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Made For 16

Good evening. *waves hi to new followers* Hi to the few, new followers. Thank you for finding my little blog reading-worthy. And hi-fives out to you who’ve been around for some time now. Thank you for hanging out with me and for your support.

It is windy AF here in the east bay. We’ve had on and off rain; of course it rains during the mornings of this week instead of last when I had Safety Patrol. What’s the weather like where you live?

I feel a bit behind in posts and still feel I’m catching up on things since STITCHES. For instance, this zipper pouch was gifted about twenty days ago:

This was for the last gal of the teenager’s first group of friends (when we had moved here). H loves Paris. I found this fabric on Etsy. The brand is David Textiles. The print is Paris Spring Expo Roses & Eiffel Tower. Isn’t it beautiful? I’m showing the front and the back because I cut the fabric to specifically capture these elements.

Here’s the inside:

I turned the pouch inside out because just showing a shot of looking in didn’t do it justice. Again, David Textiles but the print is Butterflies & Roses from Paris Spring.

H received a larger pouch than any of the five, other girls because of what I wanted to showcase and because this was a large print. My kid gave it to her in French class, the one class they have together this freshman year. It was well-received.

Okay, the bell of the washing machine calls me as I need to throw the towels in the dryer. Plus, I need to prep the rib-eye for tonight’s dinner. Thank you for the meal prep love. Today the trio didn’t have Mama-made lunches because we supported a school, eat-out night at Chipotle. My husband messaged me today how he missed my lunches; that was sweet, huh?

What are you eating for dinner tonight? And what is one, far away destination you would love to travel to?


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  1. Today just might be the last of the truly bitter days (it was in the 20’s – and while it’s been colder, that’s way colder than normal for March 6th where I live.) I see the light – and it’s soon going to look like spring!

    Tonight we had scrambled eggs, asparagus, avocado and toast. We don’t do that very often, but once in a while it feels like a treat to have breakfast for supper.

    Faraway place(s) I want to see: the north east Atlantic coast. And/or the north west Pacific coast. Both sound equally rugged and beautiful.

    Beautiful pouch, Stef. Gorgeous fabric – inside and out.

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  2. Love the beautiful zipper pouch. We had brisket today. I made it yesterday and took the fat off today . Then we reheat the gravy and slice the brisket MMMMMMMMMM. Haven’t had it since Christmas.
    I would love to see more National Parks In our USA. I want to see Glacier National Park and I want to sightsee in Washington DC. I also want to see the 911 Memorial IN New York someday

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  3. Love the Paris Pouch but I love all of your pouches! We are having Den’s Healthy And Very Organic version of a McDonald’s Fish Sandwich…whole grain bun, artisanal lettuce, sharp cheddar and Den’s homemade tartar sauce.

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    1. I loved fried fish. I have been thinking about for some time now about whether to get an air fryer; then I wouldn’t have to deal with excess oil and I would get to have more fried food.


      1. My brother in law is a retired dentist who has a lake house and a boat and loves to fish. He uses something called Frying Magic and makes the best fried fish I have ever tasted! We always beg him to have a fish fry and my sister makes the best vinegary coleslaw and fried potatoes to go with it.

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  4. Stefanie, that bag!!!! If my Grand Daughter saw that she would be over the moon. Her whole room is done in Paris theme!

    I was going to make a spinach mushroom quiche last night but got invited out to a fish fry. The quiche is being made for lunch today and tonight is ham and bean soup night. (Soup is made from scratch not canned)

    We made it to 85 degrees yesterday but are going back to the 60s by the weekend with the rain you are sending us.

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    1. Ooh! I love quiche. My Aunty J used to hook me up with some when she made it. I think I have enough fabric left over. When I have time, I will make one for your granddaughter.


  5. Gosh that Paris print is GORGEOUS! I want a whole tablecloth and serviettes made out of it now! Hmm. Dinner tonight. I wonder what we are having? I guess I need to plan things out a bit better. As I just mentioned in my previous comment I’ve been crazy busy since we got back home so now… I’ve just been winging meals. Sometimes it has meant take out. But today-I need to cook some meat that I defrosted yesterday so I guess we are having that with … Something. Maybe stir fry? And someplace I would love to travel? Hmmm. Bora Bora. That is FAR AWAY and looks divine! One day! Our recent trip just crossed off a few things on the bucket list – visiting Santa in Rovaniemmi, Husky sled ride, snow skiing… Although now I want more snow skiing soooo. I guess I’ll be doing that more in the future! Ha ha. You cross some things off, you add some more!


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