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The Sunday Post #11

I’m joinin’ in with Kimberly of Caffeinated Reviewer on Sundays to talk about anything new, to share what books have been read &/or have come in, and a heads up on what’s coming up next.

It's Monday! What Are You Reading

I’m also linking up with It’s Monday! What are you reading? hosted by Kathryn of The Book Date later on today. Kathryn took over this weekly, Monday meme from Shelia of Book Journey who had taken it over from J Kayne Book Blog. This meme is not just about adult books either. If you read picture and chapter books, juvenile fiction, or even YA, they count as well. Jen Vincent of Teach Mentor Texts and Kellee of Unleashing Readers give this Monday, book post link up a kid-focus.

The Dillio

Good morning. I’ve been slowly reading although I have this inner feeling that I should just read until I get books finished because I feel I have too many checked out right now. The Mom Hat has been snug on my head as this summer has been mainly about my daughters. We just got through school-related duties from shopping for supplies and for new clothes to waiting in line for two, Maze days to turn in emergency forms, join PTSA, buy school gear, and for the teen…get textbooks, her locker, and schedule. School starts Wednesday so the three of us have a bit of freedom left. I’m trying to get the oldest healthy as her team’s first away game is already on the second day of school. We’re letting the soon-to-be freshman rest in bed since I don’t want to get sick as I’ll be driving my kid and three other team members to the upper, inner east bay. *fingers crossed*

Book-related…I saw Crazy Rich Asians this past Friday with two of my neighbors. At Craft Night earlier this month, S. had asked me if I wanted to see it but I told her I had wanted to read the book first. Then our other neighbor, H., whose two kids my youngest carpools with texted me Thursday about the movie as she and S. were going to see it and wanted to know if I wanted to come too. It hit me that I had an opportunity to hang out with them and shouldn’t pass it up, so I accepted. It was a fun watch: there were hilarious moments, scenic eye candy, and hints of the amount of money spent like a drop in the bucket went along with the book’s title. Afterwards the three of us ate at a small, Chinese place nearby. We shared this:

It was an advertised item in the menu and a few tables around us had ordered it. Fried catfish ($39.99 because it was, “alive,” as our server had told us), mild spicy + bowls of rice on the side. It was pretty late already so we didn’t want to oink out.

“A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.”
― William StyronConversations with William Styron

Markswoman (Asiana #1) by Rati Mehrotra

Blades, fighting techniques, Inner Voice, and power words make up most of the world of the clans along with the respect of elders, apprenticeship, the hunger of power, and the thirst of revenge. There is also a background menace of guns from others. I usually root for the underdog and Kyra certainly is one. I like how her journey took her elsewhere and exposed her to things she’s only heard about. The climax was good, expected and unexpected. The ending was intriguing and leads to the next although a reader can probably predict the outcome. I may read the second installment. Three stars.

The Trouble with Magic (A Bewitching Mystery #1) by Madelyn Alt

I cannot remember what source had inspired me to look up this series, but the mention of witches in its summary made me search for it. You know I have a soft spot for them.

A new job and learning her boss, Felicity, is a witch makes life interesting for Maggie. When Felicity is accused of murder amateur sleuth is added to her resume as she meets and investigates the people in her boss’s life. While the story had the cozy elements of a woman doing a do-over on her career, nosy townsfolk, certain prejudices, all alongside magic, I gave this book two stars. I felt everything wasn’t smoothly integrated into one another. Maggie was all over the place and the element of magic was minuscule. I thought I may read the next book to give this series another chance but I’ve decided against it. Moving on…

Caught Dead Handed (Witch City Mystery #1) by Carol J. Perry

Yes, I read another witch cozy alongside the one above. And guess what? This book was much better.

Lee’s character was consistent. She was smart and methodical in her thinking and actions. The element of magic was present from the beginning to the end. I liked how the plot had a small group of suspects and they all were tied to the TV station. I did guess who the murderer was and somewhat why but I was still a bit surprised by the full story. This is a series I’ll definitely continue. Three stars.

On Deck

I’m still trying to finish up two, Kindle books. I haven’t had much time to read but with school on the horizon I’ll be parking again for pick up and have time then.

In the Dugout

  1. Skyborn (Seraphim #1) by David Dalglish – I’m not in the mood to continue this book right now so I’ll be returning the book and will get back to it another time. Have you done this before?

Okay, the dames and I need to get ready for the library. I thought I had renewed a book of the sixth grader but well, I got an email it’s $2.25 (25 cents a day) overdue. I can’t pay it online so we have to go in person. The teenager needs books to read anyways. GTG. TTYS. Happy reading!

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  1. Good that you decided to go out with friends and enjoy that movie. We must seize the moment! All your books are totally unfamiliar to me this time around. But witch cozies sound fun!


    1. “Good that you decided to go out with friends and enjoy that movie. We must seize the moment!” Yes! You are SO correct, Kathryn. I feel sometimes a bit isolated down here from friends as all of our friends are spread out in the Bay Area and I’m lucky to see them once a year. One of our group’s moms passed away recently so we saw one another at the service. We told each other to be able to catch up at such an event was not the way to do it so we got a date down to meet up in the north bay before the holidays. Therefore, having a chance to have girl time with women I like and trust was a wonderful opportunity to have recently and I’m glad I went. Try Caught Dead Handed first if you can.

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  2. I’m like you I like to read the book before the movie but then I’m sad that the movie isn’t as good as the book. I’m reading sing unburied sing and it is really good, but very sad.


  3. Markswoman looks like a good read. Hope you’re having a great weekend Stefanie!

    Fried catfish I can’t say I’ve had but the picture looks kind of delicious? I hope it was! I want to see Crazy Rich Asians, it looks like fun.


  4. I love that you had such a family-centric summer. 🙂 I am entering the fray of back to school madness this year, as Wyatt continues preschool. I couldn’t believe it when I got a list in the mail! Lol. Such a newb I am. I have his scissors and crayons bought – I need to get cracking!

    Crazy Rich Asians looks really good, both the book and the movie! I will have to read it. 🙂

    Have a great week, stay healthy!


    1. Thank you for the fellow mommy support. That is a first I’ve read of buying supplies for preschool but that’s wonderful the school has the support of you, parents. Does Wyatt get hot lunches also? My kids’ preschool had Chinese food 3x a week and other hot lunches. I was so spoiled that by kindergarten it was hard to have to pack lunches for my kids. Now they usually eat in the cafeteria if they like what’s on the menu. Otherwise they’ll bring something from home. My oldest also has the beanery as a choice where they sell chips and sandwiches. Yeah, I don’t know how much of the movie changed from the book but I really enjoyed the movie. The only times I saw the movies before reading the books were with the Jane Austens of P&P and Emma.


  5. I have caught catfish but never tried it It’s all good about the links. I just like to make sure I visit back. Next time I will know if there is no link we are golden. I have not read the book nor watchethe movie, but it sounds like it was fun, and hanging out with friends is a good thing!


  6. Reading the book before the movie doesn’t always turn out well for me. Ma y times I feel there are things left out thay helps the plot along. Not to mention when the endings get rewritten. I do it the other way around.

    Sounds like you have had quite a busy summer with your girls. Making memories with them is so important.


  7. “The Trouble with Magic (A Bewitching Mystery #1) by Madelyn Alt” Yes, I think I read this series! Certainly Madelyn Alt is familiar, and so is the little bit you said, about the plot. Those fun ‘witchy’ reads are _fun_.

    Ahh yes, getting ready for school time! Busy!!!! But you have fun, with everything! Wise Mama.

    It is time for “Witchy” Reads! Perhaps this will get my reading mojo back.


  8. Wow! Getting kids ready to start a new school year was exhausting even to read about. The Trouble with Magic does sound like a fun book. Come see my week here. Happy reading!


  9. I heard the BOok Crazy Rich was great . I will wait for the movie to get on NEtflix. UNLESS, it is at the theatre tomorrow. Im going to a charity event at the grand opening of a huge movie theatre tomorrow. It is for the local animal shelter!


  10. You have been away for a while but now you are back with a resounding bang! Your summer was incredibly busy! You are reading a wide assortment of books that all look great! I do want to see that movie and I too haven’t read the book yet…sigh! Enjoy the start of your new school year!


  11. I read the Madeline Alt series years ago and I think my opinion was pretty similar to yours. I was kind of meh about it. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t go buy the next one. I do like the Carol J Perry series and it’s one I feel like has gotten stronger over time. I really want to see Crazy Rich Asians and good for you for taking the opportunity to go with friends. I’m bad about passing on those kinds of things and then I usually regret it later. Hope everyone stays healthy! Have a great week!


  12. Sounded like a fun movie night with friends. Plus a delicious dinner to boot! I am planning on seeing the same movie with my mom and teenage niece. It’s the first time in decades that my mom is willing to go see a movie in an actual theater!


  13. Hello Stefanie!
    Sounds like a busy week for you. Glad to hear that you enjoyed Crazy Rich Asians. I’ve heard so much about the movie though I haven’t seen it (or read the book) yet! Would you recommend this movie?!


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