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Nom and a Bit of Organization

Hi there. How’s it goin’? As promised, here is a look-see at the wonderful, tasty meal our ohana had at my parents’. Thank you again Mommy (°◡°♡).:。and Daddy.

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  1. 6-layer dip
  2. grilled tri-tip & shrimp taco bar
  3. mac ‘n cheese
  4. Southwestern chicken salad (made by my SIL)
  5. my grandfather’s tripe recipe
  6. Sheng Kee cake my dad picked out for me

To the right is the cup I saw at Disneyland on our last day. I texted my brother a picture of it along with a set of matching, loose leaf tea as a hint of what to get me for my upcoming birthday, *hee-hee*, since he was going to Disneyland after us.

I’ve also been doing a bit of organization:

Since I have no craft room yet and the teenager has a few more years before she goes off to college, I thought maybe ordering some carts would work to tidy up my sewing machine and notions since they’re always outside by the fireplace. I wanted to have all of my card-making gear in one place so I wouldn’t have to lug bins in and out of my room closet, making it easier on my bum shoulder and elbow. I ordered both of these carts from Target online.

I eyed many on Prime, especially those with those colorful, plastic drawers. However, I didn’t trust the drawers that many customers complained about either arriving broken in its packaging or breaking easily eventually. Right now I’m trying to clean out and organize my side of the closet. I’m a bit stuck because I have large bins that only fit on one side, the side that my stamp cart would go into. I have these vertical slats that were nailed in to hold up a short part of the clothes railing on one side and then the rest on the other. So I think I have to buy smaller bins for my fabric scraps and for my sock yarn so I can stack them up in the skinny areas. Hopefully I can fit my hanging clothes in these areas also.

In addition, I’ve started bullet journaling. Two Sundays ago I drove up to the city to attend a workshop of Arlo Studio. My friend, Char, is a life coaching mentor at USF to its college students. She thought adults need it too and so for about a year has been hosting meetings in different places. They’re free up to the end of the year.

My main reason for wanting to start a bujo was to kickstart my crafting again, especially my sewing. I’m not there yet but I’m getting a better overview of my week while prioritizing tasks. I’m also more organized with meal planning.

I’ve been using Pinterest for ideas on how to add a little bit of artistic touch to my pages. Why reinvent the wheel, right?

Okay, I must run. I have to pick up four, teenaged tennis players and take them to their match a few towns up. My daughter has been playing JV 2 singles! In relation to organization, I got her using the app, Quizlet, that Amber (amdezo on Ravelry) used when she had gone back to school. Quizlet allows you to make digital flash cards and it even comes up with tests to test you to help you study. My kid’s made French and health flash cards all weekend. I’m proud of her and am glad she is more on track with tackling the adjustment of being on a sports team and with school. GTG, TTYS. Bye!

17 thoughts on “Nom and a Bit of Organization”

  1. Organization is fun… I’m such a nerd sometimes. Lol. But I do love getting my space all sorted and practical for how I use it.
    And now I’m really hungry after this post! 😄


  2. Those carts look almost exactly like the one I got from Ikea. The most noticeable difference that I can see is the lack of handles/rails on mine. Yours may also be slightly larger than mine. But mine kind of works for me so I’m going with it 🙂


  3. looks like a very yummy meal. Those carts look perfect, being away in drawers means you can’t see it, in carts like these you can see what you have, and hopefully where! Good luck with the journalling, I like the idea but don’t have the patience!


    1. Thank you, Kathryn. Originally, I was going to take the dressers of my kids and put them in my closet so I could stuff the drawers with yarn, stamps, etc. but well, waiting on the husband to buy and put in closet systems for the girls. He’s super busy at work so I try not to bug him about it. Yeah, I wasn’t going to get into bujo because I’m anal about my penmanship and filling up a blank page but it’s not too bad for me with Pinterest to copy.


  4. Those carts are such a good idea! What a great way to get organized. I love that cup! We’re going to Disney World next weekend and I had already decided to buy myself a new mug since I got such joy out of the Chip and Dale mug I bought last year. I think that may be the one I’m looking for! Enjoy picking up the tennis players!


    1. I wish they were a little bit bigger but oh well. I hope to get a bookcase since the husband hogged up our old one in his office. I need one for my knitting, sewing, and childhood books.

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  5. The food at your family get togethers always blows me away…everything looks so yummy! Also love the crazy mug that your brother gifted you.
    I hope that you share more of your organization tactics. Lots of great ideas you have going on. I bought a rolling cart from Ikea to organize my journaling supplies but my husband stole it to use in the garage, so I might order another one from target now.
    I am obsessed with bujo. Love seeing some of your spreads. It’s a great simple way to keep on track with everything. It’s also the first system that I have kept up with. I started mine after missing several appointments and just generally feeling overwhelmed with my lack of organization. Everything is still a work in progress but at least my bujo lets me see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel (and hopefully a de-cluttered home too!)


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