Summer 2018

Fourth Week of Summer

Aloha. What have you been up to this weekend?

Today I organized the linen closet while folding the rest of the clean sheets. I managed to get everything in that hallway niche as our storage is very limited in this house. I also composted old food while organizing the kitchen rack. I moved stuff around so I’d have easier access to items I use a lot and so I could also put away appliances. I’m very happy with the results. I have all of the baking ingredients, cupcake liners, and cookie cutters in one place while being able to reach the flour, sugar, etc. better.

Yesterday, our ohana celebrated my dad’s birthday early up in the city:


I had him take a selfie with me after our crew had arrived. Those are my new frames. My hair is like my ode to the samurai; I got the idea from here. My pixie is growing out and its ends just got bobbed. This is my favorite way to style it.

Birthday Present

I had asked him what did he want for his birthday. He told me he wanted a cake with a golfer on top. My mum suggested cupcakes and Pinterest saved me! I liked Angela‘s outcome the most because she used ½” gumballs. I ordered them from Prime. I used Martha Stewart’s One Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes recipe. The 11-year-old helped me with the golf flags. I decorated the cupcakes Saturday, late morning with the grass tip.


I made the potato salad, trying out a traditional recipe by Love Bakes Good Cakes. I didn’t have any sour cream which some recipes use. I usually don’t like store-bought potato salad but homemade the old-fashioned way was really good!

The Dillio

The girls and I have been home bound this week. I’m still reading the same books and I haven’t gotten any crafting done because I’ve been sick. The husband was sick the week of the Fourth and then I caught it; we didn’t even swap spit. Wednesday I had made the Costco run, I had a Cup Noodles, took two IB, and crashed out for three hours. I felt so much better when I woke up. I still have a tiny bit of cough to get rid of, but I’m good.

The youngest fell off of her bike Tuesday and I think the frame where the chain is scraped her leg. It became infected so I had to take her to the doctor and she was prescribed an antibiotic ointment. I change her dressings 3x a day. It’s hard for my kid to sit and move around. I had to withdraw my daughter from next week’s, swimming mini sessions which make her sad.

The oldest will be taking part in Open Court tomorrow. Today, our neighbor’s daughter who took the South Bay title two years ago took my daughter to the tennis club to practice. I’m excited for my baby to meet one of the team captains and to meet other teenagers who will be trying out for the tennis team. Pls cross your fingers and toes for her! Tryouts will be early August. I found all of this last minute and had just scheduled her for swimming also; thank goodness her swim school is so flexible and understanding!

That’s all I got for the fourth week of summer. I hope you had more fun than I did. Mahalo for dropping by. TTYS. Aloha.

14 thoughts on “Fourth Week of Summer”

  1. You hair is super cute. And the selfie with your dad is adorable.

    The food spread looks yummy. The cupcakes are perfect. Good job.

    Fingers crossed for tennis team success.


  2. I’ve bookmarked the recipe for the cupcakes and I’m definitely going to try them. Yours came out so cute and original with this golf theme. Happy Birthday to your dad and happy and healthy summer to your girls!


  3. I think being sick in the summer is the worst! Feeling miserable and missing out on all the fun! I hope everybody recovers quick!

    Fingers and toes crossed for the tennis team tryouts!


  4. Organization and neatness are wonnnnnderful!!!!

    Happy Birthday to your Dad!!!! Cute selfie!!!

    Colds and falls! Oh my! Oh sighhhhh….

    Good luck to your daughter, with her latest challenge!

    You are changing your hair style some…. I’m getting the urge too. But really think I should keep it short, in this hot weather. The good thing, about humidity, is that my hair wants to curl a bit. Which I Iove.

    When humidity goes away again, so will the curl tendency… So later, would be the time, for me to grow it a tiny bit. 🙂

    Hope your cold is alllll gone, soon!!!!


  5. I LOVE your hair. Im sorry you got sick. IM so sorry you have to play wound care nurse. I LOVE wounds. Sick I know. My son is still loving playing TENNIS. He started in High school with no lessons. its a lifelong thing for him, it seems!


  6. OMG, storage……it’s the one thing I hate about houses here. One closet for linens and towels and such. Um….no. That’s just not enough for me. We bought Stormageddon an armoire because his bedroom closet has things like the vacuum and carpet washer, extra table leaves, my grandmother’s accordion, and a bunch of other stuff. ::sigh::


  7. Your hair looks cute.
    Happy Birthday to your dad.
    Hope you are feeling better now..
    Hope your daughters leg is better.. my mother in law took a stumble outside and it got infected as well!


  8. Sorry to hear you’ve been ill, but well done with all that home organisation! It can be so satisfying to get jobs like that done.

    Your dad’s birthday feast looks absolutely delicious!


  9. Oh no!! I’m sorry your daughter got a bike injury! I recently had one too. Darn bikes! Lol. My doctor also had me wash the area 2x a day with Dial antibacterial. I have no idea if that did anything to help but thought I would share.

    And happy birthday to your dad! Those cupcakes are adorable!


  10. Cute Selfie and I love the new frames! quite the spread there. I hope baby girl is on the mend. There is definitely time and weather coming for her to enjoy some swimming later. Take care of you!!


  11. Happy birthday to your dad! The food looks good!
    I like your new frames, I just went to the eye doctor this morning actually for my yearly and I ordered new glasses too. Similar to yours but a little more square shaped.
    I need to get organized too, I’ve been too lazy but my yarn closet needs tidying up.
    Good luck with tennis and I hope her leg is healed!


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