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Made For 12

Have you ever been volunteered by another person to help out in a project? This mother has courtesy of her teenager.

Senior Sashes

Our sports teams at the high school have a tradition of Senior Night. Wednesday was the last, official match of the season. The freshmen, sophomores, and juniors met twice on a Saturday to work on secret projects for the seniors so the three, graduating seniors could be celebrated in a few ways on the 24th. One of their ideas was to make pageant-like sashes.



  1. Joann – Where I initially bought the 2 and 3/8 wide, black ribbon during a 20% off final purchase sale


  1. Of course with teenagers, I find out the full details last-minute: Found out I was expected to also put Senior ’10 on each one with fabric paint. Now this seems easy to do, however, of course I ran into trouble.

Monday, 10/22

  1. Michael’s – Find letter stencils and orange, fabric paint
  2. Letter stencils are too tall!

Tuesday, 10/23

  1. Ran back to Joann and got 2″ letter stencils
  2. Black ribbon absorbs the paint which hardly shows up + it came out all uneven!
  3. Back to Michael’s to buy two packs of orange, iron on letters and a spool of black ribbon
  4. Forgot when making the yard long sashes, I needed two yards for each and the spool only had four yards; thank goodness I had some extra on the original spool although it was wider – oh well!
  5. Forgot about numbers so had to improvise what else to put on besides spelling out the word, senior.

The sashes were presented to the girls Wednesday morning. The fencing around the courts were decorated with streamers and balloons. Before the match started, speeches were given and the seniors were crowned with flower crowns (made by one of the other mamas I heard). After the match, there was a potluck in the Coach’s classroom.

I told my daughter, next year they better meet earlier and more to thoroughly plan out everything as there will be five+ seniors graduating in 2020. I also told her to not volunteer Mommy as it’s too stressful for me.

A Requested Hat

This next project has had its bumps as well. I keep in touch with two Ulloa moms whose daughters are the same age as my teenager. We get together and meet for a meal; tomorrow the three of us will be having prime rib in San Mateo and maybe watch A Star Is Born too.

I first bought Camden Cap by Woolly Wormhead. Woolly Wormhead is a reputable hat designer so I knew I could trust her instructions. N wanted a hat with a brim and she wanted the fabric breathable. I thought of cotton. However, ugh, cotton. Oh boy did I hate knitting with the worsted weight fiber. I knitted up the brim with a US 5 (3.75 mm) and moved on to blocking it out, but I could tell it was too big. If I were to redo it, I would have to use a US 3 (3.25 mm) which is generally used for yarn two weights down from what I was using.

So I texted N and asked her if it was possible if I could knit a lightweight wool hat for her mom instead. Luckily, she was agreeable to it and I found this pattern:

This is a free pattern from the Red Heart North America website; it’s designed by Linda Cyr and is called Newsy Cabled Cap. I liked how DK weight yarn was used for the hat as I have that in my stash and I also liked how the brim didn’t need plastic inserted in it.

Yesterday I spent time swatching with three different needles. I found a US 7 (4.5 mm) worked and it should block out to the pattern’s gauge. The only thing with this pattern is it’s supposed to be 5 stitches per inch and I have to CO 120 stitches. That’s a 24″ circumference (120 divided by 5) when the pattern says it’s supposed to be a 22″ hat. So I’m going to cast on 108 stitches instead to make hat fit smaller. Cross your fingers for me.

I’m off to finish my baby carrots with pine nuts hummus and spicy dip. My agenda for the rest of the day is to sew a zipper pouch for El, whom I’m also seeing tomorrow at dinner; she requested one in the wine fabric I had used for hers and N’s. Thanks for dropping by today. Enjoy the rest of your Friday. TGIF! TTYS.

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  1. I hope you really impressed….. No more volunteering Mama!!! Certainly not without asking first! Mama has enough stress in her life, as is. Just look at all the driving and going to meets and etc., you do already.

    Enjoy your night out. You deserve it!!!! -grin-

    Thank you for being so very, very faithful, with commenting on my blog! You are the only one, who does so.

    I’m on the net daily, as I’m retired, and it’s easy for me to comment on each new post. Others are not retired, and even if they are, they aren’t looking at blogs daily. I want to tell you, how very much I notice, and how very appreciative I am. Especially when you are in such a busy time of your life. Hugggggggsssssss


  2. That’s going to be an awesome cap!!!! I have a few wooly wormhead patterns, all great. I would not be able to help with the sashes. Id just feed those that could sew! Way to put out there that next year you are OUT!


    1. I’m a lot happier knitting with this soft wool. BTW, do you want the cotton? It’s Catania Grande by Schachenmayr in a grey, worsted weight and I have three skeins of it (about 204 yards). If so, I can’t mail it out until early November. I need to get through Halloween week with so much going on.


  3. You’ve had such a stressful time! 😦 I’ve been volunteered by my daughter too, when she was little and played ballet, to take part in the preparation and modification of the costumes. It was a small ballet company and it was understandable, mothers had to participate.


  4. You are a rockstar mom in my book! I get volunteered for easy things like bringing paper plates/cups/soda because of my unfortunate history of messing up anything more complicated. Good luck with the hat…it’s such a cute pattern!


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