First Week of Summer

Sorry I haven’t been around this week. With June starting off with the youngest’s birthday party and school ending with all of these early dismissals, I totally blanked out and had to pay about $11 in late fees for the teenager’s library books. And summer has started off packed with activities.

First and foremost, I’m still being disciplined. I’m working out just about every day unless I’m feeling rundown. I feel really good and have been noticing that my clothes are looser *fist pump* and I’ve lost another inch in my waist.  I’ve added back in my crunches, weights, and squats. I was avoiding all that for a while because I would feel unmotivated when thinking about how long I’d have to work out each MWF. I researched online and read an article about either limiting oneself to a warm up and then six to seven exercises &/or concentrating on a particular part of the body each day. To do it my way, I’ve cut down my number of vertical, body exercises from twelve to seven. Now motivation is not an issue.

After my heart’s taken care of, the girls and I then would go out by midday:

#1 – #3: Crepes with the teenager, her girlfriends, and the tween.

#4: An epic 16 mile bike ride for our crew, testing out our new wheels. All of our arms are lobsters since we weren’t vigilant about sunscreen.

#5: Health appointments for the kids

#6: The beginning of summer tennis matches

This week is swimming evaluations for class levels, my eye appointment, coffee shop exploration, and orthodontic x-rays.

I haven’t had much time to craft. I have all of this sewing I want to get to. Oh and I have some disappointing news – my martini card for my Auntie N didn’t get to her! I checked in with her days after her birthday. She said she didn’t get it and had even checked her mailbox and the area around it inside her garage. I haven’t even followed up on it all at, to be honest, forgetting to. I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

Okay, my eyes are poopin’ out. It’s been quite an afternoon and evening. I may pop in again tomorrow with a book post as I have a few finishes this week. Have a good night. Bye, TTYS.

19 thoughts on “First Week of Summer”

  1. Nice to catch up with you! Busy times until you settle into a summer schedule 🙂

    In my experience things mailed turn up eventually. Sorry it didn’t make it on time. It’s disappointing after you’ve made such an effort and you’re keen to see her reaction.


  2. Wow! Your summer started with a bang! It’s almost busier than the school year! But it sounds as though you are having great fun! I envy you that bike ride…we want bikes again but can’t figure out where to ride!


  3. You have been busy! I got one lobster arm at the high school graduation….I applied sunscreen, but missed part of my right arm and shoulder….I’m going to try to get back to the gym this summer, but it’s going to depend on how I’m feeling. My rheumatologist said no weights…and walking is not always possible, so I can do the recumbent bike and the elliptical…and swimming….


  4. Oh my…..I am exhausted just reading what all is and will be happening in your life.

    You are the 2nd blogging person who has lost something in the mail recently. Hers was a log cabin blanket. How sad for both of you. So much thought and love just vanished.


  5. Super to find the workout, which works for you!!!!!

    You are one busy lady. But of course, since you are in the middle of child rearing. My “old lady” suggestion, is….. Concentrate on that! This family time, will not come again. But blogging, will always be here. 🙂

    I think everyone knows this, but it can be easy, to forget it, sometimes. Don’t. Enjoy every second, of this part of your life.

    And then, you won’t regret anything, later.

    Lots and lots of gentle hugs…..


  6. I am focusing on the waist area.. after much trial and error I found a few great standing ab exercises.. and then ramadan hit.. and I just haven’t been able to get back into it.
    With school ending I am trying to figure out our new schedule.. plus it’s harder with the younger one since he needs to be entertained.
    It’s great to see that while you are busy but you’re getting in some fun.
    So sad to hear about the card 😦



  7. It’s wonderful how active you are! I hate work out so much and I’m envious of people who manage to find the will and do it 🙂 I hope the card will turn up soon, it was such a beautiful card.


  8. Congratulations on your progress! I’m taking a break from exercise until my foot heals and I’m missing exercise – especially yoga – so much! That’s too bad about the martini card. I’ve had mail show up several days past when they should have and hopefully that’ll be the case here. Have a great week!


  9. Just what is WITH the mail lately? So sorry your card was lost!!! I love crepes. Summer starts whenever for us with grown kids. Summer HORSE session began this week, tho so it felt a bit like a start. It is cool and I want heat!!! I want the windows open. I want to sleep on my porch. All in good time I guess Stef!


  10. So busy! And it all sounds so good and healthy. Well, the lost gift card is a bummer, but I’m inspired by all the physical activity you’re getting in, and that you discovering a key to staying motivated.


  11. you sound busy!! phew! summer vacation is supposed to be chill 🙂 yay you with the dedicated exercising. I am going to the gym religiously but I should change my eating habits for the better.


  12. Hi Stefanie :)) CONGRATS on the waist loss! 🙂 Good for you! Gosh I feel UN motivated during hot weather to be exercising indoors. I try to make my morning dog walks more cardio, but I do need to add some weights back in at some point. Your summer sounds busy already!


  13. Happy summer, and good for you on working out regularly. Your summer sounds like it’s fun and busy too. I know, those doctor’s appointments can be so time consuming. We’ve got the annual eye doctor visit late this month and I can’t wait because I need new eye glasses badly.
    I wonder what happened to the martini card? Lost in the mail? I hope it turns up!

    And no apologizing for not being on blog-land, enjoy your summer!
    I’m going to be on and off this month as well. I have two book reviews to post, which I am trying to get done ASAP, then I will prob take the rest of July off from blogging.


  14. Lots of good stuff going on. I hope you find some time to slow down in there a little bit. With all that you are knocking off your list this summer I’m sure it will be soon!


  15. Gosh and here I thought my schedule was jammed pack! Great job continuing to be motivated with the exercise routine. I try to walk 3 or 4 days a week but it’s been so hot here this week so swimming has been my exercise of choice lately. I hope that you can track down your Auntie’s card!


  16. Stef! Thanks so much for the catchup. So nice to hear what you’ve been up to. Love your watermelon helmets by the way. 🙂

    I’m so sad that the card din’t make it in the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a bummer!? I didn’t realise things like that really happened there. 😦 I hope it’s just delayed and still manages to turn up?

    I’ve had a few weeks off gym and now I need to force myself back into it next week! Glad you’ve been so healthy and that the motivation is higher.


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