reared its ugly head. Therefore I cast on for a third time.

It seems third time’s the charm. I am knitting with a US 2 (2.75 mm) and had cast on 56 stitches. I kept worrying it was too big in the beginning (before I started the foot) but my teenager tried it on and said it was fine. I have to remember she has normal feet while mine are unusually narrow and what I call chicken feet because I hardly have any fat on them.

I have already casted on for the next sock, otherwise I’ll end up dragging my feet and get stuck in Second Sock Syndrome. The next sock should go faster as I have all the numbers figured out from sock one.

Are you a shortie sock fan or prefer longer socks to wear? Thanks for poppin’ in today. TTYS.

29 thoughts on “3 Once Upon a Sock”

  1. Aww, I hope she realises the honour she is getting! I tend to only knit for myself or my mother and her feet are not far off mine so I can cheat as I go and try them on! (Which is good as we live at different ends of the country!)

    I mostly prefer long socks but I am going to try knitting some short socks soon to use up some leftovers/for the summer.


  2. Glad to hear I’m not the only one having issues this month; however sorry for you. Yay for casting on for your daughter though. It’s funny you call your feet chicken feet. I call mine Flinstone Feet because they are so wide. I would do anything for nice shapely ankles and feet 🙂 Instead I deal with cankles and Flinstone Feet 😀 I love the color of the yarn and the pattern too. I mostly knit longer socks; however love my ankle socks. I think that might be next on my list…another pair of ankle socks!


      1. 100% yes. I always find the cutest shoes; however I cannot buy anything (unless I have worn them before) online. In addition to having wide feet, one is also the slightest bit bigger than the other and I’m always forgetting which one it is so I always have to try on both feet. I had an accident when I was little, broke my ankle and was in a cast, causing one foot not to grow as big as the other. And don’t get me started on the super high arches too. I would love if more companies made wide styles!


      2. Oh wow; sorry to read about the broken ankle that affected your growth some. Yeah, I have to try on shoes too in person b/c of my arches. Supposedly I don’t have high arches from what this rock climber/staff member at REI said; he felt they were strengthened from walking so much. He said that because he said my arches didn’t collapse when I walked. I should have asked my podiatrist. Anyways, I’m more about comfort and I’m paranoid a bit about wearing enclosed shoes w/out socks b/c of what I had gone through with my infected toe.


  3. I love that yarn!

    I love both shortie and longer socks, 7″ seems too long for me though, I like a 5-6″ leg on my socks. If I can get back to knitting socks this summer, I’d like to knit up some shorties, I need more in my drawer.

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  4. Hopefully I will be able to link up next month with a finished pair and a new pair on the needles! Glad you figured it out. Mom guilt is a powerful thing 😉


    1. You could have linked up the Marly socks today. That would have been fine. Yeah, it’s the second time my teen has asked for a handmade item from me. I’ll need to find some Slytherin flannel so I can make her some pants to go with them in her photo shoot.


    1. Thank you for sharing. I generally like shorties although I’m a bit paranoid about my athletic sneaks b/c of what happened two pairs ago when the socks would slip down and I would get this terrible blister. I have some that are thinner, dry fit and go up to under my ankle; I have to get more I guess b/c I’m down to three now.

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    1. I usually go sockless around here b/c it’s warm. I have my good, ol’ Birks. Not sure what I’ll wear on holiday later this summer. I’d be worried ppl might step on my toes.


  5. I love the idea of belonging to this sock group. I have knit many pairs, but lately I have been more into baby things and shawls. But I did just buy some sock yarn so I think I will be back at it soon.


  6. I totally forgot this month…last two weeks of school….also been dealing with some extreme fatigue from my psoriatic arthritis. I’ve only knit one pair of shorties for a friend, but I’ve been collecting shortie patterns to try some new ones…I bought the Socks for Busy B’s 3 pattern collection recently…it’s a collection of 3 shorties. I do prefer a 7 inch leg usually, but I wear lots of shorties in the summer. I also have extremely skinny feet, but with large bunions, which suck…


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