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Made For 13

Good evening. What’s for dinner? The girls and I finished off our baked spuds with pan-fried linguica and oven-roasted veggies. I also rolled up some small breakfast burritos for the husband to grab for work.

I’ve been on a zipper pouch roll this month. Besides being an October baby herself, the teenager has three girlfriends who are also. In a past, Sunday book post you saw the Harry Potter-themed one.

Two weekends ago I finished this floral one:

For E, I learned she likes the color blue and flowers.

Fabric Deets

  • Ordered from Spoonflower
  • shopcabin, owned by Judy Quintero – who designed the print
  • fabric size ordered = fat quarter

I have a little goof up in this FO although it looks fine to anyone. See the second picture on the right? I had intended that piece to be the front. However, the other piece on the left became the front side. I figured out how to fix that.

This past Saturday I made these two:

My friend, El, whom I had dinner with along with N had asked for a zipper pouch in the Robert Kaufman fabric I had used for hers and N’s. When I had texted her Saturday to ask which color zipper she wanted me to use, she snuck in a request for a smaller one! I texted her, “You lucky I have time girl for the smaller. I don’t like last minute requests. Only for you.” She sent me three, kissing emoji’s.

The bigger one is about 11″ wide x 7.5″ tall with a 4″ boxed bottom. The smaller one is about 8″ wide x 5″ tall with a 2″ boxed bottom.

At dinner (prime rib), El texted her a friend a pic of the big one as it’s going to her. She’s keeping the smaller one for herself and used it as a clutch when we saw A Star is Born (a really good movie)ย afterwards.

So I have the third, October baby’s zipper pouch in the works. Her birthday was on Sunday. I’m running a bit late. Today was a busy day of catch up and tomorrow is the MVAL tournament where our four, singles varsity players along with the three doubles teams will play + the top four, JV players will be playing as two sets of doubles. My freshman, who is ranked as JV 2, will play doubles with the JV 1. Cross your fingers for them! They’ve only had a few practices of playing together. This tournament is an extra event as the season is officially over.

Time to go as it’s getting late. Thank you for all of your pop-in’s of late. TTYS.

16 thoughts on “Made For 13”

  1. Loving those pouches . Do you make your own patterns? I have a pattern and have triedto enlarge it but no success.

    You are being kept quite nusy with the tennis. Enjoy! They grow up way too quickly.


  2. I love the bags, Stefanie! All the fabrics you’ve chosen for these are terrific. Hope the MVAL tournament goes well and that your freshman has a fantastic time!


  3. Oh the pouches are wonderful . I find i have so many uses for them. Makeup bags. Yarn notion bags, where stitchmarkers sit quietly with cable needles . Good job Stef! Glad daughter is still enjoying tennis. As you know i think it is a lifelong skill .


      1. Yes, I am a perfectionist. But when I had made the first round of the Harry Potter Marauder’s Map, I totally screwed up, ironing the interfacing to the lining instead of the outer fabric. When I finished the pouch, the pouch didn’t move right as the lining was too stiff and thick for the corners. So that was trashed although I salvaged the red zipper for the second try. Then one of the wine pouches I cut out the corner squares from the wrong side! Because the fabric is directional, I had to dump that too. Thank goodness I had more fabric.


      2. I used to sew a lot and errors like that are inevitable…it just happens…itโ€™s so frustrating to have to rip out and start again but…you sometimes need to.


  4. The zippered pouches are awesome! You choose the best fabrics too. I have a growing collection of fabrics for when I finally get motivated to learn how to sew.


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