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2018 Mini Advent Swap, day four

Good afternoon. What are you up to today? I am starting my day very late after a GNO last night. Workout, pedicure, wrapping the last of the presents, and baking are on the agenda today for me. Oh, and pick up the tween’s library book.

Today is the last, Sunday advent of Knit Equals Joy’s 2018 Mini Advent Swap. The theme:

Dec 23 – A bag (this could be a reusable tote, a project bag, etc.)

I opened up my gift from Paula and my eyeballs widened in amazement! I love the drawstring bag of festive, classic Santas and inside is an evergreen plaid; you know green is one of my favorite colors. And look at this customized tote bag! Kepanie is Stefanie in Hawaiian. I used to use another spelling that was for “ph” but then I spotted this new version for my name that has an “f” in it.

Here is the bag I had made for Missy. I saw the sparkly material with the cute Santas on it and had to get some for her. Inside as indicated by the handle, is red and white striped fabric. I had a lot of fun putting this zipper pouch together.

I am still catching up on blogs. I finished reading all those I follow on Bloglovin’. Today I will try to get to WordPress ones depending upon time. Off to start my to-do list. Enjoy your Sunday and TTYS.

6 thoughts on “2018 Mini Advent Swap, day four”

  1. IT has been fun to watch your swap progress; Your bag for Missy is great. I love what she sent you as well. My kids are here and even tho Allison had to put her cat down yesterday she’s trying and shes here. ANd we can be here for her. I now have to go play with zachs kitten who is to stay up in zach’s room for the week. He’s ADORABLE.

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  2. Love all the bags! I didn’t know that Kepanie was Hawaiian for Stefanie. I thought that was your last name! How sweet of Paula to have a bag personalized for you. Merry Christmas, Stef!


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