2018 Mini Advent Swap, FO Ornament, Mini Swap

2018 Mini Advent Swap, day two

Good afternoon. How’s your weekend been? Ours has been low-key: sleeping in and wrapping family gifts; Jellybean and I wrapped nine, Christmas gifts and two, birthday ones Saturday. Earlier this late morning she and I went to Michael’s to use its big coupon since she had to pick up a gift for Secret Santa that her and her friends are doing and a Christmas gift for one of the neighbor’s kids.

It’s the second, advent Sunday for those of us participating in Knit Equals Joy’s 2018 Mini Advent Swap. This was the theme: Dec 9 – A handmade ornament (Knitted, sewn, etc)

I had trouble with this one because the pattern I was using didn’t yield the results I had wanted or expected. I spent time on Ravelry browsing patterns and then looked on Pinterest. I was going to make some pom-pom gnomes but then I decided to make these mini mittens for Missy.

Pattern: Mini Mittens Ornament by Keya Kuhn

Yarn: Nomadic Yarns Twisty Sock in Harry

You will probably recognize this yarn from my Yer a Wizard, Harry. I used this yarn because it isn’t Christmas without Harry Potter.

I received this sweet gift from Paula:

I was very touched by the angel component. This is something I have never seen nor heard about before. I’m assuming she knitted the sock as I see the split for the heel and realize why she gave me a mini package of Eucalan.

Before I go, I just want to say thank you all for your supporting thoughts. Reading your comments uplifted my day. And thank you also for taking the time to vote too on Friday’s sock post. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. TTYS.

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  1. That mitten pattern just got loaded into my library. They wimm be made for next yeats ornaments for our grand kids. What a sweet gift you received. I think we all could use a knitting angel at times. It is especially touching with all you are going through right now with your daughter. Have a great week.

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  2. The mittens are so cute! I’m the same, I am a perfectionist when it comes to my crochet. to the point where I will drive myself a little crazy if it seems the least bit off. I do think the mittens are super cute. And sweet gift swap too. Enjoy your week! Got to love going to Michael’s 🙂


  3. It’s been so fun catching up on your advent swap posts! Maybe next year I will get my act together and participate. Absolutely love those adorable tiny mittens that you made. Will have to add them to my ornament list for next Christmas. And how beautiful is the colorwork stocking that you receive PDF from Paula! Wonder what pattern she used?


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