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A Catch Up + 14 Knit for Me

Good afternoon. A hello to new followers and a big thank you to all of you for sticking around during my sporadic posting.

This summer has been all about my daughters as you know. School has finally started this past Wednesday! Can I say about damn time? *.・。ヾ(◍ᄏᴗ))ノ゚+.Woo hoo!♡ Yay!+.  It was hard to wake up this first day. I can’t remember what time I woke up last year but 6:30 am was killer and raised zombies in this house. It was also about trying out a new route now that the teenager is an official freshman. Luckily, traffic was mild and because the firstborn starts school 15 minutes earlier than she did for 8th grade, I had more than enough time to get the baby to school.

The youngest was super excited to see her girlfriends again. Most were going early and I parked and walked her to campus because I wanted to see who her teacher was. And guess what? When Jellybean came home she told me her teacher had them sort into Hogwarts houses! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ Yaaasss, another Harry Potter fan!

Yesterday, I drove Coconut and two of her teammates to the upper east bay in the afternoon. They had a preseason match against another high school that is out of league. I was a little stressed out because I haven’t driven to this city before and I always get nervous when this happens. However I had Google Maps to guide me. I did take a wrong turn to and from and was embarrassed but the senior and junior in the back were cool about it.

My teenager was really nervous, almost to the point where she had tears in her eyes. But once she started playing in the doubles match, she was fine and did her best. I saw her make some terrific saves when she was in the back. Her and her partner didn’t win but this experience was good for my baby to get over her first game jitters.

I’m glad this was the farthest away game the team will have. Man, we didn’t get back until past 6 pm. I was wiped out. I’m thankful the husband is off today and took care of drop off. I went back to sleep and crashed for a few hours. I’m finally feeling human again after a few cups of herbal tea. It won’t be as crazy for two weeks as my daughter will just have practice after school; the season doesn’t officially start until the 18th where there’ll be two games a week. I can’t believe I’m a tennis mom! It’s so cool and I’m extremely proud of my daughter for making the JV team.

O-tay…let’s get onto knitting. So because of a busy summer, I’ve been only knitting on my Disneyland sock. The girls and I have watched a few Prime and Netflix movies:

  1. A minion marathon after coming back from Universal Studios.
  2. Two seasons of “Anne with an E”
  3. Both of the Princess Diaries movies

So by evening, I just needed something easy to knit as I was tired by then and just wanted to relax with the rhythm of needles and yarn working through my hands

My Sister’s Knitter Head, Neck and Feet KAL

Yarn: Little Skein in the Big Wool

Base: House Blend No. 1

Content: 80% merino, 10% nylon, 10% cashmere goat

I’ve finished the leg of my first sock. I’ve been knitting with US 1 (2.25 mm) DPN’s. When I had started on the leg in LA, I realized I didn’t pack my usual US 0’s (2 mm). I just continued on because I think with 0’s my gauge is 8.5-9 stitches per inch. The standard gauge for socks is 8 stitches.

The ribbing (cast on 60 stitches with a US 2, or 2.75 mm, DPN) is knit 3, purl two. I usually knit a k2, p2 but wanted something different this time. There are 20 rounds of ribbing there. When I was going to start the leg, I realized following the pattern for it would make the knits and purls off in place from one another.

Therefore, I decided to knit 10, purl 2 which is only a slight modification of the pattern’s leg. There are 50 rounds; I was going to continue further, but I felt instinctively that that amount was enough.

Because I needed some knitting while the team played yesterday, I felt trying to knit the heel flap, etc. would end up me cursing under my breath because I knew I would probably mess up. Do any of you follow Joanne’s knitting podcast, Stitching the High Notes? She will be co-hosting a Pumpkin MAL 2018, starting September 15th.

One of the rules is, “WIPS are allowed! The projects must be in their early stages (50% or less done).” I decided to cast on another sock because with my attention being all over the place, I know I wouldn’t even get one sock done by the 15th.

The 2.33 hours I sat in my portable, canvas chair by the courts, I got that much done – 12 rounds of 2×2 ribbing.

I cast on 64 stitches on a US 1 (2.25 mm) and switched to US 0 (2 mm). I figured since my gauge is smaller than the standard sock pattern with 0’s, four more stitches than my usual 60 will give me the same fit as my Disneyland sock.

This yarn is Sweet Georgia Yarns which is dyed in Canada. This is their Tough Love Sock base (80% merino, 20% nylon) in the colorway, Pumpkin. I had bought this at STITCHES West most likely seven years ago. I had picked this color because it reminded me of the nickname my uncle called me while growing up.

Okie doke, you are caught up. What are you up to this three-day weekend? Those of you across the pond, do you have Monday off? I think our crew is just chillaxin’. I don’t mind at all. I have two cards to make, one’s two weeks late and other will be tardy. I just didn’t have the energy to think creatively for that craft. Thanks for poppin’ in today. TTYS.

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    1. Thanks, the teenager was feeling run down before school started and the husband took some Theraflu last night. I’m trying to be healthy.


  1. Hooray for the start of school. Boo for having to get up early. I have never known a ‘tennis mom’ until now. Your socks are pretty. You must have tiny feet. I cast on 64 on a 1.5 (2.50mm) needle. I would need to go to a 72 cast on With a 0!


  2. Oh yes! A HS Mom now! A HS Sports Mom!!!
    Especially now, you will come to appreciate, why it is best to have children, when we are basically young. 🙂 So we still have enough energy, to take us through the HS Sports Mom phase!!!
    -big grin-
    Lots of hugs… It will be such fun!!!

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  3. WOw High schooler looks a lot like you!!!!!!! That love of tennis will be with her for her whole life. Zachnever made varsity . HE ADORES the sport. At 28 he plays every single chance he can.
    Our house: Zach moved to Chicago a week ago. IT is unreal to me that he is so close again!
    Allison started grad school while working for organ donation.
    Troy is going golfing for 2 days later this week.
    Cats are ok. SOmethings up with Fezziks back nails but he seem alrgiht. Ihave to save money for hearing aides, so Im not rushing him into the ER vet as I would have in the past!


  4. oh my your girls have grown over the summer!! So glad school started (I felt the same way!) however, I am an early morning gal so I would be fine with 6:30 easy peasy. Lovely knitting!!


  5. Guuuurrrrrl, don’t complain about getting back at 6pm from a tennis match. We routinely got back after 8pm for some of our further matches. It sucked. T’was the life….


  6. Thank goodness school is back in. I was ready to start punting mine around the apartment. I’m glad it’s getting off to such a good start for yours. You have a really good attitude about your daughter’s first match nerves. It’s hard for us parents to see our kids uncomfortable and it’s hard for the kids, but it is SO important they experience being uncomfortable and upset and disappointed so they can put that in their pocket of experience and move on and embrace the next thing or understand it better. Whatever you don’t get to do that if you don’t DO it. Some times in making things easier for our kids we make it harder in the long run.

    steps off soap box. I know, I’m preaching the choir over there.

    I am glad you are still sock knitting. It’s still giving you some joy right? I have holiday images of me knitting xmas socks w/HP marathon going on already and it’s not even Halloween, ha!

    Do you have a cheat for knitting larger sizes that your own foot? I always struggle knitting for someone who has a different size foot than me.


  7. Hooray for back to school! My guy went back today and was very excited to see all of his friends again. That is so cool that your daughter is on the JV tennis team. I played singles all through high school. Still remember how nervous I was at the start of each match but it will get easier once she gets a few more matches in. It’s a wonderful sport that she can continue to play throughout her life 🙂 Love how you are improvising your Disneyland sock.
    Still haven’t seen Crazy Rich Asians yet. I am waiting for my mom to get back from her Alaskan cruise. It’s pretty great how well it is doing in the box office.


  8. We are watching Anne with an E and I love it! I tried to read the book for the first time a few months ago, and couldn’t bear Anne’s flowery prose, but I love it in the show. I feel like I can revisit the book and really enjoy them now – probably a first that it has happened in that order! Lol.

    I am so glad you enjoyed your summer with your family! Here is to a great school year!


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