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Made For 15

Good evening. Tomorrow is the last day of school and then winter break here we come! Thankfully the kids have early dismissals Friday because this week has been torture. I’ve been stuck with Safety Patrol but only showed up Monday and Wednesday + I’ll go tomorrow since I had PT today and Tuesday.


Remember the hand warmers I was working on? I finished knitting just about everything and each of the thumb holes needed ribbing. However, upon pondering about them Tuesday night, I instinctively felt they may be a tad small for Jellybean’s teacher. You know my perfectionist self cannot give a half-assed gift, so I’ve decided to frog the project. Plan B? A Starbucks gift card along with a handmade holiday card – the tween is drawing and coloring as I type here.

I wasn’t overly disappointed because Wednesday I changed crafts and had fun sewing this zipper pouch up.


You have seen this Marauder’s Map fabric before here. For my daughter’s sixth grade teacher I used a different fabric for the lining, one I so love! I should have bought more of it because I don’t see it around Joann anymore. I’ll have to look on Etsy.


I love the size of this zipper pouch; it’s about 7″ tall and 9″ wide. I didn’t want it to come out too square as I was focused on centering the directional print. I really want one now, almost to the point where I want to keep this one, but of course I won’t be doing that because I can make another for myself. I know the Harry Potter fan will love it and appreciate it.


No major mistakes on this project as I remembered to iron the interfacing to the outer fabric, but I did have two small ones:

  1. I had to redo attaching the handmade tag because the first time I sewed it in it was totally crooked and some of the words got cut off.
  2. One of the outer, boxed corners didn’t have seams that lined up. After my first fix I ended up realizing that I had to sew less of a seam allowance because I had pinked the corner after the first time. So I ripped out the seam a second time and did it right. When I checked, the seams were lined up baby!

Thank you all for your recent visits; I had fun reading your reactions to the yarny, advent gifts. I am of course behind on your blogs but this weekend, my speed-reading skills will enable me to catch up quickly; be ready for an onslaught of comments. Enjoy your evening and TTYS.

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  1. The Marauders Map fabric is AMAZING! I love the bag and it’s definitely perfect for teacher or anyone gifts. And Starbucks gift cards are never the wrong thing. Yesterday was our first day of break and it was fantastic. We slept late and stayed in pajamas most of the day. It was heaven!


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