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21 Knit for Me

Good afternoon. What have you been up to today? The husband is running on the treadmill, the teen is relaxing while getting over the last of her head cold, and the tween is still at the neighbor’s where a slumber party last night transitioned to a day party today of more guests. I made a card for my Oahu uncle who had back surgery this week and got it into the mailbox before the mailman comes.

As promised, I’m showin off my progress on my Harry Potter Purlbreak:

Section one of the main color – Slytherin House – is complete.

At the very bottom I’ve started section two – stripes:

Here you can see Vault 713 being faded into Slytherin House.

Okay, as I was typing this post I realized I could use Vault 713, House of Ravenclaw II, and House of Ravenclaw in two, different ways:

  1. The pattern’s sample has Color A/the main color (Slytherin House) stripe with Color B (made up of three colors) where each color is striped eight times with Color A. The overall effect has the main color webbing out in lines from the top of the shawl.
  2. Or…instead of keeping Slytherin House as the main striping yarn, I could stripe section two like this: Slytherin House with Vault 713, then Vault 713 with House of Ravenclaw II, and then House of Ravenclaw II with House of Ravenclaw. I think the results of this would be more of a fade.

What do you think? You can check out the skeins here. Vote your two cents!

Okie doke. I’m off to get ready for the party. The rest of our crew got invited for this afternoon for homemade pho and home cooked dishes; we were told to bring our tummies. Free food *fist pump*! Thanks for poppin in and voting. TTYS.

10 thoughts on “21 Knit for Me”

  1. I, simple knitter, of course have no opinions to offer on the upcoming transition in your shawl, but both options sounds great. Love how this is coming along, Stef.


  2. Stefanie I’m clueless about what you were talking about for the knitting lol…so I can’t vote honestly! 🙂 I can say that I love how it looks now though! Enjoy your party, free food rocks! Enjoy your Sunday! I’m just spending the day blogging, reading blogs, and painting. 🙂


  3. I voted to keep the original idea, just because one color passing through the additional colors seems to me more interesting than the traditional fade, which is everywhere recently. But either way will be beautiful!


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