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The Sunday Post #13

I’m joinin’ in with Kimberly of Caffeinated Reviewer on Sundays to talk about anything new, to share what books have been read &/or have come in, and a heads up on what’s coming up next.

It's Monday! What Are You Reading

I’m also linking up with It’s Monday! What are you reading? hosted by Kathryn of The Book Date later on today. Kathryn took over this weekly, Monday meme from Shelia of Book Journey who had taken it over from J Kayne Book Blog. This meme is not just about adult books either. If you read picture and chapter books, juvenile fiction, or even YA, they count as well. Jen Vincent of Teach Mentor Texts and Kellee of Unleashing Readers give this Monday, book post link up a kid-focus.

The Dillio

Aloha. Last Monday I meant to blog but I had found out some sad news and needed time to process it. Then the week was a busy one of Safety Patrol, working out, getting groceries for dinner, chores, carpools, matches, swimming, dinner prep, practice pick up, and a Costco run.

Anywho, what’d you do this weekend? Yesterday the four of us headed up to the city so I could celebrate my recent birthday with the ohana. I asked my mama if we could have a taco fest. Of course she and my dad spoiled us much more than that; nom post this week.

Today, I slept in. Then I started working on thank you cards for the ohana who supported the teenager and her tennis team. I’m bit stuck on the design on top of the background so I’ve put it aside to let it marinate. My husband put together my two, new Target carts and so I filled one up with sewing notions and the other with card making supplies. Afterwards, I heated up leftovers for dinner.

Well, there’s nothing better than putting your feet up on a Sunday afternoon and grabbing a good book.

~ Chris Klein

Are you on IG? I am amazed at how many book advertisements are on there. I check out at least one book a day to see what the book’s about. Sometimes, there is a free download. This book, Dead Wrong, was one of them. As you can guess, it’s a cozy mystery of siblings, an old family feud, harassment from others, and some eye candy.

I really liked how the sisters worked together to prove one of their own’s innocence. I found their occupations interesting. I tried to look for the “quiet one,” the one whodunit, but was surprised at who was the actual killer who didn’t fit that category.

What was slightly underwhelming for me was the book did seem a bit abrupt in the murderer’s reveal. Also, when seeing the cover of this cozy for the first time. it hints that possible these sisters were witches or there was going to be some magic in it. However, perhaps, there was a slight hint at what would come in future installments?

I would definitely read the next book. The ending wasn’t 100% tidy which left the door open to more books. Three stars.

Have you read Sara C. Roethle before? I keep seeing another of her series, The Tree of Ages, advertised on IG and really want to read it; however, this one was a free download so I read it first.

Liliana is an automaton who is introduced to the outside world of London by Arhyen, a thief, when he sets out to steal her father’s jounal. When the object gets stolen, the pair is thrown into danger for reasons unknown. With the help of one of the Watch, they investigate what’s really going on and why.

Clockwork Alchemist is categorized as a sci-fi, steampunk book. I liked how it was accurately labeled and stuck to the genres the whole time. There is science technology with bits of alchemy in the Victorian period. The plot kept moving and moving. There was always something going on. I found the female lead curious as she was not human but acted close to one. I liked the variety of villains and how something elusive was mysterious, revealed a bit, but also still enigmatic, leading right out the door to further, future tales. Three stars.

I read The Black Witch back in February and gave it five stars. Wand Fasted is the prequel (#0.5) to the series. There was a sale on this novella since the second installment (it’s out now) was coming out soon so I bought the Kindle versions of this read and TBW.

Wand Fasted is about how Elloren’s parents met and came together. Once I started this book, I was buckled in and taken off for a ride. I really liked this prequel. It explains how the races lived with and treated one another before book one and how society changed and came to be for TBW.

I was going to read the novella (#1.5)  but decided I had to do it right and reread The Black Witch instead. I’m being patient and will buy #1.5 and then the latest published, second installment when the time comes. Four stars.

Alrighty, it’s getting late. Tomorrow it’s back to the grind which feels like a hamster wheel at times. Mahalo for all of the smiling birthday wishes and cheers on the latest cards I had made. I hope to check in more often this week. *fingers crossed* Until then, TTYS and aloha.

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  1. Ooh a taco fest sounds amazing! Yum. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Clockwork Alchemist looks fun too- I’m getting more and more interested in steampunk, seems like.


  2. I did read WandFasted and loved it every by as much as The Black Witch…Iron Flower is out now and I need to get to it! Have a great less hamster wheel week but the older your kids get…the more involved and hectic you life becomes…right?


    1. I listen to 101.3 and they had some kind of question for listeners to answer and one dad had said 0-18 was when raising children was tiring, LOL. So true. Did you read the 1.5 novella in-between The Black Witch and Iron Flower? I’m sure it’ll be good like Wand Fasted.


  3. _These_ years are very busy!!! ,-))) As you know.

    I was getting reading suggestions, from some “Book IG’s.” But had bad luck. -sigh- What those particular IG’s were suggesting, were pushing a particular political theme. -sigh-

    I want a fun read. Not reads, with an “agenda”…. Oh pooooh…… ,-)

    Hope you can view The Full Harvest Moon, tonight!



  4. Stef, SO glad you were taco cared of. Yum. Sorry for your upsetting news. You are in the MEat and potatoes of family life right now. It can be exhausting. Try to relish it. 🙂


  5. I need a taco fest! That sounds amazing! I’m sorry that you got some sad news this week and I hope you’re feeling okay. Sounds like you were kept running! I’m looking forward to seeing what design you go with for their cards. I’m always amazed with what you come up with. Have a great week!


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