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5 Once Upon a Sock

Good afternoon. What’s for lunch today?

The husband and I had some eggplant Parmigiana from Costco that I had spotted in an aisle; it’s pretty good. I can get real lazy for lunch and I’m trying to eat more vegetables during that meal.

I’m a day late to Once Upon a Sock. Paula (Spin a Yarn) is the one who created and started this monthly event. Anyone is welcome to join in at any time whenever you can. Link ups are over here this week for your sock post; there you can also read the posts of participants.

Like I said, I’m tardy this month. Since Thanksgiving I’ve been Mama Bear, protective and worried about her littlest bear cub. My daughter has been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that affects her somewhere physically but is thankfully not visible to the eye right now unless you look for it. For the record, my Boo Boo is taking it in stride; her tween self is more worried about missing school during appointments and getting schoolwork done. I, of course, am worried about her because she’s at an age where it can be rough physically and emotionally. So all this week I’ve been on the phone with different doctor offices, jumping through hoops back and forth, and trying to find a better specialist for her. Yesterday I finally got an appointment for her this coming Monday at a sub-location that is a little over 20 miles from where we live. My stress level is finally better today. I’d appreciate it if you keep her in your thoughts.

I haven’t knitted on my sock WIP’s for quite some time I’m afraid. I can’t really remember when I had last worked on this one.

I’ve finished the leg of this second sock. The heel flap will be next.

Thank you to those of you who voted on my other sock WIP. Final results say 5-3, Fish Lips Kiss heel being the winner.

I have to honest here and tell you I am bored of my sock projects. Upon reflection, sock knitting for me has been more process knitting. I don’t wear my socks. In the past (PAST in capital letters) I’ve maybe worn them at home, but not out in the wild.

I usually wear RTW socks. I’ve wanted to knit shortie or no-show socks this year but thought I’d knit sock patterns that I’ve always admired. I plan to switch but what should I do about these current sock WIP’s?

Okay; off to prep Christmas card envelopes and to make some tea. Have a good Friday; TGIF! TTYS.

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  1. Oh Dear One, I am so sorry, that this has happened…. Hugs to you and to your whole family.

    But it has to be best, that it was found, and that it can be dealt with, however the specialist will see fit.

    Many, many, many hugs, my Dear. You are such a very good Mama. I am so sorry. But with the wonderful medical help we have in this country, I’m sure it will be well handled.

    Hugs, hugs, hugs………

    I so wish, I could fly over, and give you a real ‘Nana’ hug! I do!!!! You are a sweetheart. And my heart hurts for you….


  2. I will definitely keep your daughter in my thoughts and send peace, love and light her way for answers from her new specialist. Girl, if you aren’t happy knitting those socks, then you shouldn’t be knitting them. Knitting time is way too precious to spend it doing something you don’t enjoy or will get no use out of…think of the cost of it just sitting in your drawer or closet.

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  3. Thinking of you and your girl Stef! I hope that the specialist is able to help. Hugs to you! I voted to frog the socks and knit on something fun especially at this busy time of year. Your time is too precious.


  4. Will definitely keep her in my prayers too. I’m glad you got a doc you want. The right attention and attention to the parents too makes so much difference. All the best to all of you.


  5. One of Little Man’s classmates was diagnosed with a stupid-rare AI Disorder last year. I’m sure she (mom) would be willing to talk with you about all the hoops and BS you’re going to wind up dealing with.

    In that same vein, I’m also an ear on that crap because of Little Man’s metabolic disorder, which is mostly a non-issue except when it isn’t 🙂

    Also, I should not be commenting on any knitting endeavors right now because I have nineteen (19!) WIPs right now…..


  6. Hello Stefanie 🙂
    Hope that your little daughter will be all right. Sounds like there is a lot on your plate at the moment but kudos to you for powering through it (and still having the energy to do some crafting! Wow!) Sounds like you are working on some Christmas cards as well? Are they also DIYs? 🙂

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  7. Stefanie, I’m sorry about your little Boo Boo’s diagnosis. She is in my thoughts, as are you, always. I can imagine how stressful life is…it’s nice to hear she’s taking it in stride. I think sometimes the younger the person is, the more they accept what’s going on with them because life hasn’t “schooled” them yet so to speak. Take care of yourself as you take care of your family…don’t forget, they need you healthy!!! xx


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