Chit Chat

Chit Chat

Good afternoon. What’s for lunch today? I’m starting off with three, Hershey’s kisses right now as the pan of Canola heats up to fry tofu. I was at Target yesterday and it had a 3 for $9 deal on the candy. I try to keep this candy jar filled in honor my Auntie J; it was one of the last things she had given us before we lost her (eight years ago).

I thought I had a sewing FO to show off today but when I checked the memory card, alas, there weren’t pictures of it on there. I guess I had forgotten to snap one and it was gifted yesterday. But I did ask the mama of the teenager to take one when she had the time.

So I thought I’d just check in with some chit-chat. I haven’t really been knitting and ladies and gentlemen, I have a confession to make:

I totally bombed on my NAKNISWEMO sweater which means the yarn wasn’t even wound up. I just had no time as other tasks and projects took priority.

I feel bad about not blogging lately. I mean to but forget to. I need work on a BuJo page for my blog. Speaking of BuJo, I treated myself to some pens just for it:

  • We have a shared pouch of ultra fine Sharpies in this house, pens my girls were always rough on. I decided I wanted my own set.
  • I have a small set of Paper Mate Flairs and love the tips and colors. I got this pack of 24 at a good price on Prime.
  • These Paper Mate Gel Pens were recommended by a fellow bullet journaler who had attended the same workshop as I did. I’ve used a few to make out a list and boy does the ink roll out easily.

I think what I need next is some fine tip markers. I dislike wasting ink to color in shapes.

A couple of days before Thanksgiving, the husband went to Walmart and picked us up a new, artificial tree; it’s 7.5′ and was only $99.99.


Last week the girls hung the ornaments and put out the Christmas decor. I love the organic feel of our decorations as many are handmade (from L to R):

  • Ceramic Oornaments from a craft set one of my mom’s former co-workers gave the girls in 2010
  • Cross stitch ones my Oahu aunty had stitched up and that were converted into ornaments by my mom
  • Ornaments made from a felt and sequin kit my mom had made years ago
  • Christmas fabric trees and a gnome from Carla in last year’s Mini Advent Swap
  • The tree & wreath were made by my mom long ago
  • Two, new mice additions courtesy of my Oahu aunt and uncle, an early Christmas present

Speaking of the upcoming, winter holiday, I never go to the mall after Thanksgiving and usually start my Christmas shopping once December starts. However, Sunday night curiosity got the better of me and so I went online. I never paid any attention before but man, there are good deals. I took care of nine, Christmas gifts in one sitting and boy did that feel good because I don’t have to go to those stores and lug around bags myself – free S/H took care of that. I still have some gifts to get but most are already decided upon and easy to get.

Before I leave to pick up the kids…

Just wanted to show off the sixth grader’s current project.

She’s in advanced math and the class had to pick a candy wrapper and find the coordinates of each detail. My kid chose a snack-sized, Kit Kat wrapper. After finding the coordinates, she had triple each one to blow up the wrapper on graph paper. Here are most of what she had done by the time I had taken the picture last night (she’s done).

Isn’t it amazing? I was so amazed at what math could do with drawing.

Okay; I must run. Thank you all for your wonderful visits of past. Enjoy the rest of your Hump Day. TTYS.

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  1. What a fun post, Stefanie! What a fun project for a math assignment!!! And I love your handmade Christmas ornaments. How sweet that your mother turned your aunty’s cross stitch into one. And those mice are adorable. 🙂 Have fun with those pens. I would enjoy seeing whatever you share of your bullet journal. I’ve tried it (minimally), but I end up fading out. I just don’t have the discipline. Love your candy jar!


  2. Good to see you again! I know what you mean about meaning to blog and then realizing you haven’t. Most of this year has been like that for me. I was also severely behind in reading blogs…like since the beginning of October. So I made the executive decision to just start over from the last few days. It’s much more manageable.

    I purchased some erasable markers for my grateful journal and really love them. They are called Frixion Colors and it comes with 12 colors. I can’t remember who’s blog I saw them on but I’m really enjoying them 🙂 I would love to see your daughters completed drawing. Is it on IG? I haven’t been on there in a few days either 😦

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    1. Hi Paula. Yeah, I did that once…I was really behind on blogs and just read the most recent month’s posts. I also don’t comment on every post, usually just the ones that cause comments to pop up in my head.
      Oh those pens are really good. A Canadian blogger sent me two, blue ones and they work so well. I may want a pack. The perfectionist in me hates it when I mess up on the BuJo page and I can’t erase it at all.
      J’s drawing is not on IG, just the same picture. She’s finishing it up with little things. I’ll try to take a pic of it today this afternoon if she’s done; it’s due tomorrow.


  3. Lunch for me was pasta with a mushroom butter sauce. 😉
    Your homemade decorations are divine and add such a wonderful vibe. I’ve got to get more crafty! Never been particularly fond of Math but any project that brings in candy would have gotten my attention! Lol.

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    1. LOL. I told my kid I would have flunked such a project. Pasta sounds yummy and ooh…mushrooms and butta! Can’t go wrong w/that combination. I love earthy mushrooms. I had pan-fried skinny porkchops in butta after dipping them in seasoned flour. My husband couldn’t stop talking about the first night’s porkchop he had; he said he even dreamed about them, LOL!

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  4. You blog, when you can.

    Good for checking off, Christmas gifts.

    What an amazing 6th Grade project. It totally boggles my mind, of course. But it is amazing. 🙂

    🌲 🌲 🌲


    1. Thanks, Kathy. I’m not consistent on keeping it full in honor of her, mostly because I end up eating a lot of that candy. But Christmas time really makes me think of her because she used to host at her house every Christmas Eve.


  5. Nice ornaments for the tree. BuJo decorating is my biggest downfall. I did so well until fall hit and then it just got written in without any art work. BORING! Maybe next year the sweater will happen for you. I wish the November challenges could be moved to a different month. It is one of the busiest month for most people. March would work since there is only St Patrick’s day then and sometimes Easter. LOL.


  6. I love the little mice ornaments!! They are so cute. Oh the markers…I could buy markers every day and never run out of my love for them lol…i have so many too! And thank you for reminding me to get some Kisses!!! We go through those quickly during the holidays! I made more Rice Krispie squares this morning and some chocolate pudding…oooh sugar rush imminent… 🙂


  7. what a crazy school assignment, but boy is she good! I do more shopping than ever on line. However, I do like to browse and see what catches my eye. That does not happen online. Hurray for the decorating!


  8. Love that you keep the candy dish full in memory of your aunt…it’s the little traditions that are so special & important. Hope that you have loads of fun with your new markers & pens! A blogging ideas page is a great idea that I might have to borrow. Handmade ornaments are so special and I loved seeing some of yours. I try to make some each year to add to our collection.


  9. The scale project makes my head hurt just thinking about it! Looks like she did a fantastic job! I love the candy dish. My grandmother always used to keep a jar filled with the Hersheys mini bars and I always loved taking a couple. I hadn’t thought about that in years! Love the ornaments and your new bujo supplies. I don’t like to share so I always try and have my own markers and stuff. You can’t trust those kids!


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