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1 Charity Drive

Good afternoon. How’re you today? We are getting sun in the East Bay with a temperature snug up under 60°; it’s supposed to even warm up to the weekend with 70’s. It is windy as heck too.

This 2019 I plan to participate in more charity drives. Last year my track record was selfishly a big, fat zero. I am lucky to be so blessed so this year I want to give back, making sure I think of others in a genuine way – a handmade way.

One of the Ravelry groups I’m a member of is Itty Bitty Knits which was created for and by Susan B. Anderson after her series of Itty Bitty knitting books. Every month there is a charity drive hosted by a member. This past February was hosted by Amber (amdezo) who chose two charities:

  • Birthright
  • Pittsburgh Handmade Hearts.

I wasn’t in the mood to whip out baby items so I chose the latter one:

Pittsburgh HandMade Hearts campaign was started by Barb Grossman and her family.
On October 27, 2018, worshipers at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA, were attacked in a senseless act of hatred. In response, we, the Grossman family, started the Pittsburgh HandMade Hearts campaign to make and place handmade hearts in public places as vivid reminders of the power of kindness.
Our mission is to foster compassion for those impacted by acts of violence and hatred, as well as to discourage future acts of this nature.

Note: This photo was taken by Amber for me because after I finished invisible stitching up the last heart, I rushed to package them all up because I had to get to dinner prep. Thank you, Amber!

Because it was the month of February, I chose the Valentine’s Day fabric. I used a heart cookie cutter to trace and used my sewing machine to sew up a pair of hearts – wrong sides out, leaving a small opening in each one. Each one was turned right side out and Poly-fil was lightly stuffed into each heart. I handsewed up the openings. Oh boy, my handsewing skills suck big time; I had to throw out two because I didn’t leave enough seam allowance which ended up in janky-lookin FO’s.

Before I log off, thank you for your visits, well wishes, and compliments yesterday. I’m going to take a break from creating fancy BuJo pages so BUJO Mine probably won’t be featured anymore. I dug out a dot grid journal that was intended for sewing projects and worked up three, simple pages for March: the month’s view, appointments, events, etc., and handmade project goals.

All of this was done in different green inks. No fuss, no muss I say. I’ll see how it goes. I’ve been checking out some planners on Amazon as a back up plan.

That’s it for now. Thank you for poppin in today. TTYS.

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  1. When I first started quilting I would whip up hearts like that in every room color in my house…stuff them with potpourri and put them in baskets all over the house. Yours are lovely!

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      1. I wish you could rescue two Tonkinese…your girls would love them. They play, cuddle, and stay small. I have the name of Roxie’s breeder in San Francisco if you ever want to contact her.

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  2. The hearts are lovely. What a wonderful idea. I know that they will bring comfort.
    My bujo has sadly been ignored the last few months but hoping to get back to it again. I like that my current system is pretty flexible.


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