B&W Photo Challenge 2018

Sixth Week of Summer

B&W Photo Challenge!

Mahalo for the interest and support of my black and white pictures. I’m happy those of you who I’ve tagged in the B&W Photo Challenge! are picking up the gauntlet and participating in your own way. I’m not going to repost them in color here but here’s the list:

  1. Day One – The place on the couch where I usually park my booty and knit. Most of you know from my former blogs that my mum made those pillowcases for our Overstock.com couch. I believe the fabric is from Kauai.
  2. Day Two – Yep, spuds going into the oven. I buy them from Trader Joe’s since it’s only a small bag of organic ones and I don’t want to buy a ginormous bag from Costco since they can sprout, etc. I get tired of rice so I’d rather have potatoes. I poke them all over, drizzle EVOO on top, and season them with S&P. I put them in a 375° – 400° oven depending upon their size and let them bake for an hour. I usually put in cubed, organic butter and shredded, Mexican cheese when they’re done. There’s usually five made because organic ones can be small; guess who gets the extra?
  3. Day Three – Yes, I now make hard-boiled eggs in my instant pot. I thought I mastered the timing but this last batch came out with a grey ring around the yolks. The dozen before them were perfect. Dunno what happened.
  4. Day Four – That’s my Ramona cardigan. I dug it out after cleaning up around here and have been slowly working on it every night while the tween and I watched the first season of Sugar Rush.
  5. Day Five – I almost dropped out of this challenge by yesterday because I felt uninspired and my life seemed boring. However, I photographed my Aerosoft flip-flops and my Birks because they’re part of my every day life. I wear the Aerosoft in the house. I used to use Vionic slippers but I had corn chip toes even though the product description says there won’t be a smell. So after some research for some flip-flops that had good arch support, I ordered the Aerosoft pair which are comfortable. And you know I live in my Birks.
  6. Day Six – That was a picture of the teen’s dinner plate before she dug in. We eat a lot of chicken in this house and that super moist, chicken breast was from the organic, whole chicken I had made in the instant pot. I’ve been using the pressure cook button instead of the poultry preset one. I don’t really know the difference yet between the two as both of their times can be adjusted. I did ask questions on the instant pot website; I’ll see if they respond. However, I felt this time around, the chicken was more moist.
  7. Day Seven – My elliptical workhorse. I use this every day and have been trying out the second and third levels of resistance. I drip more sweat.

Future Plans

I’ve been catching up on your blogs and one of Kathy’s posts had a fun Q & A that I participated in. One of its questions was, “What one knit/crochet technique would you wish you could wake up and already know that’s new to you?” Her question inspired me to have a post for today as I originally felt I had nothing interesting to write about.

Some of you have already seen this on IG. This is going to be my February 2019. I had told myself after this past STITCHES West 2018 that I was going to skip a year because I had lots of yarn I needed to make a dent in, etc. But I get the emails from Knitting Universe and had noted on my calendar that July 24th was when early bird registration was going to happen. I actually forgot about it but received another email reminding subscribers how registration is now open. So I jumped on the computer and looked again at the classes I had bookmarked. I was going to just take one class but thought WTH, go for it:

  • Twice the Fun, Half the Work is about knitting socks TAAT (two-at-a-time). I’ve been wanting to learn this technique recently as I currently am feeling a bit of second sock syndrome with the teen’s pair. I had figured earlier I could probably learn it on my own through Youtube but thought why not at STITCHES?
  • Portuguese knitting with two colors is something I’ve been wanting to learn. Andrea went over it a bit in class two years ago but we focused more on getting the hang of Portuguese knitting down. All over IG everyone’s knitting away on colored yoke sweaters. I’ve put off stranded knitting because I didn’t know how to do it in the Portuguese way and worried about my wrists if I switched back to Continental and throwing.
  • Brioche knitting patterns are freakin’ hot right now. The fabric this style of knitting makes is so awesome. Google it and it’s like color magic. I wanted to meet Steven Berg also as I follow him on IG.

That’s all I’ve got ppl. Mahalo plenty for your cheerful visits and your genuine concern and well wishes. The tween’s boom boom is just about all healed. The teen has met team captains and a few other new girls like herself. Tryouts are starting the 6th I think so pls keep your fingers and toes crossed for her. I’ll accept prayers too. Now I’ll leave you with cuteness:

Jellybean drew this this morning for our neighbor’s daughter who is now nine. I’ve been making her draw her own cards for gifts for her birthday friends because I told her they would be so delighted and love what she drew.

This started after I made her draw 10 thank you cards which she had moaned about of course: “No one else does thank you cards.”

I told her, “Uh my kid does. The next time you want a birthday party with your friends, we’ll be putting no gifts because you’re too lazy to make thank you cards!”

Yeah, that shut her up. Mmm-hmm. TTYS. Aloha!

9 thoughts on “Sixth Week of Summer”

  1. aww. Im so happy my lil ol blog inspired your learning post. I love to hear what classes people took that they thought we really worthwhile. I took a class from Franklin Habit waaaay back when he was a new Chicago Blogger. His class was about knit photography and was WONDERFUl. Mostly he was extremely encouraging and pushed us to take as many photos as we can to get better at playing with light etc. oh AND THANK YOU Cards…you are raising them right my friend!!!


  2. Thank you notes! I love it. I wish more ppl made their children do it. Soglad to hear you do that. My one Daughter in Law makes her child write them too. Two thumbs up for you.

    I have enjoyed your B&W photos. There is something about B&W that really brings out emotions.

    Stitches west!!!!! It is on my bucket list. Some year I will make it there. It is the closest fiber fest to me.


  3. Goooood Mama! Insist they do things, which are nice to do! Gotta’ do some insisting, which is a pain-in-the-buttttt. But worth it. So much better training for kids. -happy sigh-

    Your kids have a wise Mama. Someday they will be very grateful, for all those….. “You do!” things. That they didn’t like then. But are so happy they got that training.

    Hugs to you, Wise Mama!!!


  4. your life is not boring to me at all. Your posts inspire me to be creative and I love when you talk about your family because it reminds me of my sahm days and I loved them (though I grumbled about the chaos).


  5. So, we’re going to get together and hit the marketplace? I haven’t registered for classes yet because I’m still debating on whether I want to take any…..I’m taking one at Vogue Knitting Live in SF in September. So, there’s that…and I know I don’t need yarn (I’ve not used an inch of what I bought last year yet)…


  6. Good Job Mom! I wish my kid had decent handwriting let alone could draw! But I’ll take even the shortest of handwritten notes of thanks or hellos to family and friends.

    Good luck on tryouts! It can be unnerving, but the experience in itself is such a moment to put in one’s pocket for future confidence.

    Don’t talk about food, I’m starving and it’s my turn to cook tonight!!


  7. Stef! How are you???????? I’m still catching up! Gah! But at least I’m back in the current month on my blog… And my Instagram is pretty up to date now. Wow, falling behind as a blogger is no joke!

    HOW ARE YOU? I missed some of your photos because (I can only go back 10 posts or something on my Feedly apparently. But anyways! Glad you did the challenge!

    I love your attitude with the thank-you cards! It’s awesome to teach the kids responsibility and just good manners. Hardly anyone does thank-you cards etc anymore. I always try to do thank-yous and even if they aren’t physical cards I’ll make sure to drop a digital line and then for my small one’s parties I’ll do a thank-you picture digitally since… that’s the only place I’m really creative like that!

    I hope all is going well. And that you’re loving Hero!!!!!!!! I hope!!!!!!!!!

    Catch up soon!


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