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Annyeong haseyo. How’re you today? We are braving on and off showers here that are giving us a good soaking.

*Waving* hi to new followers! Thank you for finding my little blog worthy of your reading time. And of course kamsa hamnida to those of you who have been around. I appreciate your visits and am keeping my promise to respond back to your comments here on WP or email.

Today’s post is about my BuJo that I have been pretty much keeping on top of weekly. These are the last two weeks of January:

The third week I used the bell cookie cutter. I wanted the bell to be more of a decoration for all of winter. I chose greens and browns to represent forest trees in the hills. I didn’t have a stamp of a bow so I used the chevron stencil to blend Versamark and to emboss gold powder to make pine tree branches.

The last week of January I was inspired by iced, holiday cookies, thus choosing bright colors to blend about. I stamped trees and embossed snowflakes to go all out winter.

I was excited for February to be in full force:

Many create a hello page to welcome in a new month so I made one too. I am loving this month because I get to use reds and pinks, colors I don’t normally use in my card work. I also have been making use of my Mama Elephant Pandas set to represent Chinese New Year.

Here is my monthly layout for February:

I used my new set of mini, BuJo stamps. I like the size of these symbols and their words.

I hope to expand a bit and figure out what other things I’d like to include in a monthly layout, like goals, etc. I feel I need to see an overview of the month besides looking ahead.

And here are the first, two, full weeks of the month:

I’ve been constant with the heart cookie cutter and the pandas. I’ve also gotten to use my heart stamps. In addition I’ve gotten to incorporate the Distress Inks Abandoned Coral and Ripe Persimmon into these weeks!

Can you tell I’m havin fun? In a way, I feel being artistic in my BuJo not only helps me organize some but it also keeps up my artistic mojo. Last year was somewhat of a struggle for me while making cards; I felt at times I was putting from a dry well and had to pull miracles out of thin air.

Okay, I must move on. I have some sewing prep to do while running laundry. And today is early dismissal for the kids so trying to get stuff done beforehand. Enjoy the rest of your Hump Day. TTYS. Annyeong kaseyo.

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  1. Guess I don’t understand…. Are these pages, to write things on, something like a planner…?

    Whatever they are for, they are so cute!

    Looks like I again have to fill in all my “data”, in order to comment here.

    You suggested that maybe it was caused, by my Cleaning out my History or Etc…. Nope, because I clean out all my History and etc., every time I closed my computer. And I close out Firefox too. And put computer to sleep.

    So this is not why, I am having to fill in all my *info*, to comment. All of a sudden, here.

    Wonder if I am the only one…..?????????


  2. My bujo is so plain Jane compared to yours. I use stickers and stencils to decorate the pages. Each page is one day and that page is divided down the middle. Left side is for “to do” and right side is for notes of the day. I like the idea of using cookie cutters to highlight the page. Your creativity is so inspiring to me.

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    1. I started using cookie cutters because I didn’t want to have to draw spaces to white it out for writing. My perfectionist streak and anal tendency to have everything look the same and such + drawing takes too long.


  3. Love your bujo layouts and you are right about the creativity involved. Such fun and so rewarding. And even if your cards were from a dry well last year they were gorgeous cards! Just saying!

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  4. Just checked… All commenters here, but Becki, are on WP. So they would have no problem, with commenting here.

    Wonder if Becki (Field Lilies) who is on blogger, is having my problem?

    💓 ✨ 💓 ✨ 💓


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