B&W Photo Challenge 2018

B&W Photo Challenge! Day 1

Good evening. I was challenged/nominated by Sophie Li of Sophie’s Corner. I thought this #B&WPhotoChallenge! was a fun and easy one to do without bursting any brain cells.

The Rules:

  1. Seven days.
  2. Seven black and white photos of your life.
  3. No people.
  4. No explanation.
  5. Challenge someone new each day.

Today I challenge Wisps of Words. If you ain’t feelin’ it no worries. If any of you out there would like to play along, tag, you’re it and jump right in.

8 thoughts on “B&W Photo Challenge! Day 1”

  1. Hello Stefanie!
    Yay! I am so glad that you decided to take part in this challenge. I adore these cushions here. And I see that you are in the middle of a knitting project (a sock!?)


  2. Hee, I like this challenge. I did it a while back (but not on the blog), it was great fun. I like your picture too, lots of detail that the b&w brings out really well.


  3. -grin- This “Week Of B&W” is back around again!!!! ,-) It goes around on Instagram too.

    Sure, I’ll try!

    But I think I may “have” to put the B&W pics, with color ones. Or after a week, I might “exploded”!!!! ,-))) From “color withdrawal”…


  4. I love this photo! I love the individual elements, but what draws me in is the light focused on your work area. I can totally imagine you sitting there knitting and you just got up for a moment. 🙂


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