First JV Tournament

I will admit usually each year, I am very selfish about my birthday weekend. However, this year was different because the teenager had her very first, JV tournament! Of course I volunteered to drive her and a few teammates and stayed to watch.

We arrived around 7:40 am. Warm ups started at 8 am and then the tournament started. Most of the schools there were out-of-league, being out-of-town.

My kid played doubles and while they didn’t win any of their matches (they were playing high-caliber teams) she got experience under her belt. 0-6, 3-6, & 1-6.

I was such a proud, mama hen. I had mentioned before how my neighbor’s daughters in the past were on the team and so she’s been generous in sharing her tennis mom tips. I brought our portable and foldable canvas chair to sit in because the courts were laid out like parallel lines. Parents weren’t allowed to use the fenced hallway between the courts so I would have to go outside and sit on the sidewalk by the parking lot or by the street. I had my tote bag of snacks, sunscreen, and knitting with me.

It was a long day. I left with my child past 2 pm a bit after her last match in the fourth and final round. She was happy to have participated and to be done. We showered at home and then her dad took us out to Vietnamese food and the used bookstore where we all found some new reads.

Thank you again for your birthday cheer and your past drop in’s here. I hope you have a great Tuesday. I’m off to drum up a quick Costco list and then it’s time to go. TTYS.

10 thoughts on “First JV Tournament”

  1. As a (former) high school tennis player, that sunscreen is important! I had almost permanent tan lines for most of my 3 varsity years (they lasted through basketball season until the soccer ones took over in the spring). Snacks, too. And entertainment. Waiting around got boring sometimes.


  2. So proud of her.. that is great.
    I am curious, when did she play her first match? D had been taking classes for almost two years now.. he’s 8 and we have been wondering when he should try a hand at playing an actual match.. just for the experience.. I have been polling all my fellow friends who have tennis playing kids.


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