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15 Knit for Me

Good afternoon. It’s 4:43 pm here on the west coast. I just put in seasoned, organic potatoes that will bake for an hour. My daughter’s team had two, away matches this week and guess what?! She won in both of her singles games! When she won Tuesday evening, I was that mama hen struttin’, breast out in pride.

Today was a quieter day, thank you. I read The Black Witch on the elliptical, stopped by Whole Foods to pick up carrots and daikon for pickling for tomorrow’s bahn mi’s (the husband had bought some one weekend they were mostly crisped up bread and very little meat and garnishes), and then worked on my closet to switch out bins for my fabric and sock yarn. I told the husband I need a bookcase of my own for my childhood, knitting, and sewing books since he has most of his stuff in our old bookcase in his office. How was your Friday?

So I have some overdue progress to show you. I haven’t been able to knit as much lately, but there are differences in these WIP’s from my last, KFM post.

So here is Disneyland 2018, sock 1 – part of My Sister’s Knitter Head, Neck and Feet KAL.

Right now I am mostly through its foot. The instep continues the slightly modified, stitch pattern. For the heel, I wanted to knit up an Eye of Partridge instead of the usual slipped stitch one.

The next step is to measure the length of the foot fabric. The general rule is to stop two inches before the total length of your foot. After that, I would move onto the toe. Mostly likely I will knit a rounded toe as I feel that style fits my feet best.

Did you know there will a Mary Poppins Returns coming out mid-December? I don’t know if I’d watch it in the theaters but I will watch it one day. The original of course is one of my favorite, Disney movies. It’ll be interesting to see how this one measures up to the first.

Here’s Hermione, Hogwarts, & Halloween – part of Stitching the High Notes’s Pumpkin MAL.

To refresh your memory, I’m using Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder. This pattern has been knitted over 24K times! Out of this number, 152 of these have been knitted in Tough Love Sock by Sweet Georgia Yarns, the brand and base I’m using. None are in the same colorway as mine.

You can see I’m into the leg. I kind of want to make sure I’m knitting the four-round pattern correctly. I’ve been picking this WIP up on and off and usually don’t use my stitch counter when I’m at a tennis match. I think visually, the fabric looks okay and seems consistent.

Before I go as this is a “for me” post…


I got some yarn mail yesterday! I subscribe to Must Stash Yarn’s website. She is the one who dyed the yarn for my Yer a wizard, Harry socks. Her last e-letter was about her latest dye-to-order colorway, Hogwarts. This yarn self-stripes into each Hogwarts house! I saw it and was like, okay, I got to have it.

Oh, the timer has gone off. Off to serve steamed, baby back ribs that were made Wednesday with oven-roasted spuds and broccoli. Have a good evening. TTYS. Bye.

17 thoughts on “15 Knit for Me”

  1. Mmmmmm…. Seasoned organic potatoes, baked!!!! Be still my heart!!!! 🙂

    Congratulations on the wins. So, so, so wonderful, for her and for you!!!! And such fun.

    Yes!!! A bookcase of your own!!! Yes!!!! I so agree. Does he build them? Or do you just need to find a space, where you can buy and install one? -chuckle- Sometimes finding the _space_ is the biggest part of a project!

    Have a lovely weekend!



  2. Congrats to your daughter on her recent wins! I hope that it continues to be a fun season for her and you!
    Love seeing the progress that you made on your socks. Hermione’s Everyday Socks is one of my favorite patterns…I think that I made three pairs so far. It looks lovely in orange. Cute stitch marker too!


    1. Thank you and yes…baked spuds are the best. We use so much organic butter when we have potatoes and I like how it’s a nice change from eating rice all the time.


  3. Congratulations to your daughter! The Tornado has been talking tennis lessons since the end of May and is loving it but I’m not ready for actual matches! I’m not sure I can take it! I love that rusty orange color of that sock. So gorgeous for fall! Have a great week!


  4. wow, the socks are coming along beautifully, love the yarn. I saw the Mary Poppins Returns film is coming, I don’t know if I’d watch it, I love the original.
    Congrats to your daughter! Enjoy your week and your knitting 🙂


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