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Paper 8 Play

Hi everyone. How’re you today? How is your day going?

Mine’s going well. I power walked 3.22 miles this morning and have been reading blogs. I’m caught up on those that come up in my WP Reader. I’ve just started my Bloglovin’ feed.

On 9/11 I meant to say something before I got into the JV tournament but I totally forgot. I’m sorry; pls don’t think me insensitive. I knew the night before and the morning of it was the anniversary of 9/11 but when I read through my blog post before publishing, I had a mental list of things I had needed to accomplish that day.

Where were you when the Twin Towers were hit? I had just gotten into work where I taught fifth grade and I remember walking into the office to sign in. The old TV on the stand was turned on and I could see the Twin Towers smoking and hear the newscast running. I was in total disbelief. Most of us were there in the office, eyes glued to the screen. Our principal had us track down any students who may have come to school early to bring them to the office so their parents could be called to take them home. Our staff also headed off any parents driving by for drop off to let them know school was closed for the day.

I can’t believe it’s been 17 years. My heart still saddens when the anniversary comes up. I am grateful for all types of responders who have to put their life on the line to help others. I make sure to always thank them for their service when I see them about town.


Okay, so I’ve been busy with cards during my free time. I got stuck creatively but warmed up with each belated project.

I don’t have a photo of one as I totally forgot to snap a pic of it. I was two weeks late for this August baby, however, the recipient was happy snail mail was comin’ out to her anyways.

With that one taken care of, I was able to move onto September babies:

Meet El’s card-in-a-box. Click on it to see an enlarged version of each photo.


I used Stampin All Night’s tutorial that I had found on Pinterest. It was helpful because she has all of the measurements typed out on her photos.

Picture Mosaic

  • left column: frontal shot of the whole FO
  • right column, top: closer view of the distress ink blending (inspired by this pin) and the overstamping
  • right column, middle: close shot of the 3-D elements
  • right column, bottom: how I made the 3-D elements stand up via embossable, window plastic sheets – think transparencies


  1. I was inspired by the pin because of its color palette. I figured neutral colors on the box would set off the 3-D elements. The pin uses Distress Oxides, a new line since last year, while I used what I had, my Distress Inks.
  2. The balloons were made from cream cardstock that was stamped on with stamps and VersaMark ink + clear, embossing powder was poured onto the paper which was then heated up. I blended colors onto the cardstock and then I used my balloon punch.
  3. This card-in-a-box folds down flat into a rectangle for its envelope.

El should get her card in the mail today! I’m so excited for her to open up the envelope. Her birthday was on the third.

Meet Nic’s Bridge-Fold Card. Click on it to see an enlarged version of each photo.


Picture Mosaic

  • top, left: full, frontal view
  • top right: I was such a fan of the ink blending I had done for El’s card that I wanted to do the same for this one. I was inspired by this pin‘s color scheme because I knew I was going to use one of my vintage camera stamps.
  • bottom: up close shot of the embossed, film strip


  1. I wanted to make another fancy, folding card so I ended up choosing this bridge-fold design, using The Paper Pixie’s tutorial.
  2. This card folds flat for its envelope to either side.
  3. I wonder if my cousin will notice I used the film strip stamp again (embossed last time also) for a birthday card of his?

I sent it off Tuesday afternoon so he may get it as early as today but most likely tomorrow.

Thank you very much for your visits and all around cheer. I’m off to get back to reading blogs. Have a good Thursday. TTYS.

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  1. Stef. I find your card making amazing. They are so creative. They come to life. Im mad at my camera right now, so The camera is a reminder that it takes two. The camera andI have to work together. It is just not working with me. ANy movement of any kind it cannot handle. SO its a still life camera. YUCK. BUt fine for posts.
    I so enjoy your commments Lady ! I dont find you insensitive in the least. QUite the opposite.
    LOve you love your blog
    kathy b

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  2. I’m still a kid when 9/11 happened but it sadden me everytime I hear about it. It’s just devastating. 😦

    As for the cards. OMG.. I love them so much. wish I’m good as you at things like this. they’re so amazing…

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  3. 9/11 I was ironing a shirt, for my husband. He had a financial station on. One of our sons called, and said….. “Look at television… A tower has been hit…!”

    We switched stations and actually saw the 2nd plane hit the 2nd tower.

    From then on, for much time, I searched for all I could listen to and read, concerning the ‘why’ of this. I became a walking encyclopedia on the topic.

    This year, I did not post about it. I remember. But I did not post. -sigh-



  4. I was in my classroom with my second graders when one of my kid’s mom’s came in…told me what happened and just wanted to stay with me and the kids. Then slowly after that parents just kept picking up their students…it was so sad…

    The card is lovely and unique!

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  5. Your cards are amazing, friend! What a wonderful gift. Those will cherished!

    9/11 always catches me by surprise, and then it becomes a somber day. I’m glad we are reminded of it on the news… online… friend’s blogs. ;^) On my own I would not naturally keep track, but I’m very thankful for the reminders to remember…

    As a homeschooling mom I was home with my then young children (ages 6 – 12). My husband (at work) heard about it and called me and told me what had happened. I turned on the TV and what I remember most is feeling incredibly stunned. I thought it was a terrible, horrible accident. And then seeing the second plane flying into the second tower, then hearing about another flying into the pentagon, and another crashed in a field in Pennsylvania, it was clear that it was all deliberate and I wondered when it would end. IF it would end… I think, for the first time in my life, I felt vulnerable on my own turf, for no other reason than that I am an American. I felt fear. Not debilitating fear, but confusing fear. None of it made sense to me at the time. So much more could be said, but these are my first and most memorable feelings from that day. In the days and weeks following, the sadness over the loss of life replaced fear. And respect for those who perished and risked their lives trying to help and save others’ lives still fills me with awe.

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  6. Your cards are gorgeous! You are so talented!

    On 9/11 I was just walking into work when my boss greeted me and my coworker (we carpooled) at the door with the news. My brother called me on the phone to tell me almost at the same time. I remember my boss and I just standing arm in arm watching it unfold on the news in her office, horrified and in tears. I was working retail at the time and that day was obviously a very slow day, somber. Quiet. We live near an airport and the skies were quiet as well, and it was so strange to not hear and see them going by overhead. Eerie. What a tragedy. I still can’t think about that day without crying for all the loss.

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  7. Your card making is wonderful, both are beautiful! I like that Bridge-Fold Card, that camera is neat.

    I know, 9/11 feels like it was just yesterday. I mean to post a pic of the Freedom Tower that I took recently on my blog but I’ve been so busy lately it’s hard posting during the weekday sometimes. There’s a beautiful memorial there where the towers stood and the new tower really reminds you of the tragedy but also of perseverance and of hope.

    Have a great week 🙂

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  8. Hello Stefanie! Great work on these cards, they are beautiful 🙂 That’s amazing that you’ve made these. I may be doing some paper crafts (origami!) in the near future 🙂 and I am in the process of drawing some thank you cards now!


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