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Fifth Week of Summer

ヾ(^∇^) Hi everyone and to the new readers here. What are you up to today?

I have Tibetan spa music playing on the laptop here while I munch on a Sargento snack pack and sip on my organic, green tea. The husband got me to take a cat nap earlier to sleeping music played by Google Home. Are you able to fall asleep quickly? I think I usually take about 15-20 minutes to settle down and to relax. When we say goodnight to our Google Home she plays crickets usually but we switch it to either waves or rain; I say the two of us have been spoiled.

Well my week was filled with cleaning and organizing besides working out and dropping off/picking up the teen at/from Open Court:

  1. Kitchen (M) – moved containers to the cabinet by the fridge, dumped expired medications safely, moved vitamins and OTC meds to the shelf above the spices, and all cookbooks and appliance manuals to the third shelf + got the thermoses all in one place
  2. Buffet (Tu) – finally moved the platters to the buffet + paper plates and plastic cups
  3. Sewing Stuff (Tu) – cleaned out bins and reorganized the 3-tier container, filled up the new thread organizer, put away the ironing board, organized fabric stash and their distribution among the bins
  4. Living Room (Tu) – dusted, cleared out end table, & organized current WIP’s for coffee table storage
  5. Room (F) – dusted, washed sheets, put away yarn remnants, cleared off and tidied up night stands which are less clutter free

In addition on Thursday, I ran to Costco (yes, again) to pick up fruit and snacks for Saturday after dropping off the oldest and before working out. After I showered I decided to run to Joann and then to TJ’s so Friday I wouldn’t have to go out after the elliptical.

Then Saturday our crew had an awesome day with company:

My BFF drove down from the upper, east bay with her two daughters and hung out for a couple of hours. I created a salad bar along with a platter of fruit and snacks for the kids. All four girls had dinosaur-shaped nuggets also. The husband hung out with us for a bit before going off to catch up on work and while our kids played together inside and outside. It was lovely to catch up with her and to unload about things. I scored big points with my nieces who loved that Auntie Stef had all of these snacks to share and the fact that they could choose dessert from four, different boxes of ice cream!

I finished two, Kindle books recently:

Dirty (Dive Bar #1) by Kylie Scott

The female lead was spunky! The characters in here are flawed and every day Joe’s like us. There is profanity, which I personally don’t mind as I have a potty mouth myself, and they keep it real. I was highly entertained with this book.  For example: A fellow friend was explaining how his wife was currently reading a romance novel and how that was a good thing:

Page 253, “with all the zest of a manic street preacher. “You have no idea the amount of good they can do for you between the sheets and on the streets. If you love your girl? Buy her books.”

The only thing I was disappointed in was the ending which was slightly predictable was rushed into. I look forward to reading about the next Dive Bar member.

The Chase (Fox and O’Hare #2) by Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg

This second installment was entertaining as well as the first one. I like the snarkiness and the bond Kate and her dad have:

(59%) “Something to look forward to,” Kate said. “I moved into Megan’s guest room for a couple days. They’re fumigating my apartment building.”

“Your nieces will love that. You’re their favorite aunt.”

“So I’ve been told, And I can quality time with you, too. You can teach me how to make improvised explosives out of household cleaning supplies.”

“I’d love to,” Jake said. “We can include the grandkids and make it a family affair. We’ll just have ot wait until Megan and Roger aren’t around. They’re very uptight about making explosives in the house.”

So I’ve been just chillin’ like a villain after our company left yesterday. I pretty much read on the couch until the dames brought home food from the neighbor’s party. I oinked out, feeling very guilty, which led to an hour sweat session on the elliptical this morning. I’m off to catch up on your blogs! Thank you for your visits and for thinking about us. The youngest is healing well; apparently it was a burn. I was all better by mid-week, having gotten rid of the mucus that made me cough. Thanks for poppin’ in with me today. TTYS.

11 thoughts on “Fifth Week of Summer”

  1. I would love to be more productive but I’m just…….not. I have laundry from the past few days that needs to be put away and I have no energy or motivation to do it. I would love to go through our hall closet and organize it, clean it out (because of the mice incident from almost two years ago now), and get rid of stuff. I would love to reorganize in my yarn closet. I would love to go through my bookshelves. I just don’t have the motivation. ::sigh:: Someday, someday….

    And yes, I know the UfYH method and it does work but it doesn’t work well with small children around. Oh well.


  2. how nice to get together with a friend!! (and the salad bar sounds delish). I need to spruce up some corners in my house. I just started a list and hopefully everyday I will chip away at some job or task.


  3. Dinosaur shaped nuggets are popular here too. And four boxes of ice cream! Bonanza!

    I am glad that everyone is feeling better in your home.

    Sleep comes slowly to me. I am not great at falling asleep!


  4. You do wayyy toooo much!!! Reading your posts, exhausts me!!! I will have to take 2 naps today!!!!! >,-))))))

    Sounds like a delightful day with friend and her kidd-o’s.

    My book reading is dead-in-the-water. Again. So I’m doing some Prime/Netflix watching. That will get tired and I’ll be back to reading again. 🙂

    Don’t always fall asleep easily. I don’t worry. My brain just won’t turn off. 🙂


  5. This is one of those you-don’t-have-to-publish-it-ones… If you don’t care for it….

    All those gadgets, like ‘Alexa’ and your ‘Google home’ thing…… Those electronic items, which you speak to, and they do your bidding…… To do that, they have to be on and listening, all the time…? Right? Because you don’t have to hit a switch, to make them work. They always are listening, for your next command.

    Did you ever consider, that something, which is always “On” and “Listening”…… can also be “Recording” or even “Transmitting”???

    Call us paranoid, but we would not have one of them, in our home.

    And remember the old saying; “Just because I am paranoid, doesn’t mean someone is not out to get me.” >,-))))


  6. Love the tidying and cleaning that is going on – and it is so satisfying when it is all done. I have to admit I do it in fits and starts. I don’t sleep during the day but at night I put myself to sleep with a podcast. I listen to most/all of it and it takes my mind away from thoughts and bingo I am asleep.


  7. I admire your persistence with the elliptical – I haven’t been exercising on mine for weeks 😦 And you’ve done so much cleaning and tidying – you’ve definitely spent your time in a productive way!


  8. What a lovely day spent with good friends! You are such a wonderful hostess Stef.
    Gosh I need to know your secret on how to be productive in the summer! My house is generally a mess until school starts again. My attempts at cleaning & decluttering lasts for about a day. Doesn’t help that both of my guys could care less that they track sand into the house. Or leave their various smelly sports things everywhere. Ugh! (Sorry for venting but now that my husband is working full time at home the clutter seems to be never ending….I feel an intervention is imminent).


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