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Paper 10 Play

Good afternoon. Has your January got you up and running like mine? The first Saturday we celebrated the birthdays of my niece and two nephews. I’m back to carpooling every day. Last Friday there was Craft Night at my neighbor’s. Sunday the girls and I cleaned out our closets for a Tuesday, charity pick up. Tuesday I got treated to a bento box by my friend/realtor. And oh boy are there are several birthdays this month, one already mentioned.


Besides give our Netflix a warm up and a work out, the creative bug bit me hard. I jumped right into bullet journaling again which helped get my artistic juices going. (More about that tomorrow.) With this urge to get out my Distress Inks and play, I was dissatisfied with how my supplies were laid out in my stamp cart. My small boxes of ink would fall over and I’d have to keep shoving binder and paper out of the way. So, I decided I needed to reorganize it all.

This need to organize started off with the idea to use the cute tin that held peppermint bark (a gift from one of the teenager’s old friends who gets a ride home from me 3x/week). From there I started thinking I should get some square or rectangular, plastic baskets or trays to group items.

I threw out what I didn’t want. I also recycled packaging which took up more space than necessary.

During this process, I opened up my Excel spreadsheet of card making supplies. I pretty much had most supplies listed except for new ones – Distress Oxide inks and what stamps I had. The stamps tab was previously empty of any data as I had put that particular work off. I even created new tabs of worksheets to give each group of items their own page. Are ya proud of me, Renee? It was her idea long ago ppl for me to do this.

Working on my inventory led me to dig out the container of stamps I never use – well, some I want to keep forever no matter what – and go through it all. I ended up putting aside stamps and ink for my neighbor’s daughter (found out she liked to stamp when at Craft Night she pulled out a big box and started making cards). I’m glad they all went to a good home.

I love how my cart looks in each tier and where everything is now. I can find items faster and have been good about putting them away where they’re supposed to be. I had one, little dilemna afterwards – where to put the paper since I’ll probably add to my collection of ink, stamps, and stencils in the future. My mum gave me the idea of putting the paper in the buffet since there’s room. Problem solved! Thank you Mama.


Okay, are you ready to see what I’ve made so far this month?

I. Uncle J

I wanted to make something masculine and at the same time play with my Distress Oxides.

The Process

The Ink Piece
  • I stamped/rubbed three colors separately onto Saran Wrap: Broken China, Peeled Paint, & Vintage Photo.
  • They got spritzed with water so the inks would bead up.
  • I laid down the cardstock onto the wet colors, and then dabbed here and there to cover up the blank areas.
  • The whole piece was then dried.
The Sentiment
  • I wanted a big one to go with the inked piece.
  • I chose the Stampin Up Party with Cake set and picked out the largest stamp.
  • The sentiment was stamped in Ground Expresso from the Tim Holtz Distress Permanent Mixed Media Ink Palette.
The Texture
  • I felt there needed to be textured pieces on top and under the sentiment so I dug out my Cartographer pad to find neutral prints.
  • Two, small rectangles in different sizes were cut out.
  • Each was scored vertically every 1/8 of an inch.
The Embellishments
  • I grabbed Darice black and white twine and wrapped it three times.
  • The ends were threaded through a brown-checkered, DAISO print button and tied into a bow.
The Main Card & Printed Layer
  • I looked through all of my plain cardstock colors. I decided cream would work best with what I had so far.
  • However, I felt the inked piece seemed plain on top of it.
  • So I looked through the Cartographer pad again and found that print; it’s colors go with everything so I had it just peek out to give enough visual interest but to not take away from everything above it.

My card was received on time. My uncle emailed me to thank you and was impressed with his card. He thinks that maybe I should do a craft fair.

II. The Twins

The Process

I have found I favor a few elements when making a card:

  1. A “crumbling” brick wall
  2. A distressed background
  3. A flower
  4. An insect/bug
The Brick Wall
  • Scored the rectangle every 1/4″ horizontally
  • Every 1/2″ vertically in the first row
  • In-between those spaces the next row
  • Alternated each row
  • Blended Fired Brick all over, heavier on edges
  • Ripped the wall diagonally + reinked that torn edge
The Background
  • Inspired by a winter color scheme from Pinterest
  • Used Distress Inks: Tumbled Glass, Stormy Sky, & Weathered Wood
  • Spritzed the ink & dried
  • Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous Woodgrain stenciled over the background in Distress Ink Gathering Twigs
  • Stampendous Fran Seiford Rubber Stamp, Marble Cube –  all three layers stamped separately in Distress Ink Forest Moss
3-D Elements
  1. Hero Arts Hydrangea rubber stamp colored two separate times with Recollections brush markers for stamps – (flower) Mid Pink & Lavender + (leaves) Pine & Kelly Green
  2. Moth stamp is from Stamper’s Anonymous Tim Holtz Butterflight, stamped in Staz On black, and lightly colored in two shades of brown (Scholar Prisma Color pencils)
  3. Each element was mounted with foam tape.
  • Sentiment from Stampendous Birthday Wish set
  • Stamped in Staz On black onto cream cardstock

Okay, I think I was thorough in explaining all the things for these cards. The Twins loved their cards, each thanking me via texts for “the beautiful card.”

Alrighty then, off to prep dinner so I can then catch up on blogs. My blog reading has been on and off because each daughter of mine have been fighting over the use of this laptop. The husband had set up strict controls on their laptops and so he had to fix them last night so they could access their Google Classroom docs and whatnot.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday. Thank you very much for your visits this week. TTYS.

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  1. You have been busy with organization of crafting area. Feels good, doesn’t it? Now everything is at tour fingertips. The cards are fantastic, as usual. Worthy of feaming!


  2. The cards are so beautiful Stefanie! Great crafting! January started off blah for me…I get that way every winter. Cabin fever is setting in, too much snow and not enough sun! But then again, there is cheese lol! 🙂



    I have a love/hate relationship with spreadsheets. I need to update mine for the books and loose patterns and such….and then there are the project bags. I realllllly need to do that. I have so many project bags. Lindsey (of Erin Lane Bags) and Laura (of Slipped Stitch Studios) have both separately told me that I don’t have enough if I still have yarn that isn’t in a project bag……but most of my bags are waiting in storage until I get a project going 🙂


  4. Knowing where it is and what I have is a big deal to me, too, when it comes to my craft supplies and tools. I love the spreadsheet idea. I do it with my books and it never occurred to me to track my craft inventory that way.

    Looking good, Stefanie! Those are fab cards you made.

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    1. Thank you. That’s a good idea, to keep track of books. I have some fabric bins of knitting books I need to organize and patterns to rip out from mags.


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