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17 Knit for Me

Good afternoon. I wanted to post something happy today as I’ve been dealing with a sinus headache. It has been preparing for rain around here so the muggy weather has been making me (I take Zyrtec just about every day) and the husband sneeze constantly and I also had trouble sleeping last night.

A Cozy Memories Blanket is a project I’ve been wanting to start for ages. Some time ago I cleaned out my closet, going through my yarn and pulling out what I wanted to give away + putting all of my sock remnants into one bin. This enabled me to cast on at Christmas:

From right to left:

  1. Schachenmayr Regia, Design Line by Arne & Carlos 4-fädig in Summer Night
  2. Zealand, Cozi in Kale
  3. Black Trillium Fibre Studio, Pebble Sock in OOAK
  4. Cascade Yarns, Heritage in Cerulean
  5. Manos del Uruguay, Alegria in Tannat
  6. Knit Picks, Stroll in Dove Heather
  7. Zwerger Garn, Opal Der Kleine Prinz/The Little Prince in 7760

As you can see I kind of went with a pattern of variegated yarn and then a solid yarn that picks up a color from the right. My blanket won’t continue this way though as I have way more variegated yarns than solids. That’s okay.

During winter break I tried to knit up one a day but don’t let these small squares fool ya. While each starts out with 46 stitches, I do knit back and forth and every right side row I decrease by two. I calculated the number of knitted stitches from start to finish and guess what? One square consists of 1,059 stitches!

Before I go I want to wave to new followers and say thank you for finding my little blog worthy of your time. And a thank you to those of you who have been around. I am going to start responding to all comments, with the exception of a few of you with whom I email with, here on blog at WP; this makes it easier for me to get back to you asap.

I’m off to call the husband so the teenager can tell him some good news and to remind him of the feline promise. TTYS. Bye.

24 thoughts on “17 Knit for Me”

    1. *wink, wink* about the feline promise. Yeah, one of the things I love about these knitted squares is that I will have a memory of each one. Most are sock yarn I have knitted socks or a shawl with. The others are from trades with other knitters. I am keeping a table of what’s what. I should add the memory column.


    1. Thank you, Kathy. This feline promise will be a WIP. Is Fezzik a Maine Coon? My sinuses are betta thank you. I took two Aleve earlier today after I had gotten some food into my belly.


    1. That promise will be a WIP for sure as I think it’ll be somewhat hard to find the little ones around here. I’m keeping a chart of the sock yarn I use for my blanket. I need to add a memory column.


    1. Hiya,
      Thank you for the well wishes. I have seen many a granny blanket on IG; they are fun to look at and to see how the variegated sock yarn changes. I may start with one of those when I’ve completed my Cozy Memories.


  1. That’s going to be a fun blanket to work on, Stef! I think responding via your blog’s comment section is the way to go. I often go back to a blog I comment on to see if the blogger left a comment (and always do if I ask a question). I also sometimes enjoy reading the comments others leave and the blogger’s answers – especially if questions are asked. Glad your sinuses are feeling better! I’ve been sneezing a lot over the last month. I think I’m allergic to winter.


    1. Hi Becki. You are very thorough to go back and check. I don’t; I just like to type up whatever’s on my mind after reading a post and then move on.
      Thank you for your support ^__^ and your sunshine whenever you drop by. Oh and I tried to email you vial the addy you had put in but it got sent back which is why I’m responding back here.


  2. Love the start of your blanket. My grandmother knitted squares she put together and now her great, great grandchildren have some of them. Love your pattern of the block. Simple but elegant.

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    1. Those are awesome momentos the family has in their possession. Supposedly my paternal grandmother knitted socks for my great aunt/her SIL back in the day but I have yet to see them. I think my great aunt may have passed down a pair before she had passed but I can’t remember.
      There is a hot, new blanket pattern out now that many knitters are doing. It consists of columns of v-shaped, blocks of variegated sock yarn. My mum liked the squares pattern more because it reminded her of patchwork and since it was the design I had first wanted to knit, I chose that pattern.


  3. Would there be any other reason, for your headache and etc.? Other than just the muggy weather? Do you use A/C, in this weather, to dry the air and remove “things” from the air you breath?

    Just wondering, why this headache is lingering……. Hope it clears soon, and husband’s issues clear too.

    ✨ ❄ ✨ ❈ ✨


    1. A bit late for that although I’ve seen some lovely looking ones of knitters who have used a neutral to do that. I want my blanket to be organic and so oh well.


  4. Can’t wait to hear more ‘bout this mysterious feline promise! Hope that your Cozy Memories blanket is giving you lots of fun knitting time. It’s looking great so far. Let me know if you want more mini’s, especially of the solid color variety because I have lots of stroll in my stash. Would be happy to send some your way 🙂 Have you tried adding a nasal spray like Flonase to the Zyrtec?


  5. I’m looking for a kitten myself…and I take Zyrtec every day, along with a prescription nasal spray…I am allergic to dust mites, so always have allergies….I can’t decide if I want to do one of those blankets or not…


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