BUJO Mine 3

Good afternoon. How was your weekend? Saturday we binged on Netflix shows: The Umbrella Academy‘s first season and the start of season five of Glee. Sunday flew by fast. The dames and I watched more Glee and at the same time I got to work catching up in my BuJo.

How’re you today? This is an UGH day for me as after five hours of sleep last night, zzz’s eluded me for about three hours after that. I skipped my cardio this morning but ran errands (Costco, Target, & the used bookstore) to take of some things. At least it’s been productive, yeah?

I created three weeks of layouts as before and after STITCHES West I got behind. Don’t mind my simple life.

Third week of February

I wanted to use some of my Distress Oxides in the pastel colors of Milled Lavender, Tattered Rose, and Victorian Velvet so I dug those out. I like how soft they came out. Distress Oxides are a combination of dye ink and pigment ink. When you layer them, the pigment makes the top layer stand out so they never muddy.

I threw in some stars for President’s Day and I attempted to draw knitted fabric around the hearts for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It took me at least 15 minutes drawing on scratch paper to be able to copy a Google image.

Last week of February

I used the same colors as the week before but had it transition to Bundled Sage (Distress Ink) since March is the month of spring.

The tulip shape is not a cookie cutter, but a drawn one from looking at tulip stencils on Pinterest.

First, full week of March

Some of the Distress Inks are similar to one another and so I wanted to try out the yellowy-greens. The experimenting came out okay.

One thing I liked about it though was being able to flick Distress Stain Fossilized Amber about. I had bought a set of Distress Stains from Michael’s a long time ago and never really knew what to do with them until now. I hope to have the full set of this product one day.

Second week of March

Today I wanted to use the other greens of Distress Inks. Pine Needles is the darkest up in the right hand corner. Twisted Citron, an almost neon green, stands out to the eye. Cracked Pistachio and Lucky Clover are similar in hues.

I used the Clockwork stencil to signify time since it’s now Daylight Savings. The numbers stamp is for a modern feel.

So far, February is my favorite month of layouts. In truth, I hope I get more inspired for March because my mojo for it is low right now. Sometimes I do wish for a fill-in planner because while I do get to play with my supplies, I do feel sometimes BuJo-ing takes up the time I can be using to knit or sew or whatever. Something to marinate.

Okie doke, I am off. I have to run a food errand before I do pick up. Hope you’re having a good Monday. TTYS.

8 thoughts on “BUJO Mine 3”

  1. I love your bullet journal layout for Feb! So pretty but uncluttered. Sorry to hear about the poor night of sleep. That always makes me feel blah. Running errands is definitely accomplishing something! Hopefully you’ll get a full night sleep and be back on track tonight!


  2. beautiful pages!! I’m trying to sketch daily but that went out the window when my son was here all week last week. I never had time to sit! I’m very happy when he is here and know my life will return back to normal when he goes back to his apartment/school.


  3. Sigh. I wish I was as arty and creative as you are Stef! Your BUJO is gorgeous! Also.. Hi! Again, long time. I went on holiday. 😀 Now I’m back. Again. Catching up. Again. Hehe. Never ending process for me, right?
    So. After your first BUJO post I went hunting for BUJO accessories since now I knew that there were such things! So I bought some stencils and some stickers. NOW I have them. Just need to put them into practice. I’ve been cazy busy this week catching up on work and home admin so I’m hoping that I’ll actually get to have some time to play with them one evening this week. There’s still THREE OF THEM. It could happen! 😀

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    1. Have fun. I’m still using my stamps, just not blending ink all over. I’m a bit over that now for my BuJo. I’d rather create a mixed media journal.


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