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A Sum Up & New Challenges

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Summin It Up

Okie doke, let’s look at 2018. This is according to Goodreads:

I didn’t meet my goal of 100 books, only reading 78; I’m fine with it. I say the reason why is because JV Tennis, sewing, and cardmaking were also competitors for my time.

Genres of What I Read

  • Children’s Fiction: 1
  • Cozy Mystery: 10
  • Fantasy (more adult oriented): 8
  • Fantasy YA: 25
  • Fiction: 1
  • Historical Fiction: 4
  • Historical Mystery: 1
  • Historical Romance: 3
  • Memoir: 1
  • Middle Grade: 4
  • Modern Day Romance: 6
  • Mystery: 7
  • Nonfiction: 2
  • Science Fiction, dystopia: 2
  • Steampunk: 1
  • YA: 2

Editions of the Books Read:

  • Audiobook: 12
  • Hardcover: 13
  • Kindle: 44
  • Paperback: 9

2018 Audiobook Challenge

I cannot remember which level I had chosen for 2018. I know it was something more ambitious than 2017. I know I didn’t reach my goal at all with only 12 audiobooks listened to.

New Reading Challenges

There are tons of reading challeges out there; it’s amazing how creative blogging readers are.

Goodreads Reading Challenge

While I was able to read 78 books in 2018, this year I pared it down more to keep it real. And look, I already have two books logged in.

Audiobook Challenge 2019


Caffeinated Reviewer and Hot Listens are hosting this one, challenging us participants to either “The goal is to find a new love for audios or to outdo yourself by listening to more audios in 2019 than you did in 2018.”

I’m going to be conservative this year and pick the category of Newbie (I’ll give it a try) 1-5. I feel I had listened to audiobooks more so in the beginning of last year and that dwindled off because I chose books that required me to focus more and ones that I couldn’t multitask to.

Library Love Challenge

I discovered this challenge through a post of Kathryn’s. Angela is hosting it and I really liked the sound of it because basically just about all of the books I read are from my local library. I can’t fail at this right? I’m going to pick the top challenge level – Library Card on Fire: 60+ books. Two books are already logged in so I think I’m off to a good, reading start this 2019.

Care to join me in any of these challenges? Let’s do it! If so, which one(s)?

13 thoughts on “A Sum Up & New Challenges”

  1. If I join anything it would be the library one. I would really like to try to listen to more audio books, too, or at least one! You did really well for as busy as you are!


    1. Oh wait a minute, the lightbulb went on. I think you probably meant the stats. I had to learn COUNTIF for Excel because I couldn’t figure out how to make the Pivot Table work. I also had to alphabetize the genres the old-fashioned way, messing up of course the first time.


  2. I have yet to do an audio book. I read daily but only for about an hour at bedtime. Well, that is, until I am near the end if the book. Then I am walking around with it all day trying to finish it. My daughter is in a challenge too. I feel if I did a reading challenge it might make it less fun and more of a chore. I do enjoy seeing what you have read. It is how I get my ‘to be read’ lists.


  3. I always think numbers don’t matter but enjoyment does! All the best with these challenges. The library one certainly has me using my library far more and buying less which I think is a good thing!

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  4. I’m not officially doing challenges this year other than the Goodreads Challenge. I’m unofficially doing the Modern Mrs. Darcy and an Agatha Christie one I found but am trying to not to get caught up in it like I have a tendency to do. I missed my Goodreads challenge last year and it bothers me more than I’d like to admit but this year will be different! Good luck with all your goals and I’m looking forward to seeing what you read.


  5. You did great with the reading, 78 is awesome. I love Goodreads and it’s a great way to keep track on reading. The Library Love Challenge sounds like a nice idea.
    Have fun and happy reading!


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