2018 Mini Advent Swap

2018 Mini Advent Swap, day three

Good afternoon. What are you up to this Sunday? For me, more knitting on the teacher’s handwarmers. I’ve been making steady progress on her gift; I’m up to the thumb holes.

It’s the third Sunday of Knit Equals Joy 2018 Mini Advent Swap. I’m using Missy’s photo here from the group’s thread. I was going to use Forbidden Fiber Co’s picture from its website but I have totally forgotten what colorway I got her.

I picked out this skein for these reasons:

  1. The stellina. Missy hasn’t knitted (I had checked her project page) any fingering weight with stellina (the sparkly stuff).
  2. This skein reminded me of a forest and she is an outdoors woman.

Choosing a skein of yarn for her was hard because she had mentioned in her questionnaire she didn’t like muddy colors. I was worried she would think it’s muddy but this skein called out to me to get it for her. And, it was a hit: “Ooh, look at this lovely yarn I received from Stef Kepanie! It has stelina in it…. can you believe I’ve never knit with sparkly yarn?! The color reminds me of the forests around here. I love it Stef, thank you!”

And look at what I

♡。:.゚٩(๑>◊<๑)۶:.。+.゚♡ got!

I had stated in the first, sign up thread that I preferred mini skeins because I wanted to start a Cozy Memories blanket this winter break (something I had wanted to start last year but never did obviously). Aren’t these amazing?! Wasn’t this generous of Paula? I was blown away when I ripped open her gift.

Okay, off to knit I go. Thank you all for sharing what book you are immersed in right now and what snacks you most want this month. Reading your comments make me smile. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. I may or may not have a book post tomorrow as I’m about three-fifths the way through one fantasy and debating upon whether to DNF another. TTYS.

7 thoughts on “2018 Mini Advent Swap, day three”

  1. The yarn you gave is lovely. The yarn you received is gorgeous. If a book doesnt speak to ke by yhe first third if the book it gets tossed out of my reading pile.


  2. Oh, Stef… the yarn you gave Missy is gorgeous! And those minis you received are all just beautiful! What wonderful, generous gifts, both of you!


  3. The yarn you’ve chosen for a present is amazing, the color is so rich and those sparkles – beautiful! And you’ve received such a generous present, can’t wait to see you start your blanket.


  4. That yarn gift is very generous and such lovely colours! I haven’t done too much today. Although my cookie obsession got me in the kitchen, made some chocolate-chocolate chip cookies and cherry Christmas sugar cookies!!! We’ll probably spend the rest of the day lounging, eating and watching movies!!! 🙂


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