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4 Once Upon a Sock

Well, hello there. Have you ever scheduled appointments quickly and then realize you didn’t space them out well, thus, having a crazy day?

I had moved appointments to November because the teenager had either practice or matches. Today she had to make up her flu shot that was missed due to fever that one weekend and then she had an ortho appointment. I almost forgot I have to pick her up now after school and that her sister has an ortho x-ray after school today. I had texted my neighbor three times changing the drop off and pick up plans.

So, the tennis season is now officially over. Thank you all for your support for my freshman. Yesterday two of our doubles teams and our varsity single (out of three, varsity singles + three, varsity doubles & two, JV doubles) made it to day two of the tournament. No one won and with two of the girls being seniors, it was bittersweet. The Coach and I gave each other a big hug. It felt a little weird to come to the season’s end yesterday afternoon. I felt there was good bonding during the past two months and I grew to care for these high schoolers like they were my own. I hope they continue to have team bonding get-togethers throughout the year.

Okay, let’s move onto Once Upon a Sock. Remember that meme? Now that my Thursdays are tennis match free, I can join back in.

Paula is the one who created and started this monthly event. Anyone is welcome to join in at any time whenever you can. You can link up here this week with your sock post. You can also read the posts of participants there.

Disneyland 2018 got some attention. I started the second sock. The ribbing was knitted via Continental so I think this cuff will be looser than the first sock. I started the leg Tuesday at the tournament up until my kid played. I had to refresh my memory on the numbers because I had knitted a 3×2 ribbing which alters the number of knit stitches of the stitch pattern. It was easy to figure out thankfully and I didn’t have to throw a fit in public.

Yesterday I worked on this WIP because I wanted to get up to the heel. I have at least six inches here for the leg. I’m debating on whether or not to knit up to seven. I held it against my left foot and it seems the top of the cuff would reach right underneath my calf. That may be good enough for me. I’m not one who cares about whether or not I use up the whole skein of sock yarn.

The pattern uses the Eye of Partridge heel. I used this style for the first, Disneyland sock (here). But I think I was thinking of trying the Fish Lips Kiss heel; I did buy the pattern some time ago. Because it’s totally new to me I’d have to sort through the many pages and concentrate on what I’m doing which means knitting at home.

So what do you think?

It’s 2:13 pm. I need to tackle my bullet journal and figure out dinner for tonight. Plus my daughter gets out of school soon. Thanks for popping by today. TTYS.

15 thoughts on “4 Once Upon a Sock”

  1. Tee hee…I voted Eye of Partridge only because you did the first sock in that heel, plus it’s my favorite. Although who sees your heels unless you have your shoes off, eh? I have missed having you on the OUAS posts 🙂 Welcome back! Did you get your sock blockers on Etsy? I have the blue acrylic ones, but am thinking of asking Santa for some wood ones.

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    1. Thanks, Paula. I bought them back in like 2011 at STITCHES West. I want some sock blockers that have the cut outs all over. Someone on IG featured one Etsy shop. Let me look it up…

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  2. Whew, I got dizzy just reading about all of your appointments! Hope that it all worked out.
    You know that my vote had to go to the FLK heels. Although the eye of partridge pattern is so pretty. If you are thinking of trying the FLK heels, you might consider knitting the back of the leg in plain stockinette for an inch before starting the heel so that it does not bag up….this is recommended in the pattern.

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  3. Hello and welcome back! 🙂

    I like both heel styles but I would suggest trying the FLK when you try toe up again as she has a sensible template that you can use to measure whether you’re at the right place for the heel without having to check on the actual foot, which is very handy for other people’s socks.

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  4. Remember when the tennis season began? Then poooooof….. It’s over. Yet another prompt, to keep enjoying every minute, of your daughters’ school years. 🙂

    I know, you DON’T need this prompt. But perhaps, someone else, who looks at your comments, does….. -smile-

    Hooray for being able to re-schedule a fun thing, for you!!!!!



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